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Yay! Well done Clari - that means I can stay in bed a bit longer and not fire up the laptop


Morning all. Here's a little ray of sunshine from my garden this morning - 2016 has got loads of flowerpower left in it yet


Looks like it's going to be a sunny day. time to top up the vitamin d to get us through winter.

Pat E

Good morning ladies. I knew I could rely on you to start the September thread.

after a day of sunshine, I think the predicted rain might arrive tonight. It's clouding over now.

have a good one.


Dovefromabove says:

Yay! Well done Clari - that means I can stay in bed a bit longer and not fire up the laptop

See original post

 I'm still in bed Dove! Shouldn't be but I'm enjoying the last few days before the school rush traffic makes my journey to work a special level of agonising.

Dordogne Damsel

Good morning, still sunny here. 

Clari, my morning commute in the UK used to drive me crazy everyday, a 20 minute journey took me up to 2 hours some days.  Have to remind myself of that sometimes when I am bemoaning being stuck behind a lone tractor. 

Don't know what to do with myself this morning, not working until 15:00 and have nowhere I need to be until then - not very often I find myself like that, so it's a bit disorientating.  

I did buy a pack of picture hooks and now can't find them anywhere so hanging pictures has been thwarted.  I might just go and get my hair done. 

Have a good day all. 


 I remembered there was a load of washing in the machine waiting to be hung out, so I'm up now and the washing is on the line.  The goldfinches are singing beautifully today and the sun is beginning to burn off the slight hazy cloud.

Think I'd better pop up to the farm shop today and get some food ... I could also pop into the GC and see what they're tempting me with ........ they're having a huge building project and the place is in semi-chaos, so there might be some good plants in the 'nearly dead' section 

I need some lawn seed too ...


Dd, if you're really short of things to do, you could put the kettle on ............. I'm sure several of us could do with another mug of something ............ failing that you could put your feet up 

Good morning, arvo Pat

Clari thanks for starting the thread

Dove I am having another coffee in bed!

DD I don't think I have ever read a post like that from you! enjoy !!

dry here at the moment but rain forecast so can't put the ironing off any longer  Pilates tonight

stay safe


LilyP - I've still got just one shirt that needs ir*ing - nopoint in me getting the ir*ning board out  for one thing is there?  

You'll find it on the blanket chest in the front bedroom - it's the pale blue chambray one - thanks ... very good of you ... I'll make the coffee ................. 


Hi all.

Sunny here.

Am going to spend the day ordering seeds, as I like to sow most perennials in Autumn.

Also going to book our Winter sun holiday. I have to have one, but it is purely for medical reasons, so does not really count as holiday!

Lovely to hear you sounding relaxed DD.

Have a good day.

got it Dove

anyine else got anything?


Morning all. 

DD, I know it's crazy and radical, especially for you, but have a lazy morning , ,drink coffee, eat cake, potter about doing pretty much nowt. You'll love the novelty of it,honest. xx

Punkdoc, I'm with you there. We're off to Cape Verde late November for 2 weeks, home for 3 weeks ,then off to The Gambia for 4 weeks in January.

Have I ever mentioned,  I HATE WINTER AND I HATE BEING COLD.?

Hoping to get the grass done, but it's looking ominous up there.


Good morning all, hi Pat

Yes LilyP, OH's shirt from our hols that I have hidden in my wardrobe so he doesn't notice it's not been ironed yet.  There's a piece of lemon drizzle cake as a reward.  I just read your slug in the bathroom post and find it amazing how high they can go.  My Auntie found one sliding in her bedroom window last week.

DD enjoy relaxing, though it may seen a strange experience for you

Lovely sunny pic Chicky.  It's quite cool here this morning and by the look of the clouds I don't think the washing is going out on the line any time soon.  Thank goodness for the tumble drier.

Where are you thinking of going for your non-holiday Pdoc?



Morning all   afternoon Pat 

No blue sky and a bit windy but today is soup making marathon for the freezer 

Have a good day.


Morning all, sorry been awol  for a while. Things difficult at the moment so needed some normality hence i am touching base with the Forkers Family.

It feels like Autumn this morning,i'm colouring my hair today.I'm trying to rest my foot,but keep finding things to do.Got hubby to do some of the dog walking,He'll soon be going to the gc for the bulbs.Trying to decorate the hall, but have to do it in stages because of the dogs.

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Um, hi. Not been in here before. Is it ok if I hang around the edges and look a bit awkward? I don't mind making the tea.....


Hurrah!  Bushman's found us ((hugs)) but you're looking in the wrong place if you're looking for normality