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star gaze lily

Its actually stopped raining. Too wet to go out there tho, so hopefully tomorrow will be dry and I can finish off last of the bulbs


Yes Fg pretty pathetic innit.

Well the cannas are dug up and in pots and the lillies are planted. thats the most Ive done in the garden for a few days. I have also moved a huge Ligularia [ forget which species ]. Clump was about 3 foot across so it was hard work. It is now in a shadier damper place which should suit it. I love their huge leaves which I think go rather well in a vaguely tropically themed border but they are a real martyr to the slugs.

Now Im inside coffee and then do a list of what needs to be done next. I am great at writing garden to do lists but rarely actually work through the list systematically.

fidgetbones wrote (see)

Good morning, Forkers. Its a bit damp and drizzly here.

After the trial by spoilt brats of Meadowhell yesterday, (I forgot its halfterm), I'm now waiting in for more deliveries...


Oh Fidgetbones you poor devil! Meadowhell is truly awful at the best of times I can't even imagine going *near* it during half term! (In fact I'm more than happy not to go near it until March now to miss all Christmas Crushes and Valentines dribble).

Its gloriously sunny here (just next to Rother Valley Country Park) at the moment - looks cold though. Unfortunately by the time I get home it's now too dark to get into the garden to do anything... roll on the weekend I miss pottering around in the garden (but not enough to motivate myself to get out of bed early in the morning to do anything other than potter / poke at some leafs while drinking a mug of tea).


Hello all. Haven't been very well, throat, nose, cough. Feel a lot better now but still coughing.

Was -2° this morning. First frost. Then sunny. Put washing in machine then forgot to put it on line. Bother. Tried to put central heating on, didn't work. Bother again, especially as the woodburner in the middle of the house has a blocked chimney as well. It worked a month ago, but it's been so mild recently we didn't need it. Plumber here now.

Clarington, not been to rother valley ssince before golf club opened! Some time huh? Used to overlook it from a previous house I lived in.

Must still maintain murderhall preferable than dreary town centre, although any shopping is pretty dire....

BL and others, hope all the bugs disappear soon.

punkdoc - what a busy boy you've been today! Enjoy that coffee.


Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

A bit drizzly this afternoon.

Well done for saving the iris, Stacey.

We haven't had any really cold weather here yet so the dahlias are still flowering. I leave them in the ground over winter just put some bracken over them.

Hope you feel better soon B Lizzy and you get your heating fixed. Not good to feel poorly and cold too.



Lovely weather we had here earlier- lightning, torrential rain and hail. Great! 

Glad I have my heating working - hope you get yours sorted BL.

Punkdoc- I love Ligularias too. I bought Britt Marie Crawford last year and although it didn't do much then,  it flowered like mad this year and was covered in bees. The foliage is terrific but , yes the slugs and snails love it. I've got it into it's new raised bed and put plenty of grit round it to keep them away.


Plumber unblocked the woodburner chimney, so that's burning merrily now, but the boiler needs a spare part. Coming back next week.

Hello and evening all

still feeling rough painful sneezes don't like them - no gardening for me

Like all everyones pics, nice

So anyone up for a game?

Hello FORKERS bit damp now but not too bad today.

Got a load of signatures on a local petition that will be posted tomorrow.

Is it the same where you are, but planning applications for supermarkets, new towns, houses,businesses etc are rife in Cornwall now.?  Ok, we were a bit "sleepy" down here in a way but we like the slower pace of life generally and don't want the natural beauty built on 

Didnt get any planting done today ...I guess it will all have to wait a day or two or three

Halloween tonight.  I'm hoping to get a fair bit of,pocket money tonight   If they dont give me any money I will take their gates 


Stacey Docherty


Lol verd u gate their you.... I could only offer a temper tantrum 2.5 year old and sweets..... So tonight's line up is....



 and the others posted.... Already made ££ for charity hurrah


Gotta laugh Stacey.    Good fun and funds for charity.  What better?

Like Stacey you v good at that

Verdun - well done for your petition signatures

it is a guess what game

Go on gardengirl....I'm up for a game     Cakes as prize? 

Here is the prize




Right here is the first clue



Corn starch?  Where's me cake? 


Whats underneath, whats underneath !!  (never was very patient)

Like what you have all said - you not go it yet all, keep guessing

Here is clue number 2