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Will do my best Clari

Yum OL, thats very healthy

Im fed up that i cant go out in the garden and its gone weirdly cold, so it potato dippers, chilli bites, cheese sticks and the rest of that chilli i made, fat pig tea!
Looks like you will have to go in your undies OL!
Its gone really, really dark here-should i expect the 4 horsemen???? Could someone inform ma nature that its summer please

Wettish here.  Just took the dog downto the beach. Actually it's very refreshing 

Makes nice change to all that sunshine. 

Had meetings today ...very pretty busy day.

Feel so sorry for Dove.....30 degrees ? Must be awful.  Not jealous at all 


Just come in from watering - had to give the new border in the front garden a real soaking with the hose as all the plants are recently planted - then I turned the hose on the clematis, honeysuckles and roses on the Shady Bank - it may be shady but in this heat they're drying out.  I gave the veg beds a good soaking with the sprinkler last night so they're ok, but the raised beds all needed plenty of water again today. 


Yeah, im not jealous either!

Did see a heron quite close up along the tow path, so the day hasnt been too bad i spose!
Woodgreen wonderboy

I think my dead hedgehog was a juvenile. No idea how it died, or what killed it, but birds have been scavenging. I will leave it where it is and let nature take it's course. Useful calories, as Chris Packham might say.

Trimmed  wild hedge for friend today, which was encroaching on driveway. Then replanted new shrubs in a new border which had been heeled in temporarily. Also planted 2 apple trees in wildflower meadow to be.

Soil very dry and hard to dig now. 

Possible idea for the flower bed I cleared yesterday is to transplant the roses currently growing where my new terrace will be. Not necessarily a good time to do it but , with lots of watering it should be possible. Has anyone moved a rose at this time of year? Any tips and tricks for success?


I move stuff all the time, most do ok, im a bit hit and miss with watering, so there has been a few deaths!

Ive been attempting to trim a wild hedge, it hasnt been going well!
star gaze lily

Hi all, what a beautiful day, h****w**k, w**sh***, then a relaxing time in the garden this afternoon.

Salad for tea for me too, still being good, not weighed myself this week but feel I've lost a bit more......but I'd love some malteasers 

Have a lovely time OL, hope you don't get too wet.



phew . . . that's the working week over for me  by golly it's warm 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Amazingly, there is now a second hedgehog, again a juvenile, foraging in broad daylight in my flower borders. Looks a bit vulnerable out in the open. Must be hungry to be taking such risks? Perhaps its mummy and daddy didn't tell it not to venture out except at nighttime?

Show offs!

Have a good time OL

Well done lily, keep it up
Oh woody, the poor thing, give him some food

I was reading the other day that because of hot dry weather some hedgehog sows are unable to find enough food and drink to make enough milk for their litters.  

Woody, have you got a Hedgehog rescue centre near you? 


Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi, it looked healthy, and now has disappeared . Some of advice says leave alone unless you suspect a problem. 


Hope your hedgehog isn't looking for its sibling woody. You've certainly had a busy day in the garden(s).

It has been raining here most of the day and I'd love to be able to send it to you Clari  Sorry to hear you have been left in limbo for another week.

Hope you don't get too wet and enjoy the concert OL

Been rushing about today getting ready to drive down to Cheshire tomorrow - dog to kennels - last minute present shopping, car hoovered and fuelled, packed and now a bath and relax when I've caught up with what has been going on




Yes Woody, if there's not a problem leave it alone - but a shallow dish of water left out would be good 

Could you not stretch to some hog food too?

Hello all,  not caught up with what you lot been up to today yet

On Wednesday managed to plant up part of my white border the bit that needed doing, after digging out lot of agapanthus roots - never plant agapanthus in a raised bed with other plants best separated as other plants don't get much room to grow well as the roots take over - all planted with flower now including the buddleia some plants put back and some of the ones waiting around planted

Yesterday I cut the grass in all the area of the garden, was a hot day bit windy and used the new-ish long handled lawn sheers and spotted a comma butterfly in the garden first time I have seen one of them in the garden

finally my one sweet pea flowered

Been on a trip to Ringwood - InExcess garden centre today got lots of wood to make a raised bed and a few plants Monarda pink lace, Petunia mochaccino, Dahlietta -dahlia Lucy

I am Knackered now time for tea and rest

Steam train watching tomorrow going past Sholing station on the Portsmouth line