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Passing on the stairs means a baby will be concieved, or so mum used to tell managed to sc are us senseless as teenagers...
we said march hares three times for 1st march. White rabbits or black cats three times on first of other months, but was always really bad luck to forget the march one!

Oooo Mrs G . . . maybe I should spend more time passing OH on the stairs 

star gaze lily

Or more time upstairs ooh er misses!  Sorry panda i'm being smutty now

My mum used say two teaspoons in your saucer meant twins, where did they get them from lol

Well panda, its worth a try if you're sure. Surprised mum didn't move us to a bungalow!


But not sure how it works if ones upstairs and the others downstairs...imagination running amock now...

Hope none of us lives in a block of flats

Oh no, laughed out loud gilly.
star gaze lily

Its pouring now, but at least i've got the last few bulbs in. May go to gc later to see if there are any left for a few pots.


Ladies you are shocking! I wander away to try to assist with picture uploading and you've gone all suggestive  Sorry I missed it 

star gaze lily

 Titter titter sorry panda 

 all beacuse of white rabbits!!!

Enough about rabbits.... Surely its hares...

Well that explains why we don't have children. There's no way I'm risking a broken neck trying to squeeze pass my partner (think big rugby player with the cordination of a drunk ferret) on the stairs!! As for convincing him to use a saucer...

Its raining hard here, really hard. Hard enough that we're letting the engineers open the blind to see *gasp* the outside (fear not the river running down the street will put them off wanting to experience said outside though we fear the flighty ones may try and hide under their desks). This means chances of my being able to waste the afternoon watching dog walkers is minimal.

Unfortunately the BBC weather report looks like tomorrows potting up of plants may well be done with assistance from a canoe.


Good day

My Mum used to do the White Rabbit thing - from London

Sorry not here yesterday, computer GRRRRRR, couldn't use it all day and felt very fed up.

Up and running now but still not right. Between 11.30 last night and this morniing it managed to pick up another nasty Wasn't using it either.

I was trying to keep an eye on something on Ebay as well!

I have potted on some cuttings, probably too late but never had any success before, and they had good roots. Next thing is how to keep them alive over winter!

Trying to tidy house - visitors coing to stay tomorrow - not very good at that. Does mean I won't be around over the weekend either.



Woodgreen wonderboy

I can remeber "rabbitts, rabbitts, rabbitts" and " a flick and a kick" etc. from being very small, probably from my Grandmother.  If she said it as a child that takes it back to Victorian times.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Wikipedia dates it back to 1906. Edwardian, not Victorian, sorry


I was hoping to get more planting done tomorrow, Clarington but if I'm going to need a canoe....I could move the flag Irises I suppose 

The pile of bulbs is gradually getting smaller though! Got more in today and going back out now that I've had some lunch. Ground is soaking wet so just as well most of them are in pots or in the new raised beds.


Its drizzling steadily here. I am uploading garden animal pictuers on to the camera thread. I keep coming across warm place diving pictures. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. I need warmth on my old bones.

The potty gardener

Afternoon all.

Mixed day here. I love my new phone but car £250 to £300 to get through MOT. It's not worth much more .