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Potty sad to hear about car expense, mine due MOT later in the month

Fidget, I also want some warmth on my  bones and " arthur" fingers and thumb now started playing up again. Think my toes are starting as well . Really want to go away to somewhere warm, and it's only just November. Usually go in Feb / March. For a Yorkshire lass I'm feeble.

On the bright side supermarket shop with Mum done in just over 2 record. At least it was warm in there, once we cleared the first chilled aisle, but then we hit the fridges  Came out to chucking down rain, M safely in car me a drowned rat. It's a look I do so well.

Fairy everything here sodden. Part of lawn ( green stuff) like a swamp.

Think I've got my maungy head on again. Best check Verdun's jokes again, that thread makes me laugh

Ooooo, I'd better start posting some wonderful jokes again KEF.  They are rather good, aren't they?  


Well they make me laugh Verdun, but don't think that is a recommendation

Not sure what's got into OH - we're off out for tea again. Doing a good job of cheering me up I think. Have a good evening all.

Mrs G, have a lovely time, keep smiling


Mrs Garden ...enjoy your meal.  I'm off too soon.  Maybe I shouldn't have eaten a whole pack coconut snowballs though    I am a bit gweedy  But once a box is open they go off very, very quickly .  ( besides there are others who might want them)


You cant eat snowballs yet, Verd. its not winter yet.

Stacey Docherty

Don't eat the yellow snow verd!!!! They do reckon we are gonna get snow in November this year.... ( can't tell you how excited that gets me!) now I have a bit of a myster. In my garden.... One of my chillies is on the patio without pot just rootball.... Where is the pot? I have looked everywhere for it it's a terracotta pot. I found the chillie on the other side of the patio weird or what!!!!!


Sounds like you may have a major pest there Stacey.  Homo Stealwhateverisntlockeddownus if I'm not mistaken.


Very weird, Stacey, could anyone have nicked it?

Please, not snow in November. I live down a farm track 1km long. Stuck when it snows. Going to England in Nov. Don't want to have snow when travelling.

I like Verdun's jokes too.


sounds like robin hood stacey ,hope it turns up , thanks  everyone who wished my grandaughter mahinor a happy 4th birthday ,shes  flat out now zzzzzzzzzzzzzz busy two days and guy fawkes night to come

Stacey Docherty

It's in the back where no one can get in its really really weird..... Unless it's blown under the rhododendron bush I guess.... I would blame the fox they were responsible for the great egg bury last year.... It was hysterical me and my neighbours kept finding eggs buried in our pots... We caught the foxes on tape doing it... Just don't know where they got the eggs from!!! Cause it wasn't from my chickens

The potty gardener

Verd you don't have to be telling jokes to make us laugh- after the car bill I could do with something to laugh at. Ohhh yes I'll just look at and play with my new phone. We'll try to stop the snow Lizzie.

Stacey are you sure Verd didn't pop round. He did admit to stealing plants in the night once- prehaps he fancied your pot.

Bob you have the most fantastic vocab, using big words that none of the rest of us have heard of

Don't eat yellow snow was the punchline to a joke my boys used to tell Stacey.

Have a wonderful evening everyone- hope GW is good tonight 



doc who get get there  in the tardis

star gaze lily

Nice lazy evening me thinks,  OH just gone to get fish and chips. Naughty I know but just can't be bothered to cook  tonight.  

Evening all

This carnival been to those before but a Glastonbury, very cold if you going wrap up well it is nice a warm when floats go past with all those lights and enjoyable, shame the ones that break down and the ones with less lights as bulbs blown and all those stalls with food goodies yum yum

been indoors did a small bit of bird watching out window that is all still feel rough

Remember GW 8pm tonight and Autumn watch after at 8.30pm


Hello folks   Home from work, supper eaten, feet up all ready for GW and Autumnwatch - is this the first time Autumnwatch has been shown on Fridays?

Oooh, Monty's got his big woolly jumper on!

Stacey Docherty

Hasn't he just lol. Thought that pot he planted up was a wee but overcrowded for my liking