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I cram things into winter pots, bulbs underneath, plants on top - after all, they're not going to grow very much in the winter are they? 

I just popped out onto the terrace with a torch - there was Hefty the big hedgehog chomping into something he'd found amongst the pots of hostas 


Evening all! No Guides tonight - hurrah for half term 

Managed to watch GW at the right time for once! I liked Monty's pot, liked the silvery colours. 

Sorry you are not feeling well Gg.. Hope you feel better soon 

Fireworks going off around me, will probably have them going for a couple of weeks  Wouldn't mind but I can never see them 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I would love to have hedgehogs in my garden, dove. Sadly my only known visitor last winter was sickly and died in spite of my ministrations. I live in the countryside and when I moved in I was scared of being inundated with rabbits. So, my efforts to keep them out have come at a price??

Did you see the cake yum on autumnwatch sure Chris Packham was waving it all around for us lot

Thanks 4thPanda

Me like the silver plant too on GW

Woody you do not have to go far from your garden to find larger wildlife


Woody, if your garden is inaccessible for hedgehogs, it might be suitable to rehome an injured hedgehog - some of the rehoming places need safe gardens for them 


star gaze lily

There were 3 bambis prancing in the field at  the back of us this afternoon. Perhaps they were practicing for xmas  


Just had bonfire and fireworks for the chicklets and friends - lots of ooh and ahhs (that'll be from me, rather than the teenagers).  

We always used to say the rabbits thing - and none of us from London.  Had forgotten all about it til the posts here reminded me.  Will remember in December ....

New boss started at work today ...... Very glad to see the back of the last one..... things are looking up

Aw, potty.  Sorry you had big car bill   But you got new phone   

Had fun n games with orange today on my niece's phone n broadband.  It was get my money back from them day.....I pay the bills. Did very well..... £240 in total for compo.  But what a role was never so rigmaded!    I'll get my coat, shall I?  

Full of good food tonight and nice company so goodlio day 


Good morning all   Gld you had a goodlio day Verdun 

A misty moisty morning here in Norfolk. Hefty Hedgehog was out crunching snails amongst the potted hostas on the terrace last night, and he's eaten his mealworms, chopped peanuts and banana chips - he has a very varied diet 

OH has gone to work so I'll sit and noodle with you lot before I get dressed and ready to visit the Aged Ps. This'll be the last of my regular Saturday visits - from next week I'll be able to visit during the week. 


Morning Dove, damp and dull here 2C. Hefty will soon need re-naming to Hippo.

This next week will seem starnge ? strange for you, when I retired I was so looking forward to it and then it came as a shock, especially when I didn't get a wage

Dunno what's on the cards today. I really should sort out my winter clothes, but that makes it so winter, if you know what I mean.

Off to read other posts.

Have a good day all, and hope Stacey finds her pot.

Stacey Docherty

oooooo dove sounds like a wonderful relaxed morning ..... My lo helped me feed the chickens and we stood and watched the frolicking squirrels and the bird song was amazing.... Hope to get into the garden a little bit today clear up the growing mounds of acorns I'm going to throw them over the fence into the woods in a vain hope oak trees will grow to replace the mirriad of trees that have recently been cut down by the council!!! And get the chillies into their winter Pots and put them in the garden room to hopefully keep them..... Ahhh well coffee calling


Oooh yes, another coffee ................ 

Good morning KEF and Stacey 

Stacey Docherty

had to put the percolator on this morning as I ran out of instant so the whole house smells of coffee and cinnamon from the scented pine cones I bought and put on te radiators .... Mmmmmm chicky bonfire sounds fab I bought some fireworks for lo yesterday they are quiet ones we plan on having dinner in the garden room then letting off some fireworks hopefulky she won't mind them so much as we can put some music on to mask any loud bangs...... Got some smoked sausages delivered the other day yum yum....


Mmmm, just had a cold sausage sandwich for breakfast as we didn't eat all the Toads in the Holes for supper last night.  Granary bread and HP brown sauce 

Now for that coffee, then I'd better start the day properly ....


Stacey Docherty

cold??? Not sure I could cope with that... Lo has just egg and soilders followes by peat and blueberries I'm just on coffee #2. Have to start 5:2 diet again next week to shift some pounds before  December 25 th ........ Don't want to look like the fat jolly one..... 


Love cold sausages - they're the one thing that I can't resist if there's any leftovers in the fridge 



Stacey, peat and blueberries?

Diet,  why not just have chillies with everything


Trying to work out what 'peat' could be Stacey.  Could you be eating potting compost? 


Peat and blueberries? In a terracotta pot?