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Stacey Docherty

I'm shocked by the fact people didn't know pampas grass outside you house means you are a swinger lol also Did you know if you go to London and some other trade port towns you see pineapples as decoration. sailors wives used to put pineapples in their windows when their husbands were at sea as a 'welcome' to others !!! So to this day a pineapple has been a welcome...... 

Stacey Docherty

Oh see now it's hissing down..... Aaahhhhh well coffee and feet up me thinks


Thanks Verdun - perhaps leave the grasses in the pot and sink the pot in the soil overwinter?  I am looking forward to trying something new as I have never grown them before.

Don't grow  pampas folks.  Not unless you have a large garden and can site it safely.  It's leaves are sharp and can easily cut a child's face, it looks awful after flowerimg,it grows amd grows amd grows and nothing  else looks right with it or near it.  Grow it's better behaved, superior quality and more refined cousins , the ornamental grasses instead 


Verdun, you are right about the leaves of the Pampas being sharp...when I 'hoover' the garden close to the Pampas I look as though I have been in a chainsaw bl**dy massacre...!!!

 Mind you it does not deter the local French Swingers...Joke...



Stacey Docherty

Carmic that's been growing some time Scwinnnng

...eyyyeeee Stacey lad, and you missed all them there parties



Just thought our Pampas is banished to the front corner of our garden,between us and next door,maybe all the swingers are going there,phew..............


Does it mean the same if your Pampas grass is a pink flowering one ? Mine is. I've had to edit this 1st attempt could have sounded v rude.


I wish the people who own one along from me would do something about it- that and the rest of the mess round their garage. Why are people so dirty and lazy? Eyesore beyond belief. 

Weather here hideous so curtain making for me today. Very dark with all the heavy clouds and sleety rain. At least all  my plants that I did yesterday got watered in !

Hope it's better tomorrow 

WIll catch up on the posts here. Not been on for a bit 


Weather not brill here fairy. Nice to 'see you'.  Got a few new bulbs planted but now heavy rain so messing on here until I think it's time to decide what Indian takeaway we are having. Night off from cooker.

Wondering what Woody has planned for meal from his earlier post.


SPAM x 2 reported.


Why are we getting spam about pensions - we're only 27

Hello, I'm back from Sunny Suffolk - yes really, sunny skies and white fluffies drifting overhead. 


Sun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I,m trying to remember what it  looks like


Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Kef I marinated some salmon ( of the wild Atlantic variety, of course ) and some smoked haddock, both flaked off the skin, in some lime juice and fish stock and some dill. Added some spring onions and celery for crunch. Baked in the oven, and served on a bed of rice with peas and broad beans. I thought it might do 2 days but I scoffed the lot.  


Not surprised WW that sounds delicious,......


Woody sounds lovely. Will try it, think I might add a few chilli flakes. So what's for Sunday dinner then? Could do with some ideas.

star gaze lily

Thank you WW. Will look on web I live in sussex maybe to far.

Want miscanthus ferner osten.

Pouring down has since about 4ish.  


Gourmet lunch Woody!

Had a great day out in the garden - got all my plants planted (they are now being naturally watered in)- and made a real dent in the weeding too.  One more day at it and i think i will be "clean" for the winter.  Managed to time my taxi driver duties so they coincided with the midday downpour, so didn't miss valuable garden time.  All very productive