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It would be lovely here if it wasn't so windy, some cosmos has been broken down and I've removed pots from the walls. Watering done, well plants and I have had a watering as I might have mentioned a bit of a wind going on here


Fairy I have frozen pasta sauce you can have  I don't really want it  

Dove HW on a Sunday  Guess if you have a guest coming it should be done If she's only 12 she might not have noticed any dust  or she might be HW lover in the making  Not a family trait here.


Removed another 2 barrowloads of weeds from veggie garden.

Keeps thundering. Hope it's OK for tonight, don't want a storm, we are going to see Romeo and Juliet in Domme, travelling Shakespeare company. 

Fairly accident prone lot arent we! Hope everyone heals soon!

Dunno what to do for tea, made him a roast beef dinner (500g beef+ 4 large spuds roasted,and peas!), i had cereal - still not thin!

Dog fine now, been for walkies and next door brought a lamb bone round with tons of lamb still on, so happy doggy for now

Washing done, washing up done (ish), floors mopped, just waiting for the shopping to be delivered then feet up time!
Hope house guest does spore hate lack of dust...i spent hours on similar tasks as rain due and we never ventured inside !
Weeds - veggies : surely same thing? Incidental flowers nice though.
Sorry fg coffee not on my radar, orange juice has run out so now wine with apple and elderflower juice... Or if anyone asks its just juice.


That must be some pretty rough wine Mrs G!
Only crummy work tomorrow. Pretending to be a fine young thing, hangover no problem, might ( not) make work better even if the bloke who calls himself boss is in.
Sorry Mrs G , never mind, might win lotto this week, then you could tell him to shove it!
Bek, I didn't even win quiz last night! And had helped.plan it night before :/
Thats just because you were being kind and let someone else win

Got another guest coming weekend after next so we thought we'd give the house a good going over (it's been a bit neglected due to garden duties ) then we won't have so much to do before she comes - she's used to much finer things - retired Head Chef at a very gracious stately home (with world famous gardens) in North Wales  

bekkie hughes wrote (see)
Fairly accident prone lot arent we! Hope everyone heals soon!

Dunno what to do for tea, made him a roast beef dinner (500g beef+ 4 large spuds roasted,and peas!), i had cereal - still not thin!

I've done  lifetime's research - it's not eating food that puts on the weight - our skin absorbs it while we're cooking

Glad doggie's better 

 I remember watching Guess Who's Coming to Dinner at Ipswich Odeon when it first came out - I was just 16 

Oooo, i like that one Dove

Good luck with the guest, i wont cook for anyone but OH!

Evening all, typing this one handed, think I have a trapped nerve in my elbow, its playing havoc with the gardening and cant even pick a mug of tea up with my right hand.  I think it was all due to doing some ironing yesterday morning I dont think I'll do anymore (ever) just in case.  I think I might try drinking wine with my left hand tonight along with the pain killers it should do the trick. 


Now Dove - that would make you considerably older than 27, so you must have the dates wrong surely...

would that by any chance be Bodnant? 

Definitely the ironing Yvie - I've managed the dinner after doing mine, but the dishwashing will have to be done by someone else while I rest and have tea and biccies...has to be a very severe injury to stop me lifting tea 



That's the one Fg - and she still gets to go back to stay each year - she says she hasn't got room for me in her suitcase.......... and she calls herself a friend 

She's not at all intimidating to cook for  A group of us from a Foodie Forum meet up every year for a East Anglian picnic - although she lives across the other side of the country she and her late husband were married at Norwich Cathedral, so she comes to us for a few days before the picnic to visit much loved haunts around the Broads.

That sounds really nice Dove, hope the weather behaves for you

Yvie! Ouch, i did the pain killer/sleeping tablet combo for mine yesterday, but it did the trick, i really hope that gets better for you, that sort of pain is vile

I agree, not much can keep me from tea and biccies either

been at the daughters . all day in her garden . two trips to the tip .she made us a spag bol for monday . theres enough for the weekbeer or two now and the games .well done scotland . and well done TEAM ENGLAND


That's lovely Dove 

 I had  a weird deja vu thing with Bodnant when I was doing garden design. The history part involved  lots of research so lots of reference books were required for pix and info on styles, right back to ancient Egypt. I opened a book and there was a section on Bodnant  with a photo of the formal pond, and I had this weird flashback to when I was on holiday as a child.  I  vividly remembered sitting on the edge of that pond. We had gone to Wales and my parents had visited Bodnant. I can't say I'd have ever remembered going there if it hadn't been for that photo. My sister couldn't remember it at all. I was about nine I think. 


what a lovely memory / flashback fairy.