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Evening all.

We had a lovely stay in Yorkshire with old school friend. Saw uncle. Had some good meals in pubs in Ripon and other places. Weather was lovely. Visited a fantastic garden near York.  Called "Breezy Knees", has anyone heard of it? 

Daughter with 3 small sons and her OH looked after my place and had a holiday here, visiting various Dordogne touristy places. They live near Poitiers. They watered all the pots and nothing has died. Posted some pics on the garden gallery thread.

star gaze lily

Busy Lizzie, so glad you had a good time, gardens look lovely.


Good morning all   Wall to wall blue skies here this morning and it looks as if we've another lovely day ahead  

Today will involve visiting the farm shop ,  cleaning the bathroom , a bit of garden tidying  and roasting a chicken  - otherwise I shall conserve my energy - I have a busy week ahead of me, being entertained by an almost teenage niece!

Glad you had a lovely trip BL - that garden looks gorgeous 


Have just exchanged 5 pounds worth of clubcard vouchers for a 15 pound voucher for T&M! Does anyone think i should make a thread, or do you think those who would be interested will already know?

Morning Bekkie 

I didn't know that TM were on the list of options - you get so much bumf with the clubcard nowadays I rarely read it all 


This mornings photos,as good as any flower in the veg patch,and what is this.

Of to Hyde Hall then lunch at The Pig and Whistle to celebrate friends birthday

star gaze lily

Morning all, beautiful sunny morning, yippee!

Off to see friends for the day today. They live by the coast, just a five minute walk from the beach. So we will go for a walk and hopefully have ice creams  

Dove, will send reply later as off out shortly.

Bekkie, we got our tesco coupons etc on Friday, will re-read the pamphlet have never noticed T &M before. I was actually thinking of changing them up but couldn't think what for........mmmmmm

Have a lovely day everyone, enjoy this beautiful weather.

Hope OL gets to dry out today. Have a great day with your boys OL

See you later peeps byeeeeeee 





Morning all! 

A day off! (Just done 7 days in a row) and I'm off... shoe shopping for friends weddings. Ugh   I can rarely think of anytging worse!

Hopefully there will be some toy stores nearby that I can wander into for more work related inspiration. Although I've so much on my to do list now I really ought start completing some things!


Morning all.

Rain and thunder, dog is a nervous wreck! So no weeding in the jungle of a veggie garden. Did 2 hours and 2 barrowloads yesterday. Can now walk up a path and see the French beans! Broccoli needs rescuing before it disappears under thick coarse grass.


Morning all. I forgot to remind anyone who's interested that AT's 4- part series 'Garden Secrets' was being repeated this morning. I've recorded it but just caught the end and saw that part of it was filmed at East Ruston, so the visiting forum members might want to catch it to see if they can spot bits they saw! Also wanted to remind everyone about Beechgrove today, at 9.50 am, as you might enjoy the garden they visit, in particular.

The torrential rain of yesterday and last nigth has gone off - for now - but we might get thunderstorms. Hope not, as I'd like to get something done today.

Off to look round and see what you were all up to last night...while I was sound asleep on the settee....


AWB, looks like an orange toadstool, possibly a Hygrocybe or wax cap in English.


Morning all.

Garden got a much needed soaking yesterday, today it is back to lovely sunshine. This summer has been amazing.

Today I am going to start ripping out things that I didnt like this year, starting to make spaces for autumn divisions, and maybe new purchases.

Have a lovely day.

Looks like you all have busy days planned, i need to sort out some of the damage from the rain the last few days, our front path is blocked! And weed the gravel, not one of my favorite jobs but hey ho!

Has anyone else noticed things have grown stupidly fast since the rain?

Clari, i share your disgust for shopping, but its just something we have to do from time to time! Good luck

Lily, a walk on the beach sounds soooo good

Punkdoc, me thinks you have your eye on something already????

Fairy, i was sound asleep too, nothing wrong with topping up the beauty sleep!

Glad you had a good time BL,your poor dog! Could you get it a sedetive? Our vet reccomended piriton for our dogs hayfever, it also makes him a little sleepy, i wonder if it would help yours?

Fab pics AWB, no idea what that mushroomy thing is, but its a nice colour

Dove, hope you have a chilled out day


Woodgreen wonderboy

Things have come to a bit of a standstill in Hampshire. We have had no serious rainfall in weeks and all is parched. Lots of rain to east and west of us, but missing here.


What new purchases are you thinking of doc? 

bekkie - I wouldn't mind the beauty sleep so much if it actually had some effect...

Has anyone seen chicky? Is she away and I've missed her saying so - quite likely as I couldn't always keep up with everyone's news when I was outside so much in all the good weather 

Fairy, i slept from 4pm til 9pm, got up, fed OH and dog, then went back off! Makes me wonder how bad i would look without all the sleep!

I remember someone was going away, could have been Chicky, but i dont really trust my memory these days!

Sorry about hogging all the rain woody, im sure it will get to you soon, maybe you need to try a naked rain dance on that new terrace


Love the pix of your new terrace Woody. It will be beautiful once you get going with all your planting