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Oh Dove, sorry you had a stressful day, but your OH is so good! You are lucky

Im fine, hip seems to jump out of place a tiny bit every so often, soon goes back, its a dodgy joint thing the whole family have

Just noticed you got your lunch cooked too! I hope you washed up

Lily - I left work on 5 November - you may have noticed that there were fireworks!!! 

Have a lovely celebration with nice colleagues - if grotbags notices maybe the penny will drop!!! 

Lily it still makes me angry that someone can effect people like that! You are well rid, am excited for you now
star gaze lily

Hi Dove, glad you had a good day. Hugs and best wishes to Ma and Pa.What a lovely OH, he's earnt lots of brownie pionts 



Have a lovely evening all!
Someones car alarm is going off, its going to be a long night!

It's not mine Bekkie - I don't have a car  

My cars nice and quiet too, tucked up for the night on the drive.
Not been around much so just checking in to say hi and hope you're all well.
Glad your OH knows the de stress formula dove.
Has OLs OHs secret future plan materialised, last time i saw it was iminent?
What about Clarii? New job on Monday is it?
And lily, just love that you are work free from Wednesday, sorry it was brought very forward due to hassles and ratbag though.
Bekkii s got a sore hip even though she's just a spring chicken.
Not sure what else has happened :S
Also nit sure what news of mine im up to! Watered tonight with old reinstated hose tap location (i know its late but come on you know what i mean...) anyway it was so much easier and i felt 'back in touch with my garden'. I also sat in a different place - on the lawn- and saw the garden from adifferent perspective (seriously try it!), i saw it totally differently to usual, lovely. Enough of the word different! I'm really pleased with it especially a beautiful cosmos from a beautiful forumsr (thankyou), it must must go on the star thread. I feel as though i could enthuse about my garden all night long but then i remember the weeds and the dead bits which need something doing with...
Night all.
Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks Gg for the pictures of before and after terrace. It was finished today although I can't plant up the raised beds around the trees for a few days as the cement goes off. Have included some niches in the walls for the erigeron daisies I have been growing and I have included some bricks with holes on for some sedums. Tomorrow the large stone trough arrives. It will weigh a ton, and I will report on how we manage. I am delighted with how my contractor has interpreted my ideas. Next job to strip out the bed incorporating the Prunus Serrula tree for replanting. It will make a good home for all my helianthemums which I rescued from the terrace border.

Awww Mrs G, you enthuse away! Its nice to hear people enjoying their garden

I think it was you Panda, its stopped now
You snuck in there woody! How exciting to have all this new room, i do hope we will have pics
Beaus Mum

Evening all, is the potting shed door still open?  Got carried away this afternoon cutting back neighbours hedge and my lavender out the front, then dinner made for OH before he set off for night shift and then lovely telephone catch up with my best friend in Devon 

Hope your hip isn't too sore this evening bekkie, must be horrible tokeep re occurring  

Hope grot bag don't like gardening Star Gaze! You sure there isn't a grot bag profile  You're so lucky finishingwork, I've had 6 months off and have to go back soon 

Your OH sounds amazing Dove and I'm so glad you had him to come home to as know exactly how you felt today 

Woody your terrace is amazing! 

Mrs Garden I will try it in the morning for sure 


Beaus Mum

I'm ok now! Was just replying on a thread when i saw a spider the size of a saucer run across the floor! One of those big crusty house spiders! Had to get beau out of his bed to get it for me! Then I was running scared cos he had it in his mouth and kept running to me with it! Phoned OH at work but he couldn't help! Surprisingly lol anyway it died and I am sorry bout that but I just panicked! It's now under a pile of mags for OH in the morning when he gets home!

Thats a pretty severe phobia BM! I used to be like that, theres some stuff that stops them coming in isnt there, not sure if it works , my nan used to swear they were good luck, i got fed up of being scared to the point of nausia, so learnt about them and now im not so bad
Saw your post about being stressed or should that be de stressed? Anyhow hope everything is ok, remember there is nothing that cant be made better by alchol and chocolate
By the way, have been to bed, george (dog) managed to knock the broom over and scare himself half to death, almost had a fit and climbed onto our bed, im now sat on his bed in the spare room keeping him company! Ah well, sleeps for wusses!
Why didnt i get a cat?????
Beaus Mum

Thank you Bekkie, I'm ok I promise 

Sweet dreams to you and george

beau is now in his bed downstairs and I'm in bed with the two moggies! Believe me they are far more trouble than Beau! Xx

Back off for me too i think, it all seems quiet now! Night x