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I must have been sheltering from the rain!

Hello all, a bit late for good morning. Been watching the tele and having leisurely breakfast.

Lovely pics David S & AWB

Panda I'm impressed

I'd better get out and water things, we had some light rain yesterday but nothing amounting to much.

BFN, enjoy your day.


Glad to see punkdoc is back, he was away before I went away. Just went to his posts to catch up. Found one though that was started by Mike Allen. When Mike was ill everyone was so kind, but it seems to have gone a bit haywire since. Interesting thread though, ended up on a different subject from the beginning. Dove was very tactfull and wave calming. 


You just reminded me KEF- meant to say to David S to put his lovely  pix on the Garden Gallery thread so that lots more people will see them 

AWB's fungi reminded me of one of those little pattie pan squashes 

Best not to eat though....

Re the thread you're talking about BL - it was all a bit strange, and I think some people were left quite confused and hurt by it.

Morning all. Just having a cuppa before getting my a##e out of bed! Good party last night . All the rain predicted never arrived it was a lovely day and a late night. Best comment of the night was my garden ws like chelsea flower show! Result! Of ciurse they were given the line to say by OH... Must get up as 2 cars were left here overnight so we are expecting visitors.



MrsG - the pix of your garden are always lovely, so the comments are well deserved even if hubby was feeding them the line 

Glad you had a good night. 

We got all your rain...would you like it? I'm bored with it now...


MrsGarden, couldn't make out that word   No bad language here please, not with my sensitivities. my sensitivities  are very sensitive !  Your garden sounds very good though to get comments like that.  

Nkce day yesterday and is again today despite rain forecasts.  

Most of my dahlias are in full flower but twynings after eight, although with a few blooms....and plenty of disappointingly late this year.  It makes a nice white (on black) mass amongst heleniums, lobelias, salvias and the like so, come on twynings. 



Did someone mention tea?

Glad you had good time Lizzie.

MrsGarden we also had a lot better weather than we expected. Think it was because I took my kagool with me.


Morning folks, oh, sorry afternoon.  I did get a lie in this morning though not until now.   Took extra tabs cos my arm and back were playing up hence I didnt get up until 10.00.  Since then I have being doing battle with japanese anenome.  Nightmare.  What a thug.  Once I started I realised it had spread everywhere.  Have dug up as much as I could but as I put it in the green bin I could swear a voice said "I'll be back".  I'm going to leave the spaces clear until after hols because Im sure the will be sprouting back by then and I can get rid of a bit more.  I want to move my roses in the spot in the Autumn.  The rain has stopped here but there are still a few clouds about and its a bit windy.  How is it your end Bekkie still dry.  Sounds like a good party Mrs G. Welcome back BL glad you had a good break.  Have I missed how OL got on a Carfest or hasnt she posted yet?  Anyway Im for a look round, see you later.

Hi Yvie, yes, still dry thank goodness, got almost all of the way done with weeding the front garden when the dog shot out of the door and had a really bad fit (epileptic), never had one this bad, i thought it was curtains! Hes only just settling down after a second dose of medication!
Sorry your shoulder etc is sore, alot of us on here know how that feels! I hope it eases off for you soon x
No post from OL, you havent missed it

Hope Pooch is OK. How old is he.

Gorgeous day, basking in the sun, wine diluted with orange - well its gotta get drunk and its not the pleasetest wine! Friends over again tonight for left overs Too hot for gardening but as its looking good i dont mind, have slated a slug if that counts. :S Thanks for the offer fairy but i think im ok without the rain re; yesterdays comments on my garden - it was after a lot of pop had flowed so no one was seeing straight! Have a good afternoon all
Hope dog recovers ok too. X

Ystevie hope pain has now eased.

I dropped an old dinner plate on my ankle last night. One of Mum's it then bounced on the patio stone. It must be tough as it didn't break, and she hasn't broken it in 40yrs lol. An elderly lady with a tap like a blacksmith, due to dedicated chopping & lopping of shrubs

Bekkie soz about poorly dog, at least we know he is well loved and cared for by you & OH

I've been out for a while and now need to deadhead a few things and water veggies.

Due to no curry last night KEF is having curry this evening  No roast and veg here tonight.

Fairy I hope the rain has stopped but looking at tele' and games I doubt it

Enjoy your evening everyone.


Me thinks OL won't have drowned  but will be out watering her crops


MrsG -  you'd best stay seated for a while methinks....

The advantage of all this rain today is that I can do the ironing while watching 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' on tv. Not seen it in years - what a great film. Hepburn and Tracey and handsome Mr Poitier. That'll do me.... 



MrsGarden hope the hair of the dog goes down well   Orange ??   Soda or lemonade surely or stick ice cubes in it   No such thing as poor wine just some aren't as nice as others


Fairy could you make some strong coffee and wand it down to S.Yorks


It's actually starting to clear up a bit now KEF,  but not sure it's worth  doing anything outdoors now....I'm trying to convince myself that I should go out, but Sidney's calling me...

Ouch kef, OH opened door.on my foot so can join you in the ouch stakes.
Chilli for.tea, unused last night.
Still baking hot, think might cook chilli on paving...

I've to send you coffee MrsG....

Pour yourself into a chair ....and I'll pour the coffee into you....