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Beaus Mum

Night night, I'll be off in a bit but some good threads tonight and they are getting me going 

Orchid Lady

Whoop whoop first up  Morning all........we're off and at this moment in time it's dry!! Have a fab weekend everyone, see you Monday 


morning OL where you off too???

Cloudy, dry, still and warm......rain later they say. ,(said rain yesterday but it was lovely)

Picking tomatoes now and loads to come.  Looking healthy and good.    No cheese yet on my swiss cheese plant yet but I'm looking forward to that......cheese and tomato sandwiches.



Good morning all   

I slept like a log and had some very strange dreams! and then woke late (for me!)  - only had once mug of coffee so far!

But I have been out in the garden and checked on things - hedgehogs have eaten their supper  - the strange unidentified squash that is growing from the homemade compost I spread on the veg patch is now halfway up the raspberries in the northerly direction, halfway across the french beans in the westerly direction, and encroaching on the lawn in the southerly direction, and has two flowers on it.  I wonder what it will produce - if anything? 

And Verdun, I keep meaning to tell you - Starchild has flower buds 



Morning all, supposed to be going to supermarket, but have a shredded tyre. Dont you just hate it when cars dont work. Suppose I will  be waiting for AA for a tow.

A pickle plant would be nice Verdun.

Enjoy Carfest OL.

Have a good day everyone else.

Enjoy carfest OL!

Almost the weekend folks, I mean sure I'm working Saturday too BUT it's all still awesome, hope you have a good one!

Good morning all

Archie OL is off to a carfest thingy bobby

Verdun it must not be a good year for swiss cheese plants mine hasn't produced any yet.

Good to see MrsGarden's post 

Dove hugs, I'm sure this afternoon will be better than yesterday's.

Lily I'll be counting down the days for you.

Don't know what I'm doing today but will have to shop for food at some point.



Clari you are a tease, do tell what you are doing


Morning Pdoc, I won't say good  Hope they arrive promptly.


How strong was that Campari that Dove had ? She's usually here by now.

That's great Dove......mines been flowering for a while now.  Disappointed af first but now I like it.  May be able to include it in a picture I have  promised to take of a nearby acomitum/heleniumcombo.

I see you have my sense of humour punkdoc   I always think my jokes are so funny!!! 



Dove is here, but wasn't if you know what I mean.  Will be interesting to see what sort of squash it produces.

star gaze lily

Morning all, bit overcast at the mo.

Kef have you been on the sauce, Doves already posted 

Yes Kef, def count down time 

Beaus mum, they say conkers keeps spiders at bay. I think my phobia of them is as bad as yours! 

OL, have a great time. Hope weather is kind to you.



KEF wrote (see)

How strong was that Campari that Dove had ? She's usually here by now.

I had another after that one KEF 

Glad Starchild is growing on you Verdun - at East Ruston it's grown in the Cutting Garden so I presume they use it for flower arranging - I think it's the sort of flower which might look fairly ordinary on it's own, but in the right company it can absolutely sing out 

star gaze lily

That took ages to post, words kept jumbling up 


Good morning everyone I've not said good morning to 

Pdoc - I've got to go to the supermarket - chuck your list over here and I'll do yours too 


Off to work again, just about caught up with backlog. Boss has been texting instructions from Rhodes. On Monday, it's all his again, and I get to catch up with garden. I'm only just keeping up with watering garden and feeding  Aussie lodger.

I thinks doves squash is trying to find mine. Mine seem to want to take over the world. They are already climbing the Hawthorn hedge. With hindsight, I should have put the courgettes at the front of the patch where I can easily get at them. I might need a machete soon.  still, I counted at least 12 crown prince that are bigger then a cricket ball, and one is nearly football size. Buffy ball seems to be slower in setting, I only have one so far.

Im just watching the big allotment challenge, the poor woman who has to tase all the sauces, as they were cooking, there were fingers in the mixes, tasting spoons going back in the pan, yuk, yuk, yuk, it will be more spit and finger nails, made me feel ill!