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Greetings all.  Lovely sunny breezy day ideal for gardening - but sadly I had to go & sing in a concert.  Fun, but the rained-on weeds have apparently doubled in size in my absence.  But looking on the bright side, at least I didn't have to do any dreaded h*****w***k...    (Almost as bad as clothes shopping in my book.)  And tomorrow's forecast is good! 


Glad you've enjoyed 'our' hospitality archie....hasn't it been 'pure dead brilliant?' Some great moments to remember- very emotional at times. I've regularly been 'greetin like a big wean'  

The home teams have been just terrific - every single one of them 


Fg  I shall tell my friend.

Now I shall settle down and watch Deacon Blue in Glasgow - I met some of them once as they sang at the wedding of friends in Gourock.  Long time ago now....

See you in the morning folks - sweet dreams 


Never been back there Dove - I must rectify that sometime 

Sleep tight. I'll be off soon too - work tomorrow 


hey fairy my nans ancesters were cleared to ireland . and great  grandad was from glasgow . theres a drop of talisker in my blood .


Wonderful people, but not the easiest accent to get to grips with for a yam yam in a call centre! Took me months to get used to being called mah hen, and a stop cock being called a toby???? Will go there one day
We have distant ancesters there too, but i have to be honest, my ancesters pretty much got everywhere

Do ypu top the talisker up every so often archie?

Night Night, Im off to bed, the tablets and wine seem to be working so hopefully Ill get  good nights sleep.  Hope Mondays not too bad for all you salt miners.


Loved the games, England won, but what was all that stuff with the tents during the closing ceremony.

Love a wee dram myself, although I am an Islay man. Half Scot myself, although not in any matters sporting, particularly rugby, where i am 100% English.

Sounds like you have all had good days, best wishes to the workers for tomorrow and may the sun shine for the gardeners.

star gaze lily

Hi all, what a lovely sunny day.

Had a great time with friends. Lovely walk along the beach, and ice creams were enjoyed too. I had a 99 

Looks like you all had a busy day.

Bekkie hope doggy is better, hugs x

Nite nite everyone sweet dreams 


Romeo and Juliet in a garden in Domme was lovely. There wasn't a thunderstorm, thankfully.


How lovely, and no rain, brilliant, glad you enjoyed it.

We have a lovely open air natural theatre here in Cornwall.


Is that the Minack Theatre? We stayed much more in the East when we went to Cornwall.


Yes, have you seen it.

There was a lovely series of books written by a man that moved to Cornwall and grew dafs, All set around there and the ground is held in trust for the public, its gone right out of my head what they are called, have you read them, they are quite old books now, the author and his wife worked for MI5 during the war.


No, only photos and I haven't read the books. I once saw a lovely TV programme about growing daffodils in Cornwall.



Morning Bekkie,  and a sunny one it is for us.  Hope you and doggy are fine.  Off to the docs hopefully this morning to try and find out what I have done to my arm.  Can't straighten it and its killing me again now the tablets have worn off (hence the early start to the day).  Just off to have a look round, have a good day.


Good morning all

Pleased to hear that people's events weren't spoiled by the weather.

Hugs for the injured.

Good luck in the mines.

Good thread started by David K.

Dove have fun with your niece.

Morning Yvie/ KEF

Hope you get it sorted Yvie x
star gaze lily

Morning all, looks like it will be a sunny day again. Haven't we had a lovely summer 

Hope your doggy is better bekkie, are you poorly too? Hope you get better soon if you are, hugs.

Panda, hope you're ok too is it back to the salt mines? 

Salt mine day for me today, but def count down time now, YAY. 

Hope OL had a lovely time, looking forward to hear all about it.

Yvie, hope your arm gets better soon, hugs.

Best get a wriggle on, have a good day everyone. See you later peeps, byeeeee.