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David sometimes Hello Forkers won't open on current page so I go to previous one and move along that way. Seems to happen if the last post was at the bottom of the page. If so I've broken your thread, twas me last night.

My Mum and Dad travelled lots when they retired - did a similar South African trip and raved about it. Cape Town is meant to be the nicest of their cities. And Dad still talks about Proteus and the Kirstenbosch
star gaze lily

Morning all, pouring down here.  

Hope you enjoy your first non work day dove

Well its a day of housework for me today.

Have a good day everyone


David - I've alerted the Tech team - hope they can sort it out 


David - I'm getting the same as Dove for your camera thread.



I sometimes find that when there are a lot of photos the thread blocks, has happened on Marion's photo threads and on Garden Gallery, especially when the photos are big. Don't know whether it's my lap top or the site. Usually find that when others have posted and a new page is started it's OK again.

Clarington wrote (see)

Morning all. Only 37 years til retirement for me so I guess I ought think about getting up! Enjoy retirement Dove, but don't be like my future mother in law who upon retiring has volunteered for so much you wonder whether she ever sits down!

I'm starting to think that's what I've done!

Stacey mentioning ski ing. Spending kid's inheritance. Something I never understand is why is the money the parents have spent their lives working for and saving up (which they often use to help their children anyway) for their retirement, the children's inheritance?


Because children are ungrateful buggers who fail to see that once they're educated (and parents have helped with uni fees), living in their own home (cheers for the help on the deposit), and deciding that their parents idea of how to bring up a child is COMPLETELY wrong (but I may call you at 03:00 because he wont stop crying and can you babysit free of charge every Wednesday night?) That their parents get to have their own lives back at some point!


David - it's being looked at now - don't know if they'll contact you by PM as PMs are a bit funny at the moment too - I have to scroll through all of mine looking for recent dates.  That's another thing that they've got on the list but these things take longer than one would think - I'm sure you know that. 


Well I am feeling really pathetic now. Went outside with plans to do a few hours in garden. Wandered around a bit checked greenhouse, decided it was too dull, wet and cold and came back in.

Got to read through the agenda for a meeting tomorrow and then might do some garden planning for next year.


Oh Clarington 

I've always felt that the Spending the Children's Inheritance phrase was 'tongue in cheek' and expressed by the parents themselves.   I remember seeing it as a popular car sticker way back in the 80s - it made us laugh - and at that time I was one of 'the children'  -  in fact I suppose I still am 


It's not pathetic punkdoc, we do pruning and treework in the winter but the garden is best not walked on. It's the planning season.

Get a cup of coffee and a catalogue


Gosh, Clarington, I thought you were a young one! (only 37 years to retirement) That sounds as though you are sticking up for retired parents. I love my children dearly and they don't go on about inheritance, but I've read so much recently about parents "spending the children's inheritance".


The trouble with being young is that you have good eyesight and ears! Thus making it impossible to ignore the moaning from fellow workers about how their children who now have their own children seem to be of the current opinion that any saving their parents have been working hard to achieve are their RIGHT to access and dip into whenever they feel the need for (examples from this office in the last few months):

- A "gift" (because unlike a loan it'll never be fully paid off) for money to buy a brand new car as hers is "six years old and she's bored of it"

- A substanical deposit towards a new house

- A cash loan that might be paid back eventually towards entirely redecorating the house including a new kitchen because it looks dated and she saw this beautiful one at Ikea (the chap who told me this even told me his wife has put off retiring this year so that they could afford to pay for it!)

- Permission to live rent free in her old bedroom, with 24 hour babysitting / school run taxi driver avilable, hot food on demand, because she's decided she doesn't like her job so just walked out and can't understand why her parents can't afford to pay the rent of her flat for her for the next year while she decides where her future lays.

- Money for a new driveway and patio because the old one looked funny (definately not a loan because parents were told that they didn't have a mortgage so didn't need the money).

Perhaps its just that I am surrounded with the kind of people who feel that its their duty to coodle their children at the expense of themselves? But I know friends who have based their futures near entirely on the money their parents have saved.

I feel bad just asking my mother if she's any change for the pay and display at the car park and certainly wouldn't expect to get anything from them to help us buy a house / get married.. although they have offered to give me some money towards a tumble drier which is nice!)


(I know that probably sounds quite ranty! But I am firmly of the opinion that young people need a slap around the chops and to be grateful for who they have, not what's stored in a bank. I claim my honourary grumpy old person flat cap!)


Oh dear - it does sound that some of your colleagues don't know how to say No.  

I do have some sympathy for youngsters today - it is much harder getting started than it was when I got my foot on the housing ladder, and what with Uni fees/loans etc, and also the fact that it does need two incomes to pay a mortgage etc - I couldn't have borne to send my little ones to a childminder,  I was able to be a stay at home mum until they were almost grown up, but of course that did have an negative impact on my career and salary when I returned to work.  However, I have been able to give my two a helping hand and so has their father - but now they've had that start they're determined to be self-reliant and also keep insisting that they'll look after me when I'm a cantakerous old bat (but I tell them that's what I've got a younger OH for, and they're suitably appreciative and make a fuss of him too)



should this be on th confessions thread

I am going to watch Carol Kliens year i my garden on yutube this afternoon


Not sure if it justifies a Confession Little-ann - perhaps we should have a Deserved Indulgencies thread too!!!