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Good morning all. Fingers crossed the chaos of yesterday has left us now. I've had a quick look through latest posts and it was full of lovely sensible gardening comments, tips and ideas. Imagine that! I just got a sense of calm, and relief. Everything you could want for ( and no more!).

SGL,, so glad your sheds arrived and you can get on, hope the weather holds for you and everyone else in the garden.

I'll not be out much today, taking step son shopping for his 16th birthday present, we gave up trying to think of something so have put the ball in his court, probably gonna cost the earth, but don't mind. Then out later for family tea.

Pleased to meet you Brumbull. I'm sorry to read about your illness but glad all seems well now.

Verdun, I know this has been a difficult change for you along with family matters and hope you are ok. Sending a hug.

Good morning all   I've had a lie in!!!  First in years!!!  And on a day when I've so much to do - going on a fungi foray in a bit but must get supper into the slow cooker first - HughFW's aromatic pork with noodles and greens. OH will be salivating by the time I get home LOL.

Have a good day everyone, enjoy the good, ignore the bad and wear a smile on your faces - it suits you 


Well said Brum   .....(wonder what weird and wonderful thread he will come up with now   Ha ha ). I think that was exactly what the forum needed 

Busy morn but autumn has arrived.......time to start cutting back on those plants that have done their thing but now going over.  I like this clearing time.......outside my window here the hellebores will enjoy the space provided by this clearing up.  As another thread said, where has the summer gone?  The new cycle starts again 

Have nice day folks



Good morning all, managed to get out in the garden a bit yesterday so am sitting eating breakfast looking out at a relatively tidy scene  Until the leaves start coming down....  Just hung the washing out as no rain forecast for today but I feel the 'washing on the line' days are numbered - I have such an exciting life   Catch up with you all later. X

star gaze lily

Have a good shopping trip Mrsgarden,  hope its not too costly

MorningVerdun and dove, silly me why didn't I think of the slow cooker with the hard work ahead today! Too late now nothing even out of the freezer.  Perhaps this calls for fish and chip take away!!


star gaze lily

Oops sorry msbeehaven, morning. Off shed building now see you all later enjoy your day


Morning all. Unlike Pentillie, I rather enjoyed all the excitement yesterday! Shame Pentillie doesn't want to stay here, he/she (sorry) was the one who started the lovely happiness thread.

Rained in the night. Pouring now. No gardening for me. But at least the ground will be softer for the next batch of bulb planting.

As Dove said Southwold had got very expensive, I looked up my grandparent's old house on Zoopla. I was amazed! It was an average, though pretty, terraced house with a small courtyard garden. Worth now  £840,000!!!!


Morning all. Good luck with the shed lily! Mind your back - fish n chips is the way to go! 

Here's to a good day - if you know what I mean 

Sun is shining and it looks a bit warmer than yesterday - never got above 7 degrees here with the wind. Washing to do - like you MsB - nothing like getting it outside 

Clearing, painting and lining beds for me today I think. 

Busy, think pentillie will be back.....Cornish folk are outspoken when required.

Fairygirl, morning. All that work still going on!  You must have muscles to put popeye to shame   


No Verd- I'm just worn out! Although maybe all that spinach I've been eating is starting to take effect...

Need to watch though - in case I turn into the Hulk...


Morning all, and what a morning! Seems like all of yesterday's weather has blown away and left a nice crisp sunny day (here's hoping it stays that way!)

Am off for a spot of retail therapy today, may take in a GC after lunch  as am feeling a bit better. Need to get some fresh air about me to skoot away the cobwebs.

Have a great day everyone. 


Morning Panda  glad you're feeling better ((hugs)) whatchagonnaget?  (that's me feeling daft  sorry)


Hello forkers. Just checking that the site is safe again and we can get back to light hearted banter, cake and even a bit of gardening.

Cold and wet in sheffield again. Was going to get the strimmer out for the yearly mow of the orchard. I call it a meadow but really it is mainly brambles and nettles. The wild life likes it though. The redwings and fieldfares should be here soon to eat the windfalls.

Enjoy whatever you are doing. I think I will be watching rugby if weekend stays wet.


Hi Panda, lucky you, hate to say it but it's , how can say politely, tiddling it down here!



Hello all. Wet and miserable in S.Yorks. Plan on moving a few more tender plants into GH. Plenty of leaves coming down & even my fuschia has taken on Autumnal hues.

Off to market for bird seed etc. and a trip to Mum's. Need to get her tomatoes out of the GH.

Peaceful afternoon planned and a few girlie things to do, going to our friends tonight, only a take away curry but it should be a laugh.

Apols to Verdun, thought you were missing yesterday, turns out I'd managed to block you, ..only took me 24hrs to realise why I couldn't see your posts.

Glad to hear that poorly people are getting better. Don't anyone overdo it today.




KEF- perhaps you were trigger happy yesterday pressing that button....

Hope you're fine today 


Dove, am visiting The Cheap Shop (nr Tiptree) for some seasonal fabric (can't mention the C word!), a quick visit to the Jam factory (yummy) and then lunch at a GC and a slow browse  If I come away empty handed I will be Very surprised! 

Mrs G, I think it may rain later  although there is just a cloud at the top of the page where they forcaste our weather  No rain!


Fairy  I'm good thanks.

Hello - i've missed a few days but back now. Good to see you back Brumball. Good job its raining as i might have to devote a couple of hours to catching up on here .....