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Afternoon all. Another day sat in the office watching the sun shine knowing it'll be gone by the time I get in from work. I was out in the garden with a torch this morning checking my pots weren't too water logged! Poor neighbours what must they think.

(My smilies were santa hatted this morning but are now! Gilly try yours again as I'm using a generic PC with windows on so they may have only just gotten round to pushing the button for us! )

GillyL wrote (see)

No lap top just standard PC ,no smilies,...........have I upset you Dove?.I may have missed the point in your reply to my posting. earlier,but it seems a bit rude.,

I'm sorry Gilly - it was an obviously unsuccessful attempt at humour   I had hoped that the winking smiley would indicate that, but not everyone reads things the same way.  My sincere apologies 


David, many thanks for the good wishes - there's some good company on here to spend my retirement with 

John Harding

Been out doing a bit of necessary gardening: have completed the raised bed and have also installed a 10 metre soil warming cable to my 2mt x 1/2 mtr cold frame. That should warm the soil so as to be OK to treat the vine weevil grubs that have been feeding on the roots of my winter spinach with nematodes - have squished a few but I guess there's plenty more in the soil 


Below are some pics of the new bed and the steel channel guides I made to support the new tanalised 6"x2" timber boards.










That looks brilliant John - you could sell them - how much for delivery to Norfolk?


Sorry Dove,maybe a bit slow on the uptake today (did,nt notice winking smiley perhaps wink was hidden under hat),I,ll put it down to my bad cold.

Matter now forgotten



Chaos this afternoon, 3 plumbers with 2 white vans (trying to mend boiler, should have come on Tuesday), oil delivery man with big lorry (should have come this morning) and hay farmer with tractor and trailor with 20 x 200kg bales of hay. Of course hay farmer had to drive on the lawn around the turning circle at the end of the drive, now a sea of mud.

John Harding

Hi Dove,

Cost would like as not be prohibitive - the steel channels 1/2 mtr long cost me £38, the tanalised timber boards cost £55, the Jetcem quick set cement to set the posts in (4 x 3kg) were about £20 + the welding rods and Hammerite green paint made a total cost of around £120 to me! still, I shouldn't have to make it again in my lifetime John H


I've smilies with hats on the PC

But I'm not ready for them yet


Thank you Gilly 

Here have some honey and hot lemon 

 Hope you're feeling better soon.


Well impressed John. I don't have a cold frame (as yet) it's on the to do list for H.

Will show him your pics, when the moment seems right. A bit more GH staging is the current project, I'm hoping that the current re-shuffle in the garage is the build up to it. Just hoping that the garage roof timbers aren't being used.

Hope you feel better soon Gilly.


Lizzie it sounds like a chapter from A year in Provence. Is it this weekend that you come to England?  If so hope you have a good time.


Yes, it is. Thank you. Going to see King Lear in Chichester. Will be seeing friends and family. If we get to the GC in Newhaven will ring Bev (Potty Gardener). Be nice to see her again. May not have computer access, DIL's wasn't working in September. We only have a small netbook in Eastbourne. Going Ryan Air, can't take laptop.


Well I posted and it was lost in cyber space along with my password

Good day all, very late

I went into garden this morning as was going to dentist, good move. have spent rest of day on settee.

I put the wire through the vine eyes and made a grid. Fastened the climbing rose to the grid, I was surprised at how long the stems were, once they were stretched out. The other rose needs to do a little more growing before it reaches the wall and the grid

I hope you have a good time in England Liz. and Ryanair isn't too bad

I don't seem to have any seasonal smilies


So no one got my joke this morning about party hats, must be just me then.

Things always happen in 3s - blind in bedroom fell off it's holder, heating packed in, washing machine tells me error15. That's my 3 for a while now I hope.



That's more than enough Mrs Garden  Hope you have something restorative for this evening.

Matty - poor you - I seem to be lucky at the dentist - so far - perhaps now I'm an OAP my teeth will start to crumble 



Trouble is Dove - it isn't a free service either

See there is still a lot of lurgy going around. Fortunately so far i have escaped. Do have a headache at moment but probably down to dentist visit.

No expert

Yipee I've got hats.

Evening all

Been in garden for a little while clearing some bits and collecting acanthus seeds for seed swap thread and feeding those hungry birds

and wached Mr T on iplayer thanks Stacey did not see that garden programme on tv

No expert

Looks good john. What size is the channel iron?


Just eaten home made veg bake ( cauli, parsnip, carrots, squash, onion, courgette ( the last of those) and potato with cheese on the top, with salmon marinaded in ginger & chilli flakes. Nice if I say so myself.

Have re-arranged GH's and got a few things sewn & raked more leaves.

Off to watch a bit of tele' & maybe a vino.

Joyce M you are welcome hope you enjoy seed swap now you've found it again.

Have a good evening all.