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Steve 309

Hmmm/  I wonder if I could attach one to my marbles?


Runnybeak - i'd lose the object locator

Steve - polka gets a big thumbs up from me - prolific and v tasty


Polka?  Very prolific ........... and then some!!!  We're getting buried under huge tasty raspberries - the freezer is filling up and I'm going to have to make jam as well as having lots to make lovely puds for Christmas and we're having freshly picked raspberries from the garden with our muesli for breakfast every morning.  I planted 3 canes in Feb 2013!!!  They have global ambitions - wonderful 

Steve 309

Thanks - sounds good to me


Hurray!  The rain has stopped...

  but now we have a visitor so I can't escape to the garden.  
  And tomorrow I'm in York all day, singing, so no gardening then either - I'm dying to get my "landscaping" finished (just a bit of levelling, moving some more rocks (arms like Popeye! 
) and laying groundcover fabric, then gravel).  Forecast's good for Monday, but then it was good for today too... 

I thought I'd post a few more pics.  First one shows the steps up to my house (2nd from the end), with garden below.  (Not the bottom bit full of brambles & knotweed, thank goodness!  Just the top bit with the washing hanging on the line...)

 These two show (incidentally) the bank in which I'm planting the wild flowers.  (First 2 trays, 48 big plugs, now reduced to 9 plants - thanks, slugs

- might try to grow the rest on a bit, in the veg garden, &plant out in spring?)

Anyway, we have squirrel-proof (!) bird feeders on the bank, which give us a lot of pleasure.


 - but the bank is boring, just grass & daffs.

Re rasps:  it's great that the autumn fruiters don't get maggots!  I grow Autumn Bliss,  & though it's an old variety it seems to do well.  Only prob is that the canes grow very tall in shade, around 9-10ft, which makes picking the fruit a bit of an adventure... 

Better stop & be sociable...


Steve 309

There are some maggots in my Autumn Bliss - but it might jyst be the earliest ones.  Time will tell.

Fairy, have you seen that new raspberry from T&M that fidget was talking about? It can be grown in a pot, looks perfect for you
star gaze lily

Lovely pics Liri.

Stopped raining this afternoon and the sun came out for a little while.

Rather damp and feels like autumn, loads of oak leaves already on the grass 


Glad your overnighter went well Panda - can't believe it would have been you snoring. These guides make things up

Sounds as though many of you are having great success with raspberries - I could be tempted, especially at those prices.

Runnybeak, chicky got in before me - I would lose the locator too

Great pics Liri - Not many things are squirrel-proof I hope there's a road at the top.  There are a lot of steps to carry shopping up.  



Evening all. Bekkie - I did see fidget's post re the rasps but, like her, I wouldn't  trust T&M as far as I could throw them...

Perhaps I could squeeze in a few of those Polka ones. Now if I just got rid of the extra car parking space....

Lesley - you know it makes sense. After all, we have the perfect climate for rasps 

Are you putting in a Stannah stairlift Liri? 

Had a busy day outside and got quite a lot done. Daughter cut up all the buddleia branches which now fill the brown bin right to the top.

Instead of looking like this a few weeks ago

 it now looks like this


Steve 309









Does she prune , like my brother, with a chainsaw?


Good job Fairy - when do the builders arrive?

thats quite a slope Liri - but very picturesque.

had our first Newton Wonder apple today, from a maiden planted 5 years ago.  Just as tasty as the one we tasted at the apple day at West Dean - which is why it went on the list.  Very fresh, and a little bit toffee like ( Sound like a wine critic).  Very nice indeed


Might not be till spring now chicky. It depends on weather and how his other jobs go. Not really a problem but would have been good to get it down this autumn.

No chainsaws fidget! I hacked it all off  - saw and loppers  - and she chopped up the branches 

It has to come out as it's in the way, but I've got three good cuttings from last year and I've taken a couple more. If I thought I could move it successfully I would, but I doubt it.  

Did you swirl it round in your mouth and spit it out chicky? 

Nearly forgot - will send you some of the seeds 



Chicky, I grew Newton Wonder when I lived in Northumberland.  A lovely flavour as you say - nice when cooked too, and keeps well. 

Yes Lesley, there is a road, but unmade and very narrow with nowhere to turn round.  We leave the car parked at the bottom of the steps & take rucksacks to do the shopping - good for the muscle tone... 

star gaze lily

Oh Fairy, it looked beautiful....I actually thought wow!.................and then I couldn't believe what I saw  .....hope your cuttings take 


FORKERS...  see the latest Mr Kipling advert....... a pink elephant  and the caption 'life is better with CAKE'.  Must be written for all you cake lovers on here.  Brilliant ad. 

I agree about T&M fairy, but i dont mind risking a quid, the rest was tesco vouchers
Love that ad too RB

Love cake aswell