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star gaze lily

Hi Chicky, sorry you've had a long day, take care.

Night night everyone xx



sorry to see our Andy lost (maybe I should hijack the football thread)

3 more sleeps til our Wisley outing, and the weather forecast is still good

Have a great holiday Lizzie 


Just seen the news - hope our Sheffield forumites aren't near enough to be affected by the smoke.  We sometimes get heath fires round here, and the smoke spreads for miles - have had the girls kept in at school before now.  Take care up there

Morning! My Hong Kongers due today, so excited. I haven't seen them since March and Lilly Pilly mark 3 will have grown so much.  Hope she remembers the garden! I have left all the low apples for her to pIck

thanks to everyone for all the egg free/dairy suggestions. The freezer is full

I hope this predicted warm weekend happens for us all especially the Wisley gang!


Hi all v quick hello, been making green tomato chutney and fig chutney both yum, hoping to make plum jam and fig jam later, anyone buy special sugar or just normal granulated ok?


Good morning all

Thanks Chicky we about 4 miles away no evidence of it here. MrsGarden is nearer.

Steve 309

Morning all .    8.30 here so I'm not up as early as it seems.

Ordinary sugar (85p/kg from Aldi is the cheapest I've found) is fine for plums as they have plenty of pectin.  Never tried fig jam - you must have a brilliant crop to have enough for jam!


Morning all. Dry but cloudy here. Off to work earlier and staying longer so may not get much done later. Grass needs cut though so I'll try to get that done.

Where do you live Steve?

Chicky - don't think he's properly fit and focussed yet.   Where's the fire? I've not heard about that.


Hi again, Fairy it's a fire in an industrial unit in Sheffield, concerns about how much plastic has been burning, locals advised to stay indoors.

Think Steve is in Belgium  soz if I'm wrong and have relocated you Steve

Lily Pilly have a great time with your familyRosemummy fig jam sounds interesting   



Glorious sunny morning.   So warm 


Steve 309

I'm in Belgium at the moment  but live in Lancs.  In the middle of an odyssey, visiting London (twice), Southampton, Belgium and Plymouth, as well as various small ports.

Glad I'm not in Sheffield - sympathy to those who are......oh - is there a fire there too? 

(Actually some of my most enjoyable moments have been near Sheffield - singing in pubs at Dungworth ans Outibridge near Christmas)


Morning all 

Bit more organised this morning  Might actually get to drink my cup of tea 

Have a lovely day everyone  Looks like it will be sunny again 



Beaus Mum

Good morning all 

Chicky what a long day! I do hope today is better for you  Don't want you shattered for Wisley x

Rosemummy were the figs from that border you wanted ideas for a few weeks ago? If they are I bet you're glad you kept the fig tree now 

Hope you have a fantastic time with your family lily pilly and love the lily pilly mark three name Xx



Hi Panda, drink quickly


I shall have to KEF 

Beaus Mum

Have a good day workers, 

Morning to those who snuck in when I was writing my post!  

Seems misty today here so hoping for sunshine!

Hope all ok who live near the fire xx

Beaus Mum

Awwww panda go sick! We won't tell anyone 

My cup of tea was so nice I'm gonna make another one! 

Steve 309

I've had two and I'm resisting my first cup of coffee as I've just cleaned my teeth