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Well thats me done. Freezing cold and wet but I feel a certain sense of achievement having done a few hours weeding. Although i have only covered a small area the garden looks a lot better for it.


Hello folks, I'm back after a lovely walk over the hill, through the oak woods and down across the marshes - I got home just in time as it's clouding over now.  I'll put some pics on the Camera Corner thread. 

John Harding

Nemasys nematodes arrived yesterday to deal with Vine Weevil grubs - bought from Amazon. Not easily available at this time of year because the breeding season (I'm told) is at its end - however, they arrived with a 'Use by Date' of 28 Nov 2013 so I've put soil warming cable in the relevant bed (Nematodes only effective at temps above 5°C apparently), then watered in the nematodes as per destructions on packet. I'm aware it may not work at this time of year but here's hoping!

Next job was to cut up some Apple Mint and set 9 pieces in some fresh compost in the GH on top of a warming box.  1st, a layer of 'Violet Farm' composted Horse Manure then a layer of John Innes No 2, lay out the mint pieces on top and cover with another layer of John Innes No 2. - I'll post some pics as they grow.


I love applemint John, so good for mint sauce.  It sounds as if it'll be very happy in that horsemanure and compost 


Thinking of you Stacey,hope to hear from you soon,xx


Woodgreen wonderboy

As luck has it I have just had some apple and mint jelly with my lamb lunch. Jelly made by a friend in the village. Very yummy.


Sounds delicious WW.

Next door neighbour has just bought round a jar of beetroot and apple chutney,might be crusty beard cheese and chutney tonight............might require a small glass of white to accompany it.


Food glorious food. Soz about all those on starvation diet. Have what you want on a small plate I say ( sneak rest when no one is looking)

Sausages, butter beans, gummy toms, cauli, onions, garlic, carrots & vino all in a casserole cooking slowly..maybe some Yorkshire puds for H..

Must admit to being a tad fed up of cooking, Woody are you for rent?

Gilly that sounds nice, but would need large glass of vino. Find bread a bit dry

Also waiting to hear from Stacey, might not have news but will be good to know she's home with her Lo & H.


Oooh KEF - that's an idea for tomorrow - sausages and home made baked beans .... Yum!!!

Thinking of Stacey.....


Yes, hope staceys home having a rest and being spoilt rotten.

Charity stuff to sort out for collection on friday, will do that tomorrow. Should have loads to give away as they accept toys and bric a brac as well as just the usual clothes.

Shopping at meadowhell today, worn out and didnt get all that I wanted. Queueing round the isles in debenhams (not me though). Car parks busy. Must be xmas soon?


Stacey Docherty

Thank you all for your wishes ...... Hospital didn't have my appointment on the list.... Which didn't surprise me thankfully I had my appointment letter and thry managed to squeeze me in.... abd managed to bring my appointment forward x2 weeks with the neuro surgeon so only 2 weeks till I find out.... got back and saw this little stunner hanging on despite all odds which really made me smile.....

 It was a fab but sparse sweet pea through the summer.... This one seems to have grown through the rosemary!!!! Verd thanks for the advice on ecinechea I'm gonna maybe fleece the bed i think... KEF ur making me hungry lol xxxxxxx


Glad you got seen Stacey  Hope the two weeks go quickly! I've got Chinese Chicken in the slow cooker which OH and I will have with noodles! The house smells very lovely! Sorry to all you fasters 


Im sure i speak for all of us stacey - our fingers will stay crossed and we will keep holding your hand as long as you need it. X


Hi Stacey - glad you're home safe and sound.  Fingers crossed for 2 weeks' time 

star gaze lily

Hi Stacey, glad you're home in the warm with your family. Thinking of you.


Stacey Docherty

Thanks all got the headache from hell and fell of fast day and ordered Chinese!!!!!


Hmmm, i could really fancy a chinese takeaway myself, shame ive eaten!

While shopping today I found the perfect bangle style bracelet to go with my outfit (going to a wedding on sat). Only £6.99 even better. I tried so hard to get it over my wrist. In fact i tried them all in the shop such was its perfection. I was even prepared to get it stuck and leave it on until after the wedding then get it surgically removed! Failed! Came home with inferior goods. 


That reminds me of last summer when I was in a shop  in Cornwall selling work by local artists and craftspeople.  

There was a lovely silver bangle set with a large stone of unusual pale green serpentine.

 It was in a locked glass case so the girl behind the desk unlocked it, took the bangle out and bent it slightly to put it over my wrist .......... it snapped in half!!!

I was so relieved that she'd done it and not me 

See Stacey, even your sweet peas are trying to make you smile  Enjoy your Chinese 

I was so concerned about the foodbank today........not being able to hand out fresh food, meaning those cream buns,of course, meant none for me.    Silly me.  No need to worry like that  Cos someone brought some donuts in   It's the big things in life like this that mean so much..........

Been lovely day......lots of sun and (relatively) warm.  ......