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They do Brumbull, they are tiny compared to greys.  Hope the reds make it your way 


Hi, very wet here - rained most ofd the night but ust light drizzle this morning/earlt afternoon so got one of the tonne bags of topsoil decanted into the new raised beds before it started raining again - chucking it down now and not forecast to stop until Monday evening!  I'll just have to get my coat and hat on tomorrow and shift the other tonne!  The cosmos has collapsed under the weight of the wet foliage so will cut that all back tomorrow and have a few vases full of flowers.

  Here's a radar pic from metcheck of the band of rain I'm under:




I'll be sharing that rain with you any minute now Bob


I regularly see red squirrels, no greys in Dordogne.

About 3 years ago the French government actually supplied wild flower seeds to the farmers as part of the incentive to be more green. Don't know if they still do or if the farmers just do it themselves now. Wish I'd taken photos, they are all over now.

Got quite excited 2 years ago, found several red helleborine in the woods round here. They are almost extinct in the UK, some were found in gloucestershire.


Got my washing in Brumbull. Don't know why I put it out. It was so still and damp nothing dried


star gaze lily

Lovely day here in sussex. The suns gone now but still dry,  getting a bit chilly now 

Hope all youpoorly people are feeling better and you've all had a good day

Busy-Lizzie you're not Noreen Green are you? I know it's a long shot, but our

neighbours (of that name) moved to the Dordogne a few years back and we

still get emails telling us how lovely and rural it is!  You sound very like

Noreen the way you love the countrside!!


No, I'm not Noreen, but I am Liz. And I'm often Busy!


Hi, I'm back from the fungi foray - great day  but very soggy!  Just going to take a hot shower - having recently recovered from a bug don't want to sit around being damp   See you all later 

No expert

Sorry to hear that some of you had rain to-day. Saturday is the only day to get something done this time of year. Evenings too short do much. No rain here TG. Chilly. Cleaned cooker, mowed lawns, forked over some potatoe ground and made ridges of more, weeded around cabbage carrots and parsnips. It's days like this that shorten the winter, gardening is wonderful.


Oh dear, think I got it wrong.  Spent today doing housework, and was going to spend tomorrow in the garden - but have just seen the forecast.  Perhaps I can find some things that need doing in the GH.

FG - found a Daniel D in a special offer section of the GC last week - I brought him home !  Along with a Fireworks  - well 5th of November is just round the corner


 One of the Bracket fungi

One of each of the fungi we gathered - before the rain started.  I stopped photographing after that 

 Honey fungus 


Think the second one of the first three is a Blusher.

Not brilliant pics but we had a really good day getting around 30 different varieties in a very small area of the gardens and had great fun 


Love the Red and white one Dove - looks like Fairy should be perching on it!  Did you bring any home for tea ?

Brum - maybe you should go for the Clematis instead - really pretty but no loud bangs.  It was my Mum's favourite, so I was delighted I found one.  Will put it next to her rose.



Glad you had a good foray Dove  but what the heck is that top pic of? I thought it was meat at first glance 

Had a fab day out but am feeling a bit whacked now. Just awaiting the take away and settling down to some tv viewing!

Did buy some bits at the CG, too dark out now to let you all know what (I can't remember!)


Oh, and the first one of the first three is a Beefsteak fungus.  


So it is a bit like meat then!


We cross-posted Panda - yes it does look like meat - it is a Beefsteak - it also 'drips' a blood-like juice. It is edible. 


Eeww! Nature is, most definateitely, odd!