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morning all.
Weather report - woken by very heavy rain in the night, dry now abit of sunshine, and as kef says very very windy.
museum sounds good Lizzie, enjoyed the programme last night, even though didn't really intend watching at first, just planned to see what it was about.
OH found our house and garden on google earth and its been updated to include the new path.
have a good day everyone

Woody.....I sense ??ou will enjoy your back to work day ..hope so 

Morning everyone.  Cooler, sunny, windier but dry again.  

Forecast said cold next week.....snow for a lot of you further east and north from Tuesday.  Into winter with a bump 

Couple of things on my agenda today but no gardening.


Good morning Verdun - don't want snow here yet - as Ma says "Ice in Noveber to bear a duck, nothing to follow but mud and muck" - don't want a muddy mucky winter!  

Ooh Mrs G - must have a look at our place on Google Earth and see if the people who lived here last have got the washing in yet!!! 


Morning all!

Got myself all wired up ready to watch a webinar only to find that the time stated wasn't GMT. Oops!

Did you get a visit from the hedgehog Dove?


Morning all. Going out in a minute, Chichester.



Hi  yes, Hefty has obviously been and made a hedgepiggy of himself - all the mealworms and most of the biscuits have gone and he's pooped on the terrace - he really has no manners at all 

Doesn't look as if we've been updated on Google Earth, so it's not my rugger kit you can see on the washing line 


Dove - one for the quote thread - if ever I heard one!

Great start to the day - not !!! GH must have has a bit of a wobble and one of the shelves fell off last night so done some rescue workcompost cleared from plants below, upturned plants repotted and tidied up, think they'll be ok 

Our google earth was updated a couple of weeks ago too - they must be having a spree! Only know because there was a note on the village website - no washing out here, but i had abandonned the wheelbarrow in the middle of the grass!!

At least it proves someone had been doing something in your garden! 


Just checked Streetview - it's been updated since we moved in, but now there's the builder's big bags of sand and gravel etc all over the lawn, and it was before we had the new front door fitted - and why do they always do it on Bin Day 

MrsGarden wrote (see)

Thanks for the reminder about car insurance dove, the company didnt remind me this year just checked got about 3 weeks to do a search round. 


ATTENTION MRS G!!!  Renew your car insurance - I've just done mine - Saga have my custom this year.


ha dove, just got reminder from previous company wanting my business but still not from current company to renew!

enjoy the rest of your paperwork, ive not started yet...



Just seen what chicky and Dove said about street view and checked ours which has not been updated as there is a house for sale sign - the new occupants have been there for years, a neighbour doing his garden - he died several years ago and a spare plot used for chopping logs has been filled by four new houses.  Shows how things move on.  


Google not updated for us lately,however we had a man round trying to sell photos of the houses taken from the air,Unfortunately it was the day we were pressure washing the patio,two small figures dressed in head to toe waterproofs and all the garden pots stacked on the lawn was not a picture we wanted to display ............



Been out for a walk today, cold and windy but some lovely sunshine. Seen all the butchered hedgerows but also seen the ducks, swans & geese on the reservoir and ponds. Lungs full of fresh air and feeling happy.

Enjoy evening all.



Awaiting dinner. A dozen bits of hedging in - only 88 to go....

Roots are a bit bigger than I was expecting so had to dig out more turf on inside of fence. Good healthy looking whips though which is good. Supposed to be half decent tomorrow so I'll hopefully get more done. Was dark when I came in.

Have a good night everyone. 



OH will be late back tonight as they're stocktaking - we've had a fast day today .... can I wait for him to get back before I have my soup? 

Been decent day today.  Looking at technology this pm ...iPads, laptops, and ultra books.  Fascinating.

Dove, if you could wait for your OH that would be souper 

Fairy...wot  a trooper.  impressive 



That was a very bad joke Verd, but I'll forgive you since you gave me a compliment. 

And here's a 'C' word smiley for you since they seemed to have appeared! 

Since you've loads of time and you'll be wanting something to take your mind off your could come and help me with my hedge Dove....


At the moment I feel as if the Scottish wind would blow me out to the Orkeneys Fg   I'm ready for the soup ......................