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cold and dry here . sorted the shed and got it in some sort of order . next the summer house . we sit in here christmas eve light the chimea and have mince pies and mulled wine 

great day for sport verdon , rugby , cheltenham races . and my team chester fc got a point with luton town. 

cooked lamb for dinner tomorrow .working till 2-30 

matt and andy  get well soon .. have a good evening all


Christmas pudding made and (v important) stirred.  Lots of wishes made.  All ready for 8 hours steaming tomorrow.

Fruit for Christmas cake also soaking.  Kitchen smells all Christmassy !!  Know I'm not allowed to use the C** word yet - but given that I am doing genuine Christmas baking, I feel that I should have special dispensation for this weekend only.

star gaze lily

You can say it today chicky .

Hope the prize  giving went well.

Archie, thats sounds great for xmas eve, what a good idea.

Hope all of you are having a good eve.


star gaze lily wrote (see)

You can say it today chicky .

Hope the prize  giving went well.

Archie, thats sounds great for xmas eve, what a good idea.

Hope all of you are having a good eve.


Yum yum - thanks. Surreptitiously tapping on my phone whilst waiting for ceremonies to start. Sure the teachers won't notice !!

Verdun - now that you have your mind on grasses - i have three miscanthus types in pots bought in the summer. Am i too late to plant them now? Or should i just sink the pots in the ground, or should i keep in GH??? Many thanks


Not sure what happened there - that was last night's post. Must be in some sort of time warp!

Hiya chicky, better to have planted them earlier but no advantage now.

Hold  off until the spring.  if you have room in the GH take them in but plunged in the ground would be fine if in reasonable sze pots

Which varieties do you have?

star gaze lily

Not sure what you meant there Archie. 

 Fell asleep on the sofa!  Wide awake now, 

Will watch strickly that i taped earlier !!


my mistake star ,, morning all foggy damp morning . off to work .have  a good day  peeps


Morning all. The weather man tells us to expect a very foggy day. I hope someone out there gets a bit of sun it was wonderful yesterday!


Hello all. Had busy day yesterday, "up the road", have posted some pics on Autumn colours thread. Was a lovely day. Hoping to do stuff in our garden today.

Andy, so glad to see you back.  As has been said take it day by day, you've done so well up to now, just don't go doing too much as soon as you feel a bit better.

Archie hope times passes quickly at work.

Clarington I'd love some more sun today.

Lily I don't know if I should say good night, or good morning.

Have a good day all.


Good morning folks   Very dank and drear here today - I'm going to spice it up by cooking a meal from a friend's website - it's a fantastic resource of genuine Indian family cooking - if anyone's interested I'll post a link to the website.  

Clarington - some sunshine here too please, or we'll never get the grass cut or the runner bean haulms down.  

star gaze lily

Kef    Did go to bed eventually! Lol!  Now up again, so good morning all

Bit misty here today, but no frost or rain. 

Brekkie calls and a cup of tea.

House work and washing this morning

Hope Andy and Matty are feeling a bit better! Take it easy today, have a restful day.


See you later byeeeee


Morningi Dove - I am interested in the Indian cooking bit if it is meat free?  

Is it OK to cut the grass now - I see you you are hoping to do it - ours has got quite long but I was wondering if it would be detrimental to do it in the damp drear weather?


still fairly mild here but some cooooooold weather in the  forecast. Think winter might call tomorrow.  

Always keep my veg patch crop free over winter.....mulched and clean......but I edge it with a mixture of wallflowers, yellow acorus, red Phormiums and some bulbs. Will finish this today.   The odd pot of rhodo, azalea or camellia too.  In January onwards plenty of hellebores add colour to the scene.

Those of you not too well I hope will recover soon.  Have nice day folks 



Forester - Mamta (whose website it is, does not eat meat so there are loads of veggie recipes - however her husband and other family members do eat meat, so there are loads of recipes containing meat and fish too.  Here it is 

Don't mow the lawn in the damp, it'll turn to mush and clog the mower up too.  What we need is a few dry days and nights, a bit of sunshine and no frost - then we can mow happily. 

Verdun, that veg patch sounds pretty 


Good moring all, I have been avoiding threads with "Forkers" in it for a little while as it got a bit heavy. But I am pleased I went back as the thread at the moment is light and cheery.....long may it reign


Morning all. Frosty here but sun coming through nicely so hopefully front garden will thaw later to let me get more hedge in. The clay soil was sticking to everything which made it hard to get it mixed with compost - the rain didn't help either. Progress made though.

Just read yesterday's posts. Andy- take it easy. It must have been very frightening for you and your family so I hope you're safely on the mend now.

Hope everyone has a good day - whatever you're up to 


Yes indeed jatnik.  Light and cheery is what we need as winter approaches.

I see you found your Christmas smilies. 


Welcome back Jatnik   Smiley happy people here