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Are you sure the third picture is not of a cricket ball with spots. Are they safe to eat?

Not only edible, but good. Really. It has the same sort of texture as cooked liver but a mushroom flavour like a cep.

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Don't know much about wild mushrooms. Only ever ate the white ones that grow in the fields around home silillar to the ones you buy in the shops. never ate the coloured ones.

star gaze lily

Glad you had a good day dove. Pics are good.  Don't think I'd be brave enough to eat them tho

Er, beefsteak is good to eat. Not fly agaric. Fly agaric is hallucinogenic. They say that the Lapps used to eat the dried fly agaric mushrooms, which grow abundantly near silver birch trees, and go into a sort of coma, vomit and then have dreams of flying. During the period of unconciousness they would urinate. Their reindeer also ate the mushrooms and had similar convulsions and, presumably, wild dreams. The Lapps somehow discovered that the toxins' strength was increased if the urine of an affected person (reindeer?) was drunk. It is said that the whole story of Santa in his red and white clothes with his flying reindeer comes from the effects of eating this mushroom.


Well i never ! The things you learn on this site !!!
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I'll have some of those Fly ones but not the chaser.


Our expert told the Fly agaric story a little differently.  It is hallucinogenic, but it also has unpleasant effects on the gastric system.  The Lapps discovered that if the reindeer ate the mushrooms their urine would contain the hallucinogens which the Lapps could drink and 'enjoy' without the gastric upset.  Dr Leech said he understood that this practice has been more or less discontinued since the improved availability of strong vodka!

Don't think anyone said Fly agaric is good to eat 

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These exotic looking mushrooms and there are a lot of them are not well known or understood. Even the older people always said not to eat them but they can't all be dangerous, can they?


Oh, I see - there was a cross-posting resulting in a mis-communication!!!  Could be a possible Columbo plot!!! 

hollie hock

Great fungi pictures Dove, it's been a good year, seen some great tree mushrooms and also a lot of the pixie ones...........think they are called flying garet here.

Enjoyed the dancing.......don't watch a lot of tv but I always feel good watching this


Got to watch these cross-posters.

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I'm not cross just curious.


No expert - no they're not all dangerous - very few are really poisonous, but some can make you feel quite poorly and it's really unwise to eat any unless you really know what you're doing - and there are some that are bad for you raw but ok cooked.

I can identify a few well enough to feel safe eating them - ceps, chanterelles, puff balls, horse mushrooms, shaggy ink caps, parasols, wood blewit, beefsteak, chicken of the woods and honey fungus.  

Most of the others are edible but not really worth eating - a few are toxic.



Thanks Liz - maybe you'll meet Noreen one day - she likes to share

her home grown fruit and veg. with the locals over a large glass of red!

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Don't worry Dove I won't be running down to the woods in the morning to gorge on funny fungi. I'll stick to the cornflakes.

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Dove you are the expert. can you tell me how to change my location. I don't now or have I ever lived in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Worked there in 1988/89 alright, nice place but not home. Any help.

The potty gardener

Evening all. I went out to do a bit of pottering and ended up sitting enjoying the was really lovely. A wonderful gerbera has a flower for the first time, it's so beautiful. Lots of fuchsias still looking really good.

Then came in and was really good doing some marking. treated myself to a carvery for tea then back to more marking. Just finished it so now the delights of X factor.

 Have a good evening