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Been a nice day here today paid my work a visit kids off school so had a nice chat with all the staff was great to see them all again. Son dropped me off and i walked back down home enjoyed the walk but was just enough for now. About 4 to 5 weeks ago i changed my hanging baskets at the front of the house from the summer plants to the winter plants and they are looking good here's a photo of them.



Verdun wrote (see)

Not too bad a day....earlier spell of drizzle.  

...... Dont worry folks about the weather to come.  I'll be ok down here..............


That's a relief Verdun, we worry about you !!!   Just make sure you've aired your vest!!!

And yes, I don't think the papers can really justify the term 'arctic temperatures' - the average winter temperature in the Arctic is around -35C and even this is not as cold as in the part of far eastern Russia where some of my daughter-in-law's relatives live - there the winter temperature is much much lower and has been known to drop to -93.7C  - Not many plants hardy to those temps  I'm not visiting that part!!!

Stargaze Lily - you treat yourself gently, it's probably just a little viral thing.  Rest, lots to drink, some Vit C and good company is prescribed by Dr Dove   Anyone who wants to know why you're on the sofa under a blanky with your feet up can be referred to me 



Andy they look good. I don't bother in winter. Glad you feeling a bit more like yourself.

Slowly, slowly catch a monkey, I'm sure come spring you'll be putting us to shame again with all your activities. Look after yourself

What did you get at garden centre? If it was only nice cake it's more than I saw today.


Andy - take care of yourself - glad you  can get out and about a bit , but do take it easy ((hugs)) 


Dove, missed you again

Verdon you take care in all that bitter weather, don't worry us up north will be fine. Got my sleeping bag out and flask ready to travel and rescue you. Got fleeece to wrap you in and some soup and cake to bring with me...hang on I won't be long...well maybe a while Yarris in for MOT tomoz' so hope you can hold out until Wed / Thurs, depends how fast I drive


Hello everyone,
the wedding we went to at the weekend was fabulous, they really pushed the boat out, bride looked stunning, lots of fun and frivolities, all washed down with a glass of champagne or two, exhausted and in need of an early night.
I've not ventured out to check the garden or GH yet.
Late home from work and then taking son somewhere so we ended up with a fish n chip shop tea which son thought was great, not sure what that says about my cooking!
Hope all feeling better soon.

KEF never got anything at G/C just a nice tea with a scone butter and jam which was lovely wife had cream and jam on her scone enjoyed the walk round but found it hard not to buy think it's a first in there ever.


LILY. Know you not well, so in case you haven't seen Daniel's thread, keep checking your emails. That is how Daniel sorted mine by me giving some email info.

Thanks Dove i will take it easy as doctors have said the most worrying thing is not knowing what caused it yet but still EEG to get and results from the lumber puncture. It has left me a shake with my left hand which i hope in time gets better and maybe go away.  


Andy that's them out of businessat the GC !!

Tremble / shake / as you will know can be many things. Most temporary.

Not easy I know, but the less you stress the better for you and your hand. Early days Andy...  You'll get there.


Fingers very crossed for for a rapid and full recovery Andy - and don't you worry about getting bored while you're putting your feet up - we'll all keep you amused - won't we folks??? 

yep dove, we'll use our flower remedies. Best wishes Andy.
Like the new avatar kef.

Wishing you all the very best Andy 

star gaze lily

Thank you Dr Dove, slept most of the day away!  

Thank you Kef, will keep trying my pms.

Take care Andy, so glad your feeling a bit better.

Evening Forkers,

Been forking again today, grass poked full of holes, used 3 bags of top dressing to cover and seed sown too.  Well watered in by the rain.  Managed to sort out turning one compost bin into the next, then went out to get some rock dust to help improve veg bed, like rick van man on you tube.

Top dressing did make everything a bit messy, brushed it in well, but still looks like a dirty lawn.  



I put  2 kg per sq metre of rock dust onthe veg patch. I will repeat it as I think it improved the veg and the sweet peas.  I've started adding it to the maturing compost heap,so the worms can work it in before I use the compost as a mulch.

Hiya fidget. I divide some of my Patens each year.  Just pull apart and pot up to increase my stock.  Check out cacalifolia's a little blue cracker 

Stacey Docherty

Morning all oooooo I'm 1st... Well not as cold as I thought here this morning. Although there was still a good frost on the car. It was that beautiful feather frost. Jack Frost has been busy. Works manic ATM ( why oh why do criminals all go loopy b4 Xmas, do t they know I have preparations to do) so I'm up to a 4 day week ATM just to help out as  our numbers are few!!!! Followed a HIlux (pickup) into work this morning and the entire rear section was full of hire and pink heathers they looked fab. Now I don't do heather but I have to admit seeing that I thought I may find a space for a few white varieties ( and maybe purple) in the wooded bit next year.... It's food for thought .... Hope you are all well sorry I'm absent juggling home work and life gets a bit hectic at times...... Wrap up warm today peeps ......


Morning all. No work today as the electricity's off while work is being done. Just as well as it would be even colder than usual because we had some snow last night.... Freezing now so will take a bit of time scraping the car! 

No chance of getting much done outside today unless the sun melts the frosty ground.

Wrap up warm and have a good day wherever you are. 

Sending you a warm hug Andy. Keep tucked up if you have snow- I expect you'll have a bit too.


star gaze lily

Morning Stacey and everyone. You were an early bird. Very cold here but no frost. Well slept like a log all night. Feeling better but not 100%. But off to work today (groan) 

Hope all ok with everybody have a good day and take care. See you all later byeeeeeee.