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star gaze lily

Ooooops sorry fairy, you wasn't there just now, morning! Hope you're well.

Stacey Docherty

Just read this and almost fell off my chair laughing.... All the big tough lads at work are coming in complaining its cold and wrapped up like Michelin men!!!!

TEMPERATURES in the UK are going to fall sharply over the coming weeks because that is what happens at this time of year, it has been claimed.

During winter snow can often reach the ground

Meteorologists believe that winter, a spell of short, cold days commonly defined as a season, will be more or less exactly what you would expect.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “Household fuel costs will rise considerably as families try to increase the temperature of their homes.

“People on the verge of death may die.

“Ice and snow will create icy, snowy conditions.

“Your car will refuse to start.

“Because it’s winter.

“It’s really nothing to freak out about, unless you’re a pre-Neanderthal cave dweller who believes sunsets are caused by Gark, the angry moon god.”

He added: “There’s a high probability that this winter will be followed by another sudden, weather-related phenomenon known as spring.”

Housewife Nikki Hollis said: “The important thing is to stay inside, carry a flaming torch at all times and don’t be sentimental about eating your plumpest child.”



Good morning all, heavy frost here, grass white over.

Fairy just been hearing about snow up north, not good.

All poorly folks at home & at work don't do too much.





On news they are suggesting no free prescriptions and ten quid a go.

Stacey Docherty

Oh kef don't even get me started on the nhs an how they can save money as I have a sure fire method that is fact based not speculation!!


Morning all. Sun and frost combination but car looks frostftee and the garden is still refusing to sleep! Have a good day.
Stacey Docherty wrote (see)

Oh kef don't even get me started on the nhs an how they can save money as I have a sure fire method that is fact based not speculation!!


Snap Stacey  bit of joined up thinking might help save money


MrsGarden, rude of me, thanks for avatar comment & I'm sure you are a great cook.


Kef , I'm sure you couldn't be rude if you tried and I'm pretty good at unscrewing a jar of sauce!

Mornimg everyone

Colder.  Prob 7 degrees. Sun and cloud.   Possible frost this week......... Maybe not 

Keep warm and dry everyone 



Good morning all  Golly gosh I slept like a log! Vivid dreams too!!!  Someone 'pruned' all the new fiery- coloured spring growth from some amazing trees that were growing on the boundary of a huge new garden that I had  Don't know where that came from 

A very sharp frost out in the front garden but nothing in the back.  Just as well as I've not bubblewrapped the pots yet - phew!!!  The front garden is part of a frost pocket as we're near the bottom of a small valley (in the Norfolk sense) and the cold air rolls down our close, whereas the back gardens are terraced and the fences help to stop the cold air.  

Stacey - loved that 

Lily, glad you're feeling a bit better 

Good morning Mrs G and KEF 

Have I missed anyone 

Meeeeeeee dove! 

Good morning dove 


Good morning all. (The lazy way of saying it, I don't miss anyone out!)

2° here, no frost. Going to supermarket.

Yesterday I actually got round to weeding and digging up of annuals to make room for tulips and alliums. Today rain is forecast.


Good morning Verdun, Dove & Lizzie & anyone that sneaks in unnoticed.

Lizzie, more rain!  Bet you really need that.  

Right off to take car for MOT. Fingers crossed.



Morning everyone. Frosty here, the sun is shining and the oak tree is glowing amber against a pale blue sky.  Shredding today I think.

Dont get me started on the waste in the NHS drugs bill. It would need a lot of chocolate to get me calmed down again.Why does anyone order another bottle of Lactulose when they already had 15 unused in the cupboard.? if everyone (no exceptions) had to pay a nominal £1 for each months supply of each drug, the waste would dramatically slow. As its free to 90% of the population, the waste is phenomenal.(at an average cost of £10 per item on a prescription, charged to the taxpayer)

Morning all very hard frost here and still lying now but sun trying to get out so might be a good day later but just to sit and look out at for me time being have a good day all.


Good morning Andy  sunshine and blue skies here after a sharp frost - take it easy!

I don't understand how people waste prescribed medicine - I have a prescribed dose of 3 medications each day and another of 2 per week.  My GP practice will not authorise the pharmacy to dispense any repeats until a few days before my supply is due to be used up.  


We also have lovely blue skies, frost slowly going. I was wrong about the car, it did need scraping. Had a short walk this morning (just to collect a parcel), cold cold cold but still quite enjoyable. I've been in the garden with the ipad taking photos before the flowers finally go ( not that they are showing much sign yet). Also need to start thinking about what to do with the gap left by the fallen tree. But for now, it's onwards with paperwork! 


Morning all.

Thick frost here this morning with a delightful -2'C when I got up and Facebook rapidly filling with people posting links of how it'll be the worst winter EVER. I am tempted to go out and buy two huskies and a sledge to get to work on. I mean my partner wouldn't mind the appearance of two hyperactive dogs that much would he?

Still no signs of when we'll be moving house and I can finally get my hands on the nice big garden (the garden appeals to me more than the winter of decorating we have ahead of us!) The little garden we have here has been well and truly put to bed for winter and I daren't go out too much as the grass is sodden. Unfortunately moving in date could be next week, could be February!