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Are you moving far Clari ? And are you taking any of your plants with you? 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good morning everyone. Still in bed with my head cold. I feel a bit of a fraud. It's sometime and nothing but it's the AGM of the Horticultural Soc. tonight and I need to get my energy up. Feels better already, so should be good. Don't tell anyone but I may be the new Chairman by this time tomorrow .


Sounds like you deserve it WW, you seem to have put a lot of time and thought into it recently. 


hard frost north manchester . sunny leafs droping at a great rate now .bit of decorating  will secure. with  OH . the weekend in the garden . grankids coming we can plant bulbs and rake leafs.. up  work now football later and a beer


What!!! Jeremy Vine has just said that three-quarters of women over the age of 65 walk no faster than 1mph!!!! Is this what I have ahead of me???!!!

Woody - you stay in bed for a while, then before you go to your meeting have this 

 It'll work wonders and you'll be most impressive.  

 Will we have to call you Sir? 


Enjoy your new house Clarington. Moving to Cornwall?  

Going to foodbank soon. Got to go now, actually.  Where's the time gone?   Pretty hectic lately.  

Sunny here but windy and chilly and no more than 6 or 7 degrees.   

Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks Dove, "your worshipfulness" will suffice , but only while walking backwards.


Then that will be less that 1 mile an hour!!

MrsGarden wrote (see)

Are you moving far Clari ? And are you taking any of your plants with you? 

Just into the next village Mrs.Garden (sunny South Yorkshire).

Fortunately I've been really strict with not buying many plants while we were renting (though I did um and ar about getting an apple tree for the best part of a week by which time the garden centre had sold out) so the few I still have (mainly grasses, strawberries and herbs) are all in pots now ready to leave. We were expecting snow today so I'm relieve it hasn't appeared just yet!

Verdun - I'd love to live in Cornwall but the prices are well above my budget and I fear the commute to work wouldn't be favourable! Never mind I'll keep hoping for that rich mysterious benefactor sending a substantial amount of money my way.

Is 6 - 7 degrees cold down there? I was thinking it looked rather warm!


 Clarington - yes south Yorkshires sunny today but by 'eck it's cold out there! We could get our funds together and go down to nice cosy cornwall, however don't believe everything you read on the internet (6-7 degrees indeed Verdun, is that the temp in your house? feels like it in mine today).

Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

Thanks Dove, "your worshipfulness" will suffice , but only while walking backwards.

WOT??? With my knee!!!  ??? You'll be lucky!!! 


Sunny S.Yorks  Great but still got frost on one area of lawn & thin ice on a birdie bath.

MrsG & Clari, I'll chip in, perhaps we could buy a tent in Verdi county.

GH's now insulated, some pots wrapped, now out of bubble wrap, pensioner's day tomoz' at B&Q so more to be purchased...hope there aren't any plants needing rescuing I've no room for them.

Dove 1mph ?  When my M was 83 she went faster than that.

Sir Woody...?? sounds good to me, so we'll have a Sir Verdun & Sir Woodgreen my aren't we posh on our forum....if you ignore the three living in a tent


used to have a caravan KEF but not sure I could cope with a tent!



Ours is a damn fine tent KEF! Its got a porch and you can even stand up in it (so long as you're not very tall).

How big is your garden Verdun? Are you ready for some visitors to enjoy your tropical winter climate? I've packed away my baking equipment so can't provide a cake but I can cook a chicken with my camping kitchen if we spot one on the way down.

Mrs.Garden - today was the first day I've had to get the kettle out to defrost the bird bath, the cheeky devils just sat in the hedge with their heads poking out watching me and quilted me into giving them some of my toast!


Lovely day,but sooooooo cold......

No frosts yet,but with todays blue skies am expecting one tonight.

Decided to stay in the warm and do some baking.........leek and potato soup eaten for lunch,with enough for tomorrow,steak mushroom and leek pie for dinner.Also trying out a new recipe as my neighbour gave me half a pumpkin this morning.Delia,s pumpkin and cheese bread,



Loadsa paperwork/sorting/filing done   Tum rumbling as it's a Fast Day, and I'm fantasizing about making Scotch Eggs - it won't be today or tomorrow, but watch this space ............ Dribble dribble 

Planned paperwork today but instead was thinking what to replace fallen tree with (thanks for replies).
Clari - your birds are truely spoilt!
Kef and others who did gardening today, you're braver than me I was far too nesh,(everyone know what nesh is?)
gilly , baking, not for me im afraid but can help you eat it.!
star gaze lily

Just got in, brrrrrr its cold tonight. Feeling very tired, sore throat and headache! Lazy eve for me tonight.

Congrats WW. 

Footie on tv tonight (deep joy) 

So are we all off to live with Verdun? Not a fan of tents, can't we club together and build an annex? 











e I

Hello all

Was cold out side today cold wind, I went round tidying the garden up a bit, hanging up all the plastic bottle greenhouses into the shed and clearing pots stacking up and rubbish put in the bin, bit of garden waste too.

later went back out into the cold sorted out emptying the compost bin into the other now one empty bin to use great needed space to clear veg beds waste and for grass clippings

Ears feel cold still and hands a bit sore, just need to warm up