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We are always getting lorries stuck in the country village roads round here Mrs G,funniest is when cars drive straight into a ford although there are signs showing the depth and then they are surprised when they are stuck in the middle........Sat Navs have a lot to answer for.

Superdrivers and their gadgets

Think I will join you lot at Verdun's garden in a few days if he lets us, me really busy sorting bits out at mo 

Mrs Garden sat navs like that we were going on a hoilday a few years ago with our trailer tent in wales and the dam thing made us go up a really windy road then a steep hill, was a right trouble to get up kept going down hill had to try pushing trailer tent not easy up a steep hill 

star gaze lily

I know cornwall is a long way but ---- are we nearly there yet?  


Be careful the sat nav does,nt take you too far Lily,you will fall off the end of England.


Just round the next roundabout sgl.

Maybe Verdun could send up some kind of flares in case we are all lost..........


OOh no, you cant do that around there, they'll get the lifeboat out. I've been on smeetons pier in St Ives, debating whether it was too windy to go out diving off a RIB, when the boom went up. One boom for a practice. Then the next boom went up. Two for real. Everyone stopped and men came running from all directions, and the lifeboat was chugged across the sand and launched.

We didn't go out diving that day. There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

 We went and ate more pasties instead.


Oh dear would,nt want to cause the lifeboat to be launched........


Well done Gilly

Any room in that tent for me ??

And what have you done with Verdun??????

PS Woody - what's the news ? Have been practising forelock tugging just in case
star gaze lily

Its not a tent chicky Dove ordered a log cabin to be built in Verduns garden. There plenty of room for all of us.

If you go back a bit you can click on to seeit lol! We will be nice aand warm in there. 

Hope verds got the kettle on.




OH currently in Manchester. I told him about fishing out a dead mouse out of the watering can. He suggested we fit little ladders on the insideof the watering cans so that any mouse falling in can climb out.   I dont know how many pints of Boddingtons he has had....


Not been on for a while - Verd's got me building the log cabin, no time for Internet 



we need fairygirl,she's good with a hammer.

Oh I forgot about the log cabin, packed the tent. Then snuggled up in bed as sat nav totally defunct . Nite all.


Oooooooo.   My names featured loads tonight.  Just checked in 

I notice  cakes been mentioned a few times so that's pretty good 

So there's an invasion of my garden is there?  Hey, it's not so big folks.  Got loads of plants but would love a bigger garden 

At the foodbank I was the tea boy.  Always resisted saying I "don't do menial" but was ganged up on.  Busy always

Ordered new iPad .....prob though my lovely little niece  will commandeer it at some stage. 


Just been catching up. An awful lot of chat about food, just when I've had the day of under 500 calories on this new way of eating that people say helps make you lose weight. Hungry. Would love cake, hot chocolate, scones and cream.

Suddenly started pouring with rain. Bedtime, night all.


I couldn't get out of bed for 500 calories a day. I'm sure the cat gets more than that.

star gaze lily

Are we there yet? Hope you've got the kettle on Verdun.

I'm sure the log cabin will squeeze in the corner of the garden Verdun,  we'll be good you won't know we are there

Hiya lily

Will you promise to be quiet then? And bring cakes?  Cream, choc,?