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star gaze lily

I promise Verdun, you won't know i'm there. And lots of cakes and chocolate every week.



Did anyone remember to take the cat out?


Morning all - too cold for the poor cat to be outside.  This should end the last of the perennials that are still struggling bravely on.  Time for the garden to go to sleep.

do you think anyone would notice if i did the same?  Sleeping til March sounds quite appealing

morning chicky and sleepy heads,
While you were sleeping I knocked the log cabin together but ssshhh verduns not noticed yet and someone ( you know who you are) trampled on his miscanthus. I'll not tell if you don't.
Sleeping til march sounds good to me chicky.
Wild morning, wet n windy here.

Good morning. Well actually it's raining heavily and very windy in S.Yorks. Lovely here in V's garden, sun shining and I'm just filling the paddling pool  Had some laughs reading yesterday's posts.

B&Q today, and maybe some cooking. Might be a lazyish day.

Back soon


Quite right kef, just testing. Read b&q as BBQ which sounds a good plan in verduns garden. ( eyes not awake yet.)


Hello Forkers

Wet here this morning.  Windy.  Bit chillier.  But.........I'm sure sun will pop out and temps rise ro 20 by lunchtime 

Keep nice and warm today folks 


Good morning all - lovely sea view here!!!   Thanks due to Verdun for all those early morning cuppas!

I've got a sort of cassoulet (butter beans and duck legs etc)  in the slowcooker for this evening so that's the rest of the day free .......  I'm heading off in a bit to meet up with daughter and pay a visit to the Aged Ps and then have lunch with daughter in a nice warm pub  Anyone else fancy coming along? 

star gaze lily

Morning all, still very sleepy too  Mrsgarden,  I thought Kef said BBQ too lol.  

Well its very cosy here in the log cabin, I hope everyone likes porridge, big pot ready here you all.

Well I won't tell tales either, but it wasn't me who trod on your grasses Verdun, honest   

Hope everyone is well today, don't know what i had the other day, but the long sleep on monday seems to have sorted me out. And i'm sure sunny cornwall will do everyone good


Morning all.

I would love to go to lunch in a nice warm pub, Dove, but I'd never do the journey by lunchtime.

It was -1° this morning, but no frost.

star gaze lily

Oops sorry Dove, had a bit trouble writing last message, kept jumping about. Think Verdun is misbehaving 

Yes please, a trip to the pub would be lovely.

star gaze lily

Sorry again  Busy, and anyone else if i've missed you. Got a bit of trouble, this morning with jumping text!!


OK folks - no problems - transport sorted !!!



Hi Verdun, Dove, Lily & Lizzie.

Nice warm pub and lunch would suit me. Hope visit goes ok Dove.

Lizzie, it was bitterly cold here last evening, but clouded over and now raining, yet again.

Lily, think I should have a long sleep, glad you're feelong better.

Verdun..what can I say?  Bit chillier, I'll put my beach wrap on.



feelong ?? 

star gaze lily

Thanks Kef, I'm feelong much better,    smiley wink (my smilies have disappeared) 


Hailing and sleet here. I'm going to have a long hot bath and read a book.  Might venture to supermarket for supplies before hibernating.


Hi Fidget, hail & sleet


Sun has come out! Amazing! Amost forgotten what it looks like, time to do some more weeding and clearing and tulip planting. But perhaps I'll wait a bit as it's still cold.