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Goggles sound good Forester, I don't suffer too much these days as I don't pickle onions anymore, that used to be a killer, sunglasses etc. Guess you grow some great  & keen onions.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Gardengirl, it must have been very cold outside for you today. I was out at lunchtime and the wind cut my legs off

Did you get a plaster for your legs woody?
dove, don't think I could manage your diet.
Kef, yes school awards was great, kids getting sporting achievements for taking their first 5 steps without any support, stuff like that.
d'ya know what, lifes so much easier with the one thread now.
missing a few gardeners lately, think panda is just having a quiet time, but has potty gone into hibernation?, also thinking Tina and addict as well as others.

Very cold here today,but some nice spells of sunshine,so OH and I went for a long walk,glad to come back to steaming bowls of leek and potato soup left over from Tuesday....

Got Christmas cards today,now I just need to wtite them but thats a job for another day.Always have good intentions to spread jobs out before Christmas,but always end up in a mad rush at the end............

GC have an open evening with free mulled wine and mince pies next week,feel it would be rude not to go as they sent an invite....


Station is looking great Ggirl - i might have to make a detour next summer to see it for real!

Mrs G - peeps dip in and out every now and then - sometimes life gets in the way 

Forester - have a vision of you in Biggles goggles complete with onion in hand!  Contact lenses do the job for me



Dont worry about the centaurea montana, gardengirl, every bit will be a flowering plant by june. You will be able to make several out of it next year. and the bumble bees love it.


Been a bit too busy to come here today.

I've started that 5/2 diet. Today was supposed to be the 500 cal. day, then I was asked to lunch with friends and it went out of the window. Tomorrow I'm going to my son's for the weekend so I can't do it then. Oh dear!

Typing here is really hard. The letters and space bar keep not working. Is that what Star Gaze Lily meant?

star gaze lily

Hi all, just watched jungle.

Kef are you feeling poorly,  loads of room on the sofa. I'll get you a blanket if you like.


Hello Mrs G et al! have still here and keeping an eye on you all! 

Am currently off work at the moment and taking time to sort myself out. I am loving all the banter, and am very glad to see that everything has settled down on the forum. It all seemed to be a reflection on my life at the time - my place of solace (the forum) had gone a bit Pete tong, as they say, just like my ability to deal with work! I am working on that, and hope to be back at work in a couple of weeks. 

i should be spending more time in my garden, but I'm sure it will get along without me for a bit. It's not like nature has anyone chop down plants! Really should finish planting my bulbs though!

Hiya 4thPanda.  Get to sleep 

star gaze lily

Sorry to hear your poorly panda, get well soon.

Not sure Busy, but I type a line andits ok, then I type another, then both lines jumble about together not making any sense! Very weird. ? Seems to be ok at the moment.

Nite nite all sleep tight.

Morning all. Everyone sleep well? Work am then appt pm. Birthday night out tonight (not mine) with friends from way back. Might get in garden this weekend so will have more to say then. Have a good day.
star gaze lily

Morning MrsG.  And everyone, hope you have a good evening,  MrsG, , not too much cake, perhaps you could bring home some doggy bags! 

Off too work for me too, have a good day peeps take care byeeeee


Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope everyone is okay. Lovely dry cold morning so will get out in the garden again today to move some plants into the greenhouse for the winter. I found a few of the dreaded vine weevil in the pots of begonias yesterday so I've steeped them overnight in a solution of Provado. It worked last year and I got most of the m over the winter.

I went outside about an hour ago to see if I could spot the comet Ison. Didn't see the comet but just then the space station was going overhead. It's incredible to think there's people up there. 


Good morning all   I love looking for satellites and the Space Station - I  would have looked for the comet too, but heavy cloud and rain here so no chance.  The street lights are turned off here between 1- 5am and it's brilliant - you can see the stars so much better 

I watched the Mark Gattis play re the beginnings of Dr Who last night - loved it - and I stayed awake - I've not been able to do that for years - I'm getting my life back!

As for the diet - I've done far worse than that - I have a thyroid problem which wasn't diagnosed for years  and that, coupled with an injury, resulted in a lot of weight gain.  Eventually, a few years ago with the support of my lovely new GP, I went on a Very Low Calorie diet (under 500 cal per day every day) and lost 7 stones.  Once I got started it was really quite easy to do, as I'm a bit of an all or nothing sort of person.  It's much  harder cooking and keeping the calories down rather than just opening a sachet and stirring it into a mug of water.  

I've gained a couple of stones over the years since then, but I'm beginning to shift them now - one will be enough 


Chicky - I used to wear contact lenses and wasn't troubled by the onion vapour - it is only since I ditched them that the eyes got watery.  My OH thinks I look hilarious in the goggles but I don't care as they work.

Cold last night.  Sunny, dry, no wind.  Forecast 9 or maybe 10 today. Looks like a nice spell of weather ahead.

Will erect a small temporary polytunnel over the weekend to keep plants in pots dry over winter. Greenhouse, albeit a small one, and conservatory full of plants.  Always find winter difficult to overwinter plants making sure some do not dry out too much yet still keeping others dry.  


Good morning all, overlaid this morning, must have needed the sleep.

Lily, thanks, I'm not poorly, just not tip top, don't know if it's the cold weather or me being a bit mardy. I meant the sofa in the log cabin, wanted to get a seat early

Dove wow, that was some weight loss, a stone will drop off, says me! Who carried around an extra stone for years, stone and half at one point. Sitting on by bottom at work didn't help, as well as collegues who were "bun faces". Also like your OH mine can eat like a horse and stay the same weight, 30" waist at 61 , smart alec. Dad used to say to him  "I'd rather keep you for a week than a fortnight".  

Panda, glad you've posted, was wondering how you were. You'll get well, just give it time. Bulbs, just shove them in a pot for this year, far easier than planting out if you feel stressed about getting them done.

Dr. KEF off now...hope all have a good day. See you later.