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Is anyone watching the jungle. ?

The bit where Vincent Simone described how wonderful he was, and Becky gave him a look. My other half howled. I had exactly the same look. You can take the girl out of Mansfield, but you cant take the Mansfield out of the girl. We mansfieldites have a strong bull s**t detector.


Good morning all   Missed Jungle last night - watched Dr Who then went to bed - will have to watch on CatchUp - sounds as if we missed a good one.  

Bubblewrapping pots and raking leaves today.  Hefty is tucked up warm and sound asleep in his house - he's got all the leaves he needs. 


Good Morning. Dry out and looks like I'll get the rest of my jobs done.

Lot of activity by people yesterdayimpressed.

Thank you Verdun, I will attend to it today.

Watched the dancing & Dr.Who, or should I say the delightful David? Then promptly fell asleep, retired to bed at 10.30pm. Will watch the programme about the comet at some point.

Have a good day all. BFN.


Morning KEF    I fell asleep during the comet prog but have it recorded so will watch again - it was interesting but I was tired.  

Looking forward to Britten's Noye's Fludde on R3 this afternoon - the centenary celebrations on the radio this weekend have been wonderful  I shall sit and knit and immerse myself in the music 

ut before I can get into the garden this morning I need to bring some order to the kitchen - all those people helping themselves to pud, but no washing up done - or was that just OH? 

morning all.
to watch comet but got distracted then went to bed. OH was working but he'll be pleased I've recorded it, much more his sort if thing.
Clear and dry this morning, shoul get in garden later but sons swimming lesson first.


star gaze lily

Morning all watched dancing, must catch up on jungle.

Hope all are well and warm today. Catch up a few chores this morning and then may pop to shops for a few bits. Anybody need anything? Cupboards a bit bare in the cabin today.

See you all later byeeeeee.



Morning MrsG & Lily ( you seem to have sobered this morning)

I spoke too soon about a dry day, it's drizzling now.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all... Hope u r all ok me and lo have a sickness bug So not been feeling like a member of the human race!!!! On the upside took delivery of a load of parcels for my husband one from the rhs so I'm hoping it is the books I wanted.... Really should get out to do the leaves but haven't got the energy so may just spend one more day on the sofa!!! Had a fab day yesterday me and lo lay in bed watching Christmas films lol it was so nic, silver linings and all!!!! We'll stay warm and enjoy your day peeps ......


Hope you soon feel better Stacey, had wondered where you were. Leaves can wait.

Hello forkers

Feels slightly warmer I think. Sun too.......well, sunny spells

Lily, yes, can you get me some milk ....not that skimmed stuff tho, gold top please.....and wholemeal loaf.   So kind of you.  Oh!  And a few donuts would be nice 

As an sign of any visitor last night. 

Cleared away the remains of bonfire yesterday......ash spread over gooseberries.....and the ground is now looking good in the veg patch.  Will spread some manure or compost over the top now in preparation for next spring.  



Hello Stacey - it's ok - OH and I are raking the leaves this morning - you can look after the sofa for me.  Then this afternoon I'm joining you on the sofa and listening to music and knitting.  

Maybe you've got Ma's virus - she thinks she's been in bed for a couple of days with one but she hasn't  - it must've gone somewhere

Lily, while you're there - some washing up liquid and rubber gloves needed here - honestly someones left the kitchen in a right mess after all that pudding.

Homemade mushroom soup ok for lunch everyone? 

Roast lamb, rosemary roasted potatoes and squash, and curly kale for supper

star gaze lily

Will do Verdun,  and i'll get some red wine for MrsG.  We ran out last night.  

Hope you and lo feel better soon Stacey, maybe we could have a very windy day to help get rid of your leaves! 

it wasn't me lily, I was asleep before the vino appeared....but another bottle or six would be nice
star gaze lily

Sorry Dove, yes they're added to the list. Soup sounds great, bowl for me please. Dinner for me too please, no cooking now for me today, thanks Dove 

Hiya stacey,  Sounds like a lovely day ??ou had yesterday.  Those are the times we all remember   Prob esp your little one.  But, don't want your bug thanks 

Dove....I know ??ou wanted tyres on your convertible but I had a prang on the way in it and had to get it sorted.  Didn't have right paint colour so spread some oil and mud over the damage. 



Verdun well after the mud I picked up in Suffolk yesterday it'll hardly show 

star gaze lily

No, MrsG,  I know it wasn't you 

Ill get some extra and make sure you get some tonight.

Hmmm, I seem to be wimping out of doing the garden today .... Its turned dull damp and cold. Need to organise some motivation, warm cosy clothes , and hot drink ready for when I need it ( in other words a kick up the bottom). Coffee first though I think....
Woodgreen wonderboy

Good point Mrs. G. I am the same, I need a kick into action sometimes. I can always think of lots of good reasons to put things of to tomorrow!

A question to you all, what gets you outside when warm slippers and daytime TV ( well perhaps not that!) call? What little things gee you up, or shame you into action?


Hi All!

To answer your question Sir WW, it is usually friends that get me up. I much prefer to garden in company than on my own! Either that or having visitors come round! Nothing like the pressure of having to have it look good for them. Failing that, I guilt trip myself into it 

Am off to the APs for lunch today  Love visiting the ancestral home to see what changes have occurred both inside and out