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Thanks for positive vibes sent my way, all sorted and stored, will keep bringing them out as needed. One of the problens is lack of trust now and pro keeping myself to myself. But hey still got you lot to talk to.
Scannned through posts and it seems a few need some of my hugs so will send them on.
Right back to it....
MrsGarden wrote (see)
.... But hey still got you lot to talk to. ....

We're the important ones Mrs G - take no  notice of them there others 

How did ??ou get my photo?  Dont I look petrified!  Ha ha

Sunny blue sky.  Temp prob 8 though 

Hope things are improving for Matty and family 

Will feed my ericaceous plants in pots with Epsom salts later.  More of a tonic than feed.  Do this twice a year

Our local Lidl store has just opened a bakery.  The warm delicious smell is so enticing.  I love bread....can eat half a loaf on my own.....but it's making me eat too many buns.  ( have to try their donuts, yum yums, cinnamon buns, apple turnovers, etc., else can I recommend to others without tasting?). 



Thanks for all your kind thoughts

GD is showing signs of improvement at last .  Son has gone to work although sore and GD Mum is looking after GD and nursing a sore shoulder.  The car is being scrapped on Wednesday, and they will sort out other stuff when GD is well

I have posted a little parcel to her today- made me feel better.

Hope everyone is OK and Stacey has good news

Going to get on with winter project for rest of day. Keep me busy as I can't be there.

Keep busy all, lovely walks, and whatever else you are doing



Positive news Matty  Glad to hear.

MrsG, don't tell anyone things you wouldn't shout from the Town Hall steps. We don't count 'cos we don't know your real chat away to us xx

Verd nice photo, a bit of the Kirk Douglas about you me thinks

star gaze lily

So glad they are on the mend Matty.  Good news.

MrsG sorry to hear your a bit down, sticks and stones MrsG,  don't let the b#$#$$##$ grind you down.  As Kef says you always have us. X

No, Verdun,  you must do a taste test. The more the better, unless you need a helper


Hey Matty.....brilliant news.  The car is replaceable. 

Brilliant day here today.  Actually very warm overlooking the sea again.   Maybe 12 for a while but no wind.    Temps dropping now though.    But sunny n warm again tomorrow 

Keep nice n warm everyone


frost here today .but sunny later . grandkids gone home now. and  we could do with a week off . but will have to wait till next week . yipeee off to scotland 


Good news Matty ((hugs))  little ones are amazingly resilient - thank goodness 

Hello Verdun 

Lily - you'll have to join the queue 

Which bit of Scotland Archie?


Hi all. Back from work thank goodness.

Matty, pleased to hear GD improving and son ok to work, must be so difficult being so far away from them, but nice for GD to get a parcel from you, lovely thought.

Stacey, hope all is well, imight have had a bad day but can still do a mean bit of hand holding when required. Best wishes.

Thanks for messages today everyone. Sorry to be feeling sorry for myself. Stuff at work i cant change so must either leave (can't afford to do that) or put a positive slant on things (not that there is one). Its not a nice feeling to pretend nothings happened, but theres no battle to be had that i can win, so head down and carry on, oh sorry, didnt actually mean to whinge that much. Dont let them get me down, as lily said. When ive got another job KEF then I'll need the biggest megaphone on those steps!

Ooops gotta go and close GH up....


west coast . staying  at  causewell  lighthouse


Love the west coast Archie - enjoy 


Mrs G ((hug)) as you say, pick only the battles you know you can win 


Just popped in with a thought...don't have many. When Lily's PM's are mended will her I pod ?  explode? 

Been preparing Frankie bake, will be ready soon, meals get earlier as days get colder. Whilst doing it I saw an advert for a new food programme. Thursdays's 9pm on More 4. Shame I didn't get the name 

Based on meals prepared around the Med'..Crete, Sardinia etc. Even if food not your thing it will be good to see the sunshine and bright skies. I'm looking forward to the recipes.

BFN ..Enjoy Jollies Archie...Trout fishing / Hebrides ? 



frankie BAKE mrs g.. italian ???


Oh good point archie, i've washed my ears out now...


Frankie bake, tell you tomoz' if I live.   Don't get giddy nothing exciting.

p.s Why did I say Ipod re: Lily and messages? Must have gone daft or a  slight, very slight, "seniorish" moment  

Stacey Docherty

Evening all... Just logged onto my emails to see a load of response emails!!!!! Someone had been debugging the site!!! Well I'm a little better today just weak and feeble!! Had a great moment earlier I was sat in the garden room with the heater on and my oh and lo were raking up leaves... Hubby stood back to admire the heap he created and lo swan dived into them sending the heap flying.... I am not joking I laughed so hard I made myself sick ( not yard ATM!!!) hope you have all enjoyed ur gardens as much as I did today!! Xx