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Dovefromabove wrote (see)

But we're only 27 KEF !!!

Well it must have been too much sun


Stacey ((hugs)) glad you're on the mend - nothing like a lo for keeping you amused 


Stacey good to hear from you. Great picture in my mind of LO and dive bombing. Love for tomoz. Sleep best you can. On here tomoz with good news or I'm round to dive bomb the next pile.

Evening all

Not much of a rest today only a little.

Had a large delivery today of this below 1 tonne , got to use my GW discount

So I have shifted 12 - 20litre buckets down the garden using my skateboard which made it much easier still lots to go

but I do have achy muscles from tree planting yesterday        

This is where Fairygirl must be at Millers pond sitting on her toadstool

Stacey Docherty

Thanks kef..... Will let you know good or bad tomorrow xx



Fingers crossed stacey. 


Double crossing of fingers Stacey xxx Nothing I like better than scuffing through leaves so LO's swallow dive fills me with joy and made me laugh too!

Mrs G, feel your pain, sorry to hear it. 

Matty, glad all are ok.

Gg, not sure if that was enough top soil?! Have a fun image of you bombing up and down your street on your skateboard (without the soil of course!)



Chat to you all tomorrow. Bit of tele' and then sleep. Hope all sleep okay.


Nite kef

Gg whens your day of rest?

Panda, i know you do, sorry to remind you, nasty place isnt it.

Take care everyone.

MrsGarden - Had planned day of rest today, but hey ho, delivery came earlier than thought it would so plans had to change.  Once it is all in the back garden I will try to get a rest.  Off to bed soon.  V. tired.

WW me not like spinach, not Popeye.

4thPanda.- yep, that's me, up and down the road on the skateboard, not really, rushing round garden (speeding) using it as a barrow - too many twists and turns on narrow pathway to use actual barrow at minute.



Mrs G, no apology needed  Am building up the strength for my planned return on Monday! Smile painted and exterior toughened (or at least that's the plan!)

Gg, enjoy your rest, when you eventually get round to it  

star gaze lily

Hi everyone, visit from a friend so have missed tonights chat.

Kef, I hope it doesn't explode, well at least not till i've read all PMs!  

Frankie cake?

Stacey good luck and best wishes, hope all goes well. Lovely pic in my head of LO in the leaves, bless her. Every thing crossed for you.

4th panda, sorry didn't know you were poorly, hope your now on the mend 

MrsG feeling any better? Hope nothing too serious, please take this the right way, - problem shared is a problem halved. My very best wishes to you too x

To everyone else have a good evening, take care see you later 

Glad you had lovely day Stacey.  Sounds fun  Like everybody, I wish you all the best for tomorrow. 

Cold now........clear skies and no wind equals coooooold   May be frrrrrrrost in the morning 



morning all . cold  dry and  frost . must  trim NEXT  doors  elder later my side . off to work till 1ish  . have a good day

all whos  not well . thinking of you . stacey  hug 



Good morning all   Damp here - no frost.    Must put specs on - read Archie's post as "off to work till fish..." 

Hugs to Stacey and Panda ((hugs)) and anyone else who wants one 

Stacey Docherty

Thanks for the hugs people I feel positive for today... Just had a look round the garden wow anemone growing like mad... Loads of weeds in the ecinecea bed and loads of monarda babies hurrah... Laters people..... Have a great day x


Good morning all, a nice positive start to the day on this thread

5C dull and calm out. Expecting 10C today, but without yesterday's sun.

Decision today about burial place of Richard the third. Do hope he returns to York. Only fair as he taught me the colours of the rainbow.   Wait for it, someone will tell me I've got the wrong king.



Good morning KEF - sunshine and blue skies here  so far anyway - have sent OH off to work with an order for a dozen unwaxed lemons - I fancy making some lemon curd later in the week.