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Can I have a virtual donut as a prize?  


We could always borrow one .... 





Verdun wrote (see)

Can I have a virtual donut as a prize?  

Here you are Verdun, you can have a doughnut even if you don't win 


Can't taste it..........


Oh Gods now I'm really craving doughnuts and I can't find my car keys for a late night trip to Tescos... what level of hell is this???


Donut know Clarington    There are jam donuts, cream and jam donuts, custard donuts, round donuts, eclair type donuts, mini donuts, hot sugared donuts, cinnamon flavoured donuts, brandy cream filled donuts.............the worst hell Clarington when the shops are closed 


Mmmmmmmmmm cream.... *whimper*

My car keys appear to be in my partners jacket as he used it last.. unfortunately he's out for the night.

A jam sandwich doesn't seem to cut the cravings. 

Hee hee hee 


 and then there's cream filled caramel donuts- virtually calorie  free.


Think i might have stumbled into a Homer Simpson thread ........


Clari, take your jam sandwich, soak it in egg, fry and put sugar on top - camp donut! (Jammy eggy bread sandwich) 

Just had a lovely evening, the APs have just made it back from their Christmas travels, popped in for supper and a mince pie. Was nice to see them  and they brought our pressies from Devon and Manchester! I now have a new bird house and some wool for the birds to pick at for their nests! Add that to my ladybird house and the bug box that Gardengirl made me, and it seems that 2014 is going to be all about wildlife 


Morning all!


Oooh Panda your garden is going to be buzzing with life next year - how exciting! 

star gaze lily

Morning all, raining again but the wind seems to be just a little more than a breeze at the moment. So if it stays like this it won't be too bad.

Work again for me today  

Panda your wildlife boxes sound great, look forward too pics.

Have a good day everyone, seems you are all sleepy heads today, dont blame you, see you later

star gaze lily

Oooops sorry clari I just missed you, have a good day 



Good Morning all

Dove sorry to hear about pusskins, only comfort is the great life she had after "moving"in. Happy to hear that Pa is back with Ma.

Verd I'm sure Spike will be okay.

A lot of talk on here about food last night. Happily I don't like donuts. Shame I didn't dislike the half box of After Eights I scoffed. Mint to settle my stomach after the chilli to which I'd added the remaining Wild boar & mushroom pate. Sounds gross but it was very nice.

Some very temping chilli chocolate penguins in the fridge. Think I should get the steps out and put them in a top cupboard out of harms way.

Damp out but seems mild & calm.

BFN, hope work goes quickly for those who have to go.


Good morning all  

Wet but mild here and quite still - birds are singing.  I've been booking train tickets for OH and moi to go to London and meet up with foodie friends for a Dim Sum lunch next month - tonight we will book hotel so we can stay the night and meet up with a friend for a catch up  She's also a friend of a famous garden designer and sometimes she gets to see the 'secret' gardens of the rich and famous!!!  

Had intended to book earlier so we could take advantage of £5 train tickets, but daren't book until Pa was safely back where he's supposed to be - of course, no £5 tickets left now 

Verdun - pats and gentle strokes for Spike - hope it's not too horrid for him. 

Stacey Docherty

Kef ( morning all btw!) chilli penguins? Hotel chocolate ones? Mmmmmm I don't want any more food but booked to go out for New Years day dinner with a friend last night..... Her nan is over from Ireland she's 86 and bless her kept me with a supply of holy water when Charlie told her about my brain tumour she is one of these women who is everyone's nan can't wait to see her again.... My lo got the most amazing dress from someone for Xmas so can't wait to put her in that!!! Ok what is new year flower count ???????????


Hi Dove & Stacey.

Chilli penquins from the chocolate shop in Meadowhall, a gift along with some flowers from  friends who came for a meal. Stacey do we get to see lo in her posh frock? Keep her away from puddles.

Sounds like a good time is planned Dove.


p.s. I forgot Clari & guess Lily now off to work.