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Good day

A new puddycat sounds an exciting trip 

I am a but lacking in sleep as dog has now decided to bark at night - round about 1 (ignored last night)  then between 4 and 5 - always needs to go out then now- and about 6 he was barking so much he got son up as well - nothing wrong and didn;'t want to go out.

Problem is (I think) that he used to sleep in hall, on landing and choose which bedroom door he would crash outside but now we have to put him in Kitchen/diner as his legs are too wobbly to risk him going up and down stairs.

Have been trying to make my mind up about seeds, decisions, decisions, decisions.

I know I probably missed the posts but  posters from Cornwall and down south are OK aren't they?

star gaze lily


Sorry Stacey, I should probably go on a diet too, but do love ice cream. And maybe i would burn off a few calories making it before eating it lol 

Hiya Matty.  

Thinkimg about seeds?  Well spring is just around the corner.

Lots of damage around because of the waves......harbour walls collapsed, beach closed, homes and businesses flooded.  Worst for many years.  Someone drowned, another missing and another who walked into the sea (suicide it seems).  Not a great start for 2014. Mild though...prob 13 degrees but doesn't feel like it.  

However, plants are growing apace.  Well, it's not been cold, has it?  Feel the urge to plant's been dryish and sunny ish today.  



Well, today I have packed up the christmas decs, we always do it on the 6th, It was my Grandpas birthday. While I was taking the golden balls off the half cut down buddleja (don't ask), I found my double purple primrose is flowering. Bit breezy here, but we seem to have got off the weather pretty light.

I swapped £15 of tesco vouchers for £45 of T&M vouchers, and after a bit of faffing, put a seed order in.

Hercules is heading for Cornwall apparently. Get those hatches battened down

 Stay safe everyone..

Hello all

Been doing a bit of TV shopping today on QVC solar lights that have 7 different colour settings that's a different colour for every day of the week and a remote control and some bird food  

Just been watching Mr A T on the link below found on youtube

Garden show tonight and even new great British railway jouney - just waiting for the one where it goes to Netley station near Sholing to see if any of the station garden got on it hope it is this series


Stacey Docherty

Evening all.... Well if my grass wasn't wrecked before it is now! Lo decided to go out and run mad after the rain it's like a ploughed field... Hayloft has a load of great plants for shade including Actaea brunette that looks lush and will be added and campanula twister bell loving it even a hellebore that flowers for 7 month!!!!! Mmmmm


Hi all, survived Meadowhall, but spent all my Xmas money   Shame I had to get a different top not the same one H bought me.

Woody, I fess up, I don't really eat cake or biscuits..just can't leave ice cream and Maltesers alone..Oh, why did I type that? I now know I have a box on a top shelf that requires mini step for me to get at. ( Malts not ice cream I hope )

Anyone able to memory wipe or do a Vulcan mind probe?  Heck I just know what is going to happen later tonight.  Should put the steps in the garage.



Evening Forkers 

Sorry I wasn't around much Lily. Kept up to speed with you all though  Kef, you must be devastated that you couldn't do a straight swap with the top  and keep those steps away!

would like my evenings to lighten up a bit please. Could someone fix that for me please? Maybe Fairy with her wand could 


star gaze lily

Hi all, its raining again 

Oh dear Stacey, never mind it will soon pick up.

Kef glad you had a good day shopping. Did you see message from Daniel on your pm thread.

Dove did you get a puddytat? 

Hi Panda 

Verdun how is Spike?


Evening all!

Having a delicate evening educating myself on the ever expanding list of things I want to grow in the garden. Such fun!

Stacey, Brunette is superb.    Makes great architectural feature with its bronze leaves and then those scented flowers in late summer.  However, check out sizes of plants from hayloft and compare with other suppliers!  You can get them in 2 or 3 litre pots elsewhere.

And black negligee with very dark foliage.  Pink spike too.  James Compton.  Do I not like acteas???? 



I'm home after having driven the length and breadth of Norfolk and Suffolk twice - daughter and son in law now have new puddytat 


 So sweet, and seems to have settled in straight away - no probs - she's a people puss 

star gaze lily

Oh Dove, she's so sweet, what a pretty face.  

star gaze lily

Morning all, very dark and dismal out there, but not raining at the moment.

Work for me today, so must get a move on.

Hope everybody has a good day whatever you are doing. Take care. 

Dove, meant to ask what's your puddytat called 

Oooh smilies still got xmas hats  

See you later byeeeeee



Morning Lily, and all other Forkers 

Gosh mornings are hard work! It's cold out and my bed is soooo warm. No rain yet but a lovely pink sky. . . that doesn't bode well 

Hope you all have a good, safe day. 

Kef, did you give in to temptation?


Good Morning all.

Lily TY I did see the message from Daniel.

Clari, I keep standing outside and imagining what it will look like when my new Spring bulbs flower. Also still got a sheets of A4 with plant suggestions and ones to look up, all from suggestions on the forum threads.

Panda I was a good girl, got engrossed in a documentary about the merchant navy during WW2.

Dove she's a beautiful cat, similar in colour to one cat I had, a torti tabby named Lucy. Just hope D's is a quieter version. Very fond on chicken is an understatement, she used to sit in front of the oven and make such a noise the entire time a chicken was roasting. She wasn't the brightest cat we had but she was loving.

Catch you all later, have a good day.

Hello forkers

What a the early hours tremendous thunder and lightning storms.  More heavy rain.  Now, however, all is calm and sunny.



Good Morning Verdun, that wasn't good. Do hope you get a dry & calm day.


Good morning all.

It looks pretty horrific down your way still Verdun, keep safe.