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Hello FORKERS.  Bit late.  Busy bee.  Well done Dove.   We can now all keep up with each other, avoid reprimands for posting  elsewhere and avoid confusions 

Been lovely today...out of the wind it's been fairly hot ....




Hi, All. Have tried to follow the old 'Forkers' but was just too much catching up, and as you all seemed so friendly and settled in it didn't feel right. But now I've met most of you who are here on other threads, I feel like I have a couple of friends. For now, till I bore you all stupid! Wow that sea looks rough, Dove, no wonder you got a wet a -- Bum!Our weather been hot today in Ayr, but v windy yesterday and a frost in the night, so have been madly bubble wrapping the GH today for my twisted standard fuchsias, my babies!  Some tops nipped out to make heads for next yr, some with hopes of keeping tips to grow on nxt yr, and if not, will make quarter or half standards, I hope.

So, What the rest of you been up to? Are you ready for the winter. Gardens put to bed yet?  Who's got bulbs, sets, seeds, bareroots, etc ready to plant? Who's started, who hasn't, and what are you all planning for next yr?

Lots of questions, I know, but should give some talking matter whilst I sneakily look for ideas and pick brains without asking anything specific!


OH, and thanks, all. Sorry, should have said that first, as you have all been so welcoming elsewhere.  I'm sure other 'newbies' will feel welcome to join in, as a thread like this shows how friendly you all are.  Ther are no other forums I have come across, except pet rat ones, that just have 'chit chat' threads like this.


Hi Gardenjeannie, reaally sorry you 'didn't feel right' joining in. I started posting on here as I got lots of answer to my questions but found I didn't have the knowledge,experience, confidence to answer others but wanted to say thanks and be involved. Now it's a bit addictive, and yes friends are made.




Morning all, I don't know where this hot bit is. It's horrible windy and wet here. The only hot bit here is at the side of the fire.


Good morning everyone,

Very chilly last night and this morning,heating on for the first time for a bit first thing..

Hope all the heating companies don,t increase their prices,but I suppose they will now the first one has announced it.increases used to be 1% or 2% but now it seems that if it is  "only" 8% they think we should be grateful it is not in double figures.

Sorry,rant over.

Chilly here too, OH has had heating on for weeks - roll on th bill (sad and cross smiley, still missing them on phone but they are there on laptop).

Morning all   Seems to have dried up a bit outside - heating on as we had it on last night, but to be honest I'm not really sure that we need it this morning other than to air some washing that's draped around a radiator upstairs.  

We've got more rain forecast for today and tomorrow.  That's a bit of a pain as I'm booked to go on a Fungi Foray tomorrow - had better get the hiking boots and waterproofs out. 

The Met Office seem to think that Sunday might be better for gardening, so that's when I'm planning to cut down the runner beans, fork that patch over and sow the broad beans.

I'll also pop some fresh hay into the hedgehog houses - they won't start hibernating yet, but the leaves are falling and they might start bagsey-ing their spots.  

I wonder if it will be a good day to get OH to clean out the Blue tit box 


Morning all. Only 2° here in Dordogne. The Busy-Lizzies say it's abit cold and they look a bit unhappy - just when they were flowering their socks off.

Got to take car into garage, boot lock is stuck, needs changing. It's an estate car and I need lots of potting compost for the winter pots and troughs. Planted 5 troughs so far with wallflowers (from my seeds), pansies and violas. My bellis daisies are all coming on and will need planting soon.


Oh, I just mentioned the need to clean out the blue tit box and he said, "When do you want me to do that?"  I said, "Sunday please" and he said "OK"  Sorted!

Morning everyone from Northern Ireland where its dry and not too cold yet. Hoping for a half decent weekend here to get outside and get things done!

Have a tub of hydrangea cuttings needing attended to, got dahlias to sort, some geums to pot on, begonia tubers to lift soon, Mums hedge to cut and a few more bulbs to plant - forgot I also had various alliums to do! Busy busy at home  - watching the clock to get out of work!!


Good morning all, definitely cool on NW coast but it's dry   No work for me today - yessss! So I'm going to hit the kitchen and do some baking, might try and get outside and do a few bits in the garden as well.

Hello FORKERS.  Well. It's dry, bright and sunny.  Cool wind though.  

Have nice day everybody 

Pottie Pam

Good morning all.

Found you all. 'You can run but you can't hide'.

Quite cold and windy today. The first cobeae bud has opened, lots more so I hope it's not too late now.



Hello Forkers. Good one Dove!

Cool, damp and miserable here & that's just me. Yesterday was a day spent "putting the garden to bed". It only seems like a few weeks since things were coming alive.

Both GH emptied and swept ready to house delicates & valued pots. Beans almost removed, a few stragglers left and I couldn't bring myself to throw them away. Courgettes out, last of shallots up. Two conifers had big haircut. Finally did plant my tulips. Compost bins had a good turn.

H broke shed window whilst doing some repairs..don't ask.

Trip to dumpit site today with conifers. Glass to buy. More beans to blanche.  Should really do some HW  

Has anyone grown Gerbera from saved seeds?

Have a good day all.


Morning forkers! Had to get my map out to find you all..

On holiday for a week now so hope the weather stays fine and I can get on outside a bit. 

Only 4 degrees or so when I went to work  yesterday. Sunny though not very warm with the wind. Cold and cloudy here today too. Will get grass cut later. Growing like mad with all that warm weather last week. 


Morning all. Actually slept all night from 12 until 7.20.  What a result! Bright, nippy day, not that I will be venturing outside. 

Welcome to all 'newbies' to the thread.

Dove, do you loan your OH out?  Yesterday, I asked Daughter for a favour and she might be able to fit me in next Thursday.  Didn't comment. Perhaps when she then asked if I could child sit tonight, I should have said I can do it next week.

I'm like your OH MrsG. Can't be cold so have heating on. Not 24 hours yet though.  Listened to what the top bods get paid this morning. Mind boggling. Head of BG gets over 2million pounds.  Surely that can't be right. I think we need a revolution.

Early brekkie today and think I will start on the bathroom. Needs brightening up.



Are you starting the revolution then Tina?

Well, someone has to... 

mind boggling indeed. I was offered £20 compensation for the 5 months of stress/calls/emails and the threatened court action from a utility co. and they owed me money. Where's GG's rant thread when you need it!

I was awake half the night which is why I'm late today. Fell asleep at about half 8 last night and when I woke at half 12 that was me for hours 

Pottie Pam

Hope I don't get told off for putting a photo of my cobaea on this thread.