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Well if the Hagii do not eat the I will.

Why did you girls let me drink so much last night?

Sorry about your grasses Verdun.

Chicky I have to say I am very much for the wolves. We need something to control the deer in the Highlands. How about some lynx as well?


I'm going to have to educate all you southerners....haggis have to be well hung () before eating on Burns night. That's why I've not been around recently - been out hunting them for the last few weeks in the West Highlands (only place they live)  and it's why you won't find any.....

And if you believe that.............

Morning all 

PS I hate haggis. Must be the English half of me. I'll have the neeps and tatties though 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

BL 'otnorot' is toronto backwards 

Is anyone else having a problem getting onto the RSPB website to do the count?  I'm having to do it with paper and pen 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

BL 'otnorot' is toronto backwards 

Is anyone else having a problem getting onto the RSPB website to do the count?  I'm having to do it with paper and pen 

No one told me.






OOps, messed that up!

Punkdoc it wasn't the gals who let you fall in the grass, neighbour's grass, it was  Archie. 

Fairy just in time  Please wave your wand over last night's debris.


Hey Fairygirl  So that's where you've been 

Apparently there's some haggis set up camp down in Verdun-land ...... they prefer the weather and like playing with the piskies 



You're a messy lot.....if I'd been there I would have cracked the whip.

But since I know you ........there - done

Chucking it down here with sleet - four seasons in one day coming. Or maybe just three - not much chance of sun. Garden's saturated. 


Thanks Fairy  Good to see you 

Am off into town shortly, it's nail beautification time  If I go in a wee bit earlier I might pick up some of the cheapy hellebores (£2.50) I spotted earlier this month  

So, socks are on, now for the boots. . . see you later peeps.


Stacey Docherty

Ggrrrrrrrr the snails have managed to get into the incarcerated hellebore seedlings and 2 have gone gggrrrrreee

Stacey Docherty

On the upside suns out...... Lo plastic climbing frame is on the patio and I have put my chillis in there and they are still alive!!! Hurrah for plastic 

star gaze lily

Hi Fairy, good to see you. Well I never knew you could get a well hung haggis! 

We really needed your wand this morning fairy, phew all those bottles.

Kef, Kef, i'm sorry, won't do it again. I did do all the washing up last night too. 

Dove, i thought you were only 27, 


Fairy, its lovely to see you back. Soon be Spring, and everything will be right with the world again, or, at least thats what I keep trying to tell myself through this dark damp winter.


Hope you're managing with your injuries pd - you silly boy. Honestly- I turn my back on you lot for a minute..... I see Andy's been in the wars again too. Hugs for you both.

Soon be spring as you say. Keep on keeping on. 

You do realise Lily that, if we get Independence, you'll have to pay even more for your haggis- what with the road tolls at the border someone's apparently suggesting. Why don't they just go the whole hog and rebuild Hadrian's Wall....

Idiots. And that's the polite way of putting it. 

star gaze lily wrote (see)

.......... Dove, i thought you were only 27, 

I am Lily - that was just a disguise - the pic in the pool is the real me 


been blowing a gale here in manchester . and sideways rain. just got back from .the sainsburys  wrestling  ring .  50 red onion sets £2 


Hi all, think Archie has sent his weather down here, now got heavy winds, lashing down with rain and that dark that we need the light on. Oh! it's now thundering.

Onions good buy Archie

Stacey  to the slugs. Climbing frame, smart idea.

Hope Panda got some hellibores, as well as new claws.

Fairy if they re-build the wall do I have to give the stone back

Great it's lightning as well now.  




There is something funny with the RSPB site, it keeps saying page is unavailable. Too many people have been counting birds perhaps.

Dove's disguise had to be Miss Marple for guessing Toronto. I am I the last to gather that? Of course Miss Marple is a lot older than 27.


Hi Lizzie, no you aren't, the penny didn't drop with me. Didn't give it much thought and just called Bill, Bill.

Lizzie if you promise not to tell, I think Dove is 28 very very soon.

star gaze lily

No Lizzie, I didn't know either, so glad you asked, I've been wondering for ages.

Hi, Kef, have I been forgiven yet 

Ooh sorry Panda, meant to say thanks.

Sun out here at the mo. Was going to do bird count, but i think they've gone out for the day, i've only seen 2 woodpidgeons. There was a flight of birds earlier on over the fields but not sure what they were. Don't suppose they count anyway cos they were in the air 


Nah, 26 ....... I'm going backwards 


Same here Lizzie - can't get on the RSPB site.  I think everyone had the same idea to do it today.  Perhaps if we try it at midnight we might get lucky - second thoughts I will be asleep by then - as a 27 year old I need my sleep too much.