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The rain's gone off - hurray! Best not shout or it'll come back on....

Kef- extension is a bedroom (for me) and a shower room as it's only a teeny weeny house with  two bedrooms and I bought it because there was room to extend. Better resale value when I move  again....  The 3 bed houses round here are really 2 and a half .

Fine if you're all hobbits .... 

Hope you're keeping better now Andy. You worry us when you're unwell you know. 


I do like to know what is going on Fairy

Just nipped outside and I wish I hadn't. The veg' bed is now flooded. If I didn't have some calls to make a pork dinner to cook I'd go back to bed and sulk.  


Don't worry- I'll keep you updated Kef 

Really must go  and have some lunch and do summat productive now. 


Hello Forkers  

Was drizzling when I got up, and now the rain is on. Am seeing a pj day coming on, and thus far this is indeed the case  Have my coffee and my blanket, just need Dove to start me off some knitting and I'm away! (Never could grasp casting on and off, good at the inbetween bits though) 

Fairy, I dream of putting a bit more on my house, upstairs isn't my issue, with 3 beds. I'd like more room downstairs, as we have a living room (not massive) and a reasonable sized kitchen. I would like another room on the back. Tricky to do as we are mid terrace and we don't have any spare cash!!

Puncdoc, I agree with the others, if you can't share here with your friends then where can you share 


Like  punkdoc, it was too dark here. Raining heavy, got up at 11,made coffee, lying in bath with a book. No way am I going out today.



Pass it over Panda I can cast on. Don't know how to knit cash though

BFN jobs await.


Panda- I can do the casting on and off but not the  middle bit so between us we could make something! 

Worth extending rather than moving if it gives a better result and adds value and I know what you mean about living space. Helps enormously if you have kids  cos they do have a habit of getting bigger!  My ex hubby and I  added a 2 storey extension in our house which gave us loads more living space, but it was an end terrace like this so much easier. He was 'in the trade'  which helped, and we did a lot of it ourselves physically which saves a fortune.

Sun's come out. Definitely going now - I'm hungry 

Howdy folks

Took dog and got wet.  Then sun came out amd it was gorgeous. Mixture of the two since.

I agree with comments's ok to air feelings, etc on the forum.  Think we are all supportive of one  another and none of us is immune to sadness, anger, disappointment or depression at times.   Is it just me or has it become a whole lot more than a garden forum?

Think we need to brace ourselves for a cold week ahead so keep warm folks 




It's more than a gardening forum Verdun 


Absolutely right Verdi and nut. I know from personal experience how supportive the people here  can be 

Got a butternut squash in the oven to make Moroccan spiced veg soup.  Ideal for this wet miserable weather. Anyone want some later?


Yes please Fairy  to both the soup and knitting  I'm feeling the need for something warm . . . both on the knitting front and soup 



I'd have stayed drier sitting in the bath all morning!!

Thanks Fairy Girl yes keeping better just waiting on word to go for a brain scan have good day and some not so good but just get on with it. Not allowed to drive yet till i get the scan and everything is fine. Wife took me to the G/C yesterday and i turned not well wife said she seen it coming on turned pure white and lost my balance she said i looked drunk the way i was walking and still got a shake in my left hand. Hopefully time will sort things out all being well but not going to let it hold me back going to London for three days in a fortnights time and booked two weeks in St Ives for June/July time. Hope you and the girls are all well and healthy roll on spring time for all us who love there garden take care.

otnorot but just call me Bill

KEF how do I find the four candles link,and yes blood pudding is also called black pudding.A whiteout would be like driving along at a 100 k and suddenly a large white sheet is thrown over your entire vehicle.



Hi Andy. My mum went through something similar about 20 years ago. She was very lucky as my dad had health insurance through work and therefore didn't have to wait for scans etc. That said, the surgeon who did the scan went on holiday the next day for 3 weeks - he told my mum that it wasn't life threatening so it didn't matter! I hope you get the scan soon and things can get sorted  Mum is fine now btw  

Bill, link is a few pages back. If you can't find it the go to You Tube and search for Four Candles it will come up  Glad I can't drive or that I live in Canada - that description of a whiteout sounds terrifying! I did like Toronto when I went there on holiday though 



Andy -  I'm sending you a little PM so check them later 

Bill -that's a great way of describing it. I read some of the posts from previous days and I'm so sorry about your son. Nothing anyone can say to make it better for you and your family but, as you already know,  loads of us are here when you need some support. There's some truly kind,great people on this forum.

PS - Google 'The Two Ronnies' and/or 'four candles' and it'll give you something. 

star gaze lily

Andy my very best wishes to you, hope sll goes well

Hiya Andy.  Love your determination to enjoy stuff.    ESP your visit to Cornwall later.  It will be warm, sunny and welcoming 


Bill, try this

I made squash soup yesterday, no spice, it doesn't agree with me. We had it with warm cheese scones (with parmesan/without mustard and paprika)

OH was looking late Friday night at the forum. He thinks we are all bonkers except for the bunny boiler. When I said the haggis in verdunland were being rounded up by the piskies, he said we ought to have a virtual garden, a bit like simcity. except admittance free. It would have absolutely no slugs/snails/vine weevils or lily beetles.

In spring it would be decked out in spring flowers,then with a wave of  fairygirls wand, it would change to a early summer display to put chelsea flower show to shame. Of course the orchard would be full of luscious fruit in Autumn and the veg patch would keep us going all year round. No problems with soil types, acers would grow next to buddlejas. I think we would have to have a new thread, to be entered On Friday nights mainly, but open to anyone to have a wander if they need a bit of r and r. Of course all the cakes from the cake shop next door are calorie free, and the alcohol gives no one a hangover.  Any strays can be rounded up in puncdocs tardis.

 No I've not been on the magic mushrooms.