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star gaze lily

Kef, get a tablet, you might not be able to see/send PMs tho. But you can take it everywhere  

Well.......I resemble the suggestion I am bonkers 

Pouring Down now.  Windy too......the weather as well 

Orchid Lady
Edit my above post, stupid auto's should have said 'forkers'!!!!

A snake Lily, in this country?? That's scary

It's ok  BL. Daughter's bolognese  with lovely papardelle is ready now and it's not put me off at all! 

When I worked with horses we used to have metal feed bins and occasionally we'd get rats in them, although over time we eradicated the problem completely. It was a bit horrifying though,, on a dark winter's morning, to open a lid and find a couple of huge rats chomping away! 


grass snakes are friendly Tracey


Stacey Docherty

I had 3 squirrels drown in a bin in the garden I gagged at the smell but felt soooo guilty ........ Noice in the. Impost heap this year cause  I left the lid off and luckily no rats cause I have badgers ( apparently the 2 don't mix!)


Verd- we only have to look at your avatar to know that you're not bonkers - just slightly 'different'....


hello all . rain all day till 3pm then the sun came out .then it went dark. washed half of my pots and trays  .i must  re-cycle  the rest  got far to many  lamb  for dinner . have a good night all

Orchid Lady
Verd's avatar looks a bit 'normal', maybe too normal

Oh no Stacey, 3 squirrels My OH would be so cross with me if they died in my bin, he LOVES nut jokes please
star gaze lily


Have you changed your avatar Tracey

Still raing here,   really getting fed up with this weather.

Think i'll have a glass of wine and some nibbles, anyone else like some

Orchid Lady
I have, I couldn't find my sunset picture the other day and found the disc tonight when I was looking for my flower pics (see photo corner thread).

I love sunsets and this was taken from my bedroom window

Edited to add, I've already had a couple of glasses of wine tonight but if you want to open a bottle I'll share a glass it's probably my round by now but I don't know how to share the wine (or cakes) on here when on my iPad

No need for that language archie...



star gaze lily

Tracey I thought you had, but couldn't remember what it was before lol. I love sunsets too, as you can see 


I 'm sure you could have another



Last post for the night (Bernard is running out of battery and charger lead is too short to charge and type )

Lily and Tracey, don't drink too much!  Fairy, can you keep an eye on them please 

See you tomorrow 


Night Panda 

I'll sort those two out....these youngsters nowadays....

I'm off soon too. Stayed awake longer tonight than last night! Going to re watch some of The Bridge just now. Finding it all rather confusing- must be my age