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Sauvignon blanc - i know that one well

Good morning all - a laid-back and lazy morning here - no walking done .... yet - will do it later   We've had snow!  Just a few dozen large flakes - to start with I thought it was pigeon feathers  It's not really cold here so goodness knows what that's all about.

Anyway, washing's in the machine and there's things to be done ...... onwards and upward .... spring's just around the corner ....................... 

star gaze lily


He he he , me too 

Morning all. awful nights sleep, got up in night then over slept, good job no work today.

Sunny here at the mo, hope it lasts my garden is still far too wet.

Hope all you poorly people feel better soon.

Will have one more cuppa ...........


Morning all. Too wet to garden. Spring doesn't look round the corner here, can't see round the corner, too grey.

House not too bad as tidied before weekend because of guests. Shall have a quiet day planning the garden and looking at plug plant catalogue. May dye hair.




Tracey, did you mean an anthurium?


star gaze lily

Hi busy, thats the one I thought of, but couldnt remember what it was called

Kef swap your computer with your OH's tablet! 

star gaze lily

What a lovely sunny day, makes you feel so much better. Just looked on the weather for the week and if they're correct its not looking too bad

What colour are you dying your hair lizzie


Lily - what are you on about?  Sunny?  We've had snow flakes and everywhere is grey and mizzly 


Sunny here too Dove, some of the time. I still haven't seen a snowflake this winter


BL- see round the corner? I can't even see the corner....

They say cold weather coming at the end of the week  Dove. Get your snow shovel ready.

The dry start here this morning didn't last - by the time I was showered and had completed the military operation of organising myself for work, it was chucking it down with all sorts. And not the liquorice kind either sadly. Did inform daughter she might think about dressing appropriately but....

Are you being naughty Kef - re my windows!  I told him why I didn't want a window at the front. Hopeless  

Not in a good mood now as I've just had a quote to repair the damage some kind person did to my car last week - in the school car park at night I think- only place it could have been  Just as well the spicy squash soup tastes good. Need something to cheer me up.

star gaze lily

Sorry Dove but its really lovely here in west Sussex, bit breezy but lovely blue skies. Prob the calm before the storm!! Feb next week so it will probably snow. Did last feb and the one before

Stacey Docherty

Well just rolled my sleeves up and started to deconstruct the raised bed, managed to move one tier ( the new nursery bed) behind the garden room and it's black outside and the heavens opened grrrrrrrrr..... I haven't seen a snowflake yet this year either bring it on lol



Yes  We've had some sun, but more to the point no rain..yet! Quite a breeze so hoping it will have dried garden a bit.

Fairy can your wand only do good things? I was thinking about the so and so's who damaged your car   Think you are using the same architect who did our extension

Lily lovely pics, our sky wasn't that blue.

I do have use of the tablet but I don't find scrolling up & down easy. Do have key pad. Plus you can't see my workstation for gardening notes, info' and things that make me happy. Another bonus is each time I use the computer I have to walk upstairs, so now have a bottom like


star gaze lily

Clouded over now and a little chilly.

Know what you mean by scrolling up and down Kef, does slow things down and bit of a fad with smilies

Oh and pms too lol!


Hello all. A newbie here. Have been lurking for a while but thought it was time to say hello.  Fed up of the wet meaning I can't get out in the garden, so thought I would find some nice folks to talk about it instead.  We moved house in the autumn so have a very unloved garden to get stuck into. Have lots of very exciting plans for it, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all at the mo, due to lack of money to do any of the big stuff that needs sorting , and lack of time with 2 small children to run around after.

My first project has been pulling out all the overgrown shrubs from the front of the drive and planting a crab apple hedge.  Am pleased with how neat it looks now, but just hoping they will now grow! 

Anyway, nice to 'meet' you all 

Stacey Docherty

Oh hipp hipp hooorrrayyyyy my hellibore babies have a 3rd hopefully true leaf coming on them