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Orchid Lady
Lily, it's only Fleetwood vs Scunthorpe and not very exciting but it has meant I could sit quite happily looking at roses
star gaze lily

Think Olivia was the cat 

Pheeww, thats ok , not Chelsea then! 

Orchid Lady
Oh I read it as Olivia teasing the cat, brain not functioning properly LOL!!
star gaze lily

Lol, think you should go to specsavers

Just teasing Trace

Orchid Lady
Thanks Lily I've actually just been and got new glasses ha ha. Never mind, at least my posts get a response on this thread, think I'll stick with this one in future



There was alitttle girl

Who had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forehead

And when she was good she was very very good

But when she was bad she was horrid! 

Orchid Lady
That was me Or so my mum says, I don't believe her
star gaze lily

My dad used tell me that little rhyme,  but he never said it was me 

Hello Forkers, Hello all

Been a busy weekend I went to the potato fair on Saturday and I got my potatoes - Arran victory - maincrop going into my raised bed, Sunrise - second early and Swift - first early both for 2 potato bag, there was also plants there so a nice peach tree followed me home and a few plants, done a small bit of seed swapping too - was a bit knackering day out but got doughnuts yum yum and flumps  

Then on sunday went volunteering to Sholing valley study centre for the conservation day - helped with litter picking around Millers pond and got soaked with heavey rain all the way round coat leaked only shower proof so wet jumper and very wet trousers and cold me. Some bird watching done then as well

Did my bird watch on Sunday while I was a bit wet but weather dryed up a bit, in back garden - few birds around but not as many

Today was dry and a bit sunny, I have seen so many wildlife in the garden first a squirrel eating off the bird feeder then while I was trying to dig out the pond hole more found a slowworm had to move it, so small little eyes was saying its so bright, I put it under some more dirt in a better place.

I went to get some more bags to put the soil in and a ground sheet took them back to the pond area which is at the bottom of the garden and a fox was stood there next to the pond hole, looked at me shocked thought no one was out there it went back around the pile of twigs and under the wire fence - we have a train line at the bottom of the garden but lower down so guess was going to find another garden to go into was a nice sized fox fluffy tail - this was nearly 12:00

Are foxes normally out in the day?

Back sore heat patch on now so much digging done ouch

star gaze lily

Gg, did you do anything with the little treasure you found


Gardengirl, our fox sometimes comes out in the day, but it is usually in summer when they have cubs to feed.

Stacey, I do know Dryopteris  copper fern....I do grow it.  Yes, nice new growth but less vigorous than some.  

Hi everyone, just popping by to let you know I'm still alive and well. Nothing much happening for me garden-wise at the moment. GH tucked up, rarely checked on, a few of bulbs thinking about making an appearance, not sure what else is going on out there. Just need this cold spell they've promised us , then we can get on with spring !
Really hope none of you have suffered the floods too much but of course that's probably a bit nieve of me.(how on earth is that spelt????). Awful, awful pictures on the news.
hope you are all well and happy. Bye for now, catch up in the spring...(i know, i know - turned info a bit of a forum lightweight haven't i?). take care all. X

No not yet Star gaze lily but found some more finds today a nice handle very old looking, looks like it has been in garden a while, small bit of red glass and little mosaic bits of tiles or plates


Good to hear from you Mrs G - i was thinking of you only yesterday (spotted my first allium leaves coming thru).  Hope all is ok with you and yours, and that you have lots of plans for that new greenhouse of yours. Take care


Hi chicky, must go and check my alliums (not right now though - torch isn't that good!) , but no sign last week when I looked. take care. X

Hello MrsGarden

my alliums are showing up in the ground, lots of bulbs are showing up excited about the tulips when they flower  

Hi GG, you seem as busy as ever! And it now sounds like you're a treasure hunter as well!
star gaze lily


Hello MrsG,  you've been missed. Hope your well.

Gg, how facinating, hope you find lots more tresures

Hi lily, thanks im fine, hope you are too. Do you still fall asleep on the sofa most nights?