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Orchid Lady

My car was chosen for me (company car) but I love it and it's very practical, it will come in useful at weekend with all the tip runs I need to do



I'm glad Stacey clarified the Chilli point otherwise I'd have asked you all to lower your voices and not tell mine it's an annual as clearly it has no idea  

(back to work for me now!)


Orchid Lady

 One of my babies that had appeared this morning

Yes Stacey, haven't actually got any of the "neon" range but know of them and been tempted.  Just got soooooooo many now.

Sunny at mo.

Off to foodbank now to steal some food 


7000 posts on this thread!!!!!!



Happy Birthday , Dove.

May all your birthday wishes come true.


Happy birthday Dove! Hope you have a lovely day. I need a birthday - the Garden Centre Vouchers I got for Christmas are running out way too quickly. I've been sussing out all the garden centres near our new house and have found a really good plant nursery with an amazing range of plants.  Oh so tempting!! 



Morning all, Happy Birthday Dove, but I expect Dove is being wined and dined now.


Wish I wasI'm cleaning out kitchen drawers.

Who bought a melon baller, cherry stoner, 2 garlic crushers, 2 rolling pins, loads of spare wooden spoons, some bobbly things to spike olives with, sweet corn handles "the smallest juicer" in the world, more bottle openers than can you can imagine, 3 pkts of cocktail sticks and the list goes on. That's only one drawer

Woodgreen wonderboy

Did I miss a birthday party ? I must be slipping. Belated hugs and kisses all round.....

Have now chosen stone for new alpine bed... plum slate , now waiting quote. And 2 lovely stumps too...

Lots of vegetarian cooking , with Nigel's help... risotto and lasagne. No not at the same time...

Off to see aged mum tomorrow. Chocs, Sherry already packed. 

Happy days everyone...


Orchid Lady

Wow Lizzie, that's some cake

My kitchen drawers need sorting KEF if you want to do some more  Yours sound just like mine!!

Wow that is some cake.....happy birthday dove...havent been on the site for ages ...been busy...


I had to sort all my draws and kitchen space before....i got a cooker coming on thursday........have been putting the cleaning off for i feel pretty pleased with myself....nice to be chilling out now and having a cuppa.....????????????????

Tracey-Newbie wrote (see)

Wow Lizzie, that's some cake

My kitchen drawers need sorting KEF if you want to do some more  Yours sound just like mine!!

Thanks for kind offfer but no ta.

Can't believe what I've found! Can't have needed the stuff if I'd forgotten I had it   Why does someone have 3 manky pastry brushes lurking, when they have 2 new, for want of a bettter description rubber ones. Don't ask why I have 8 chop sticks, when I've never used them at home, or only ever used chop sticks once, in a restaurant. A small wooden scoup to get olives out of a jar, think it came with the serving bowl.  Plus a long pronged thing with a grabber that gets pickled onions from a jar, from MIL's when she passed away. One for Antique road show.

Think I collect kitchen stuff like gardening & cookery books, paperbacks by certain authors, earrings ..want, must have.   

Daren't look in dining room dresser. Might be few place mats in there and a few ornaments  

Car boot sale anyone?




Why do I mess this quote thing up? Didn't use to.

Woody, that is a classy colour. 

Had spotlight south west tv cameras at foodbank today so should be on tellie tonight.  I guess I am famous now and no longer in my own mind 

Have to pot on some already re potted young plants. They are growing faster now.  They nclude salvia Amistad, lupins, salvia elegans, agastaches & penstemons.  

Spring almost here 



Verdun,  how hardy is S.amistad, I grow a few Salvias, but amistad looks really beautiful and I fancy trying it?

Hiya punkdoc, 

Last year was first for me with Amistad.  Someone sent me a few cuttings.  They rooted very quickly and made shrubs 4 to 5' high.  It's difficult for me to say how hardy it is but I have one plant still outdoors and young plants growing apace indoors.  Its hardier than Patens, prob same as leucanthemum and not as hardy as the microphyllas.

It is an absolute beauty Punkdoc.  Velvety inky blue with touches of purple, arching ultimately and flowering all summer. Behind a yellow mound....santolina lemon fizz, for example .....or berberis atro nana it looks womderful I think.  Not many, patens guanajuato apart, are better.  

star gaze lily

Hi, everyone,

kef, I got confused (not hard to do ) when reading your last thread, and went back to read Traceys, cos I thought  'don't remember reading all that from Trace!' Then read your next thread and realized that its not me going nuts which i prob am cos i'm rambling!! 

Congratulations Tracey on your  'babies' 

Dove hope you've had a good day, did you eaat all your cake?