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Hello forkers. I actually started to write morning forkers until I remembered that today is the first day of the rest of our lives. I hope todays weather, cold and wet is not an omen. Actually put heating on last night. Its off again now but I am sitting here in multiple layers daring myself to put it on.

I really  should be outside so many plants to move, dead annuals to compost and it will soon be time to lift dahlias and cannas.

I dont think my garden is ever put to bed there seem to be jobs to do all the time. Its ok when its sunny and cold but on a dark wet and cold january day I sometimes wonder why I garden.


You're right pd - I enjoyed pottering yesterday as it was sunny but today isn't so nice and it'll take me a while to get going I think! At least it's dry here.

Another cuppa beckons...have to keep my strength up 


Lol FG 


I thought I had only drunk coffee this morning but it appears I must have ingested some mind altering substance. Perhaps the sheep are something to do with mowing the lawn. Peace and Love.




Makes a change from kitchen adverts.



I could do with some sheep pd - have you got any to spare? 


Fg. I have some lamb in the freezer

Hi ya folks, I'm a bit late on the block.  I live on the Suffolk coast where I see some of you have recently visited.  The waves are still crashing on the prom so they'll soon be moving some of the beach huts to safety.  Currently chucking it with rain so dog walking was curtailed this morning.  Which means back to chores in the house!

Garden hasn't been put to bed totally yet, still a list of tasks - at least I cleaned the greenhouse windows...........


Punkdoc, January is that lovely time of year when the snowdrops are starting to poke up and you are sitting in front of the fire (or if you haven't a fire then in a sleeping bag) on a comfy sofa, mug of hot chocolate (or glass of whisky!) at hand, looking at plant catalogues and planning what to plant and drawing plans for the veggie garden.



Not sure how much that one would be able to eat pd. Lawnmower might still  be the best option unless I can borrow a pony from work.

Think I'll venture out and cut my sweet peas back for composting. What cannas have you got this year pd? Got a bargain one recently to replace the ones that didn't survive my move this year.


Hi Pennie - good to welcome another newbie 

  Given where you're from, I take it your garden is something like this 

 or is it more like this ?

 I take it these autumn rains and gales are unknown where you are and central heating is not needed 


Lizzie that sounds good to me.

Holly010 cleaned the windows, I've only swept the floor.

As you can tell I'm not currently doing the HW. Must go do something but having fun reading on this thread.


Dove eek eek


I'm still debating which to do KEF - lying on the settee sounds better but I think that's how I hurt my shoulder last night snoozing...kept me up through the night!

Only 27 as well...should be lithe and fit 



Oooh and welcome to  Hollie  too - yes gritty and "free drainng" - that was my parents' coastal garden too - and they'd moved there from the clay of High Suffolk - they could never understand why their favourite roses struggled

If your dog likes walking on The Common, ask him to give my Aged Ps a wave - Pa keep an eye out for dogs and gives Ma a running commentary on their antics  


Fairygirl, I bought 2 island series canna this year. - Tenerife and Madeira. They were in 6 inch 1 litre pots, and I put them in big patio pots. I have been amazed at how many flowers they have had. Much more than the old ones I had.


FG perhaps we can persuade High School Students from Wisconsin to design you some equipment to make life easier 


I like them very much fidget but trying to look after them last year where I was temporarily living was hopeless and mine didn't make it. I got a Tropicanna Gold which is bright green and yellow with loads of new shoots for £4. I'll bring it inside if I need to. Would have got a few but I had to restrain myself!

Dove - I could do with one of those carts for the shopping- could send eldest daughter for it! 

Dove - free draining isn't in it - roses struggle but I do OK with specie roses, those related to dog roses, eglatine, rosa rugosa (?) etc, they don't seem to mind pure sand!

We don't use the common much, the open marshes are more our thing.  The dogs then get plenty of chances to chase the pheasants.

Must get back to the chores