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Tracey, I sleep downstairs every time a gale hits. I like the concrete floor (with a mattress), I don't feel the house shake and add earplugs for a vast improvement.

That red warning wasn't over Blackpool or anywhere else when I left home this morning

star gaze lily

Still raining here but not very windy compared to most places.

Take care everyone,  stay safe.


Evening all. Just catching up with you all as I've been at work all day. 

Specially for archie, I did a roast with the Yorkshires that I promised a week ago, so here's a few to go with your casserole :

 Pdoc - hope you can keep the water at bay. Perhaps a raft is what's required 

Have a Yorkshire if archie leaves you  one.

Feeling very grateful here as we have no real weather problems. Just cold winds and sleety snow/rain after the snow and ice this morning. I have an elderly uncle who lives about 5/6 miles north of the flooded areas east of Windsor, but he is ok thankfully.

Thinking of all of you who are having dreadful conditions today, and wishing I could do something practical to help. 

Orchid Lady
Sorry my MIL phoned so I posted before I'd really finished.

Fingers still crossed PD, it must be a terrible worry for you and any others 'at risk'. Glad you're sage Pentillie (I think that's spelled right!).

Right....just off to walk my little lady beagle on the prom

Hope you''ve got a hard hat on Tracey - watch out for flying roof tiles!  Better make that a quick walk.

The forecast area has been growing through the day.

Forkers, if Fg hasn't made enough Yorkies, we've got some Toad in the Hole left over 

 Gravy, Tommy K or English mustard? 

That'll keep your feet on the ground in this wind 


Wind is picking up here & we're having it mind to the rest of the UK.

Torch & candles waiting for any power cuts. Expecting many trees down tomorrow.

Keep safe!!

Falling trees have delayed my train  I don't mind though as I have had a lovely day  

I will take some of your toad in the hole if it's spare Dove? Have eaten my cheese roll and packet of wotsits and am still a bit peckish . . . . oh hang on . . . what's this in my bag? . .  . . a bag of maltesers! Woohoo! Thank you Kef 

Hopefully one more storm and then quieter.  

Punkdoc, fingers and everything else crossed the water does not rise further.  Like it when you said plant losses can be replaced and an opportunity to plant something else will exist.  

Hmmmmm, like those pics of food. Looks tasty stuff 


Take care Panda - hope you get home soon 

Verdun - tell Spike to cross his legs - no walkies this evening 

Orchid Lady
I've just got my candles out but can't find the torches

I was joking about the walk on the prom that way, I know I'm mad but not that mad!!! Apart from on which Daisy won't even go in the garden let alone a walk!!!

Ollie has now has his bandage removed, had to take him to the vet again as he was very distressed, not just being soft (as I thought initially). They couldn't get another bandage on him so he is now on total crate rest in the kitchen dosed up on pain killers

Hugs Ollie.

Just come back to see how Panda doing en route.

Positive thoughts for all.


Oh dear Tracey - well, he is a boy - low pain threshold 

Whoops, I'd better get my coat ............ or fight them off with cake 


Back from dropping Panda at station.  It was wet and windy while we were looking round the woods, we retired to the marquee for food, at which point it threw it down.  Back to the car to empty the boot of plants, and then as we got half way down the drive, the sun came out!!. Then we had a walk around my garden, and then to station. The wind is getting up again, but apart from the small flood we drove through on the way back, we seem to have it mild here compared to the rest of the country.

Hope you are safe, Verdun, and all those in the worst of it.


Panda is stuck in Leicester Kef! They have told us we are now a 'fast' train to London (as we have cut out a stop) . . . best we get going then! This fast train is currently using up all the time it's saved by not stopping at Market Harborour (sp?) stuck in Leicester 

I have Bernard (iPad) and the Forum (you guys) and the Famous Five (iPod) so I don't mind that much! 

Fidget thanks for showing me round your garden. So many snowdrops - we could have done the walk at yours 


Poor you Panda  I love travelling by train during the daytime, but at night the view's pretty boring 



It is Dove, but technology helps 


Are you moving yet Panda, or are you still stuck in Leicester?  If you're stuck there much longer send out for a takeaway - they have some brilliant Indian restaurants 

Orchid Lady
Poor you Panda, hope you get home safe soon.

LOL Dove, I have an image now of custard pie fights It's a good job I didn't keep ignoring him though

Well I'm off for a 'hot' date with Morphy Richards.......just in case my electric goes and I can't do it tomorrow!!!

Good plan Dove.

Sadly we are moving again, not enough time (although it would be funny to see one of those Dominos builds trying to catch the train ) I'm sure you didn't mean Dominos though 

Anyone got any cake for a weary traveller? 


There's the remains of an upside down plum cake Panda, but I didn't take a photo - you're welcome to a slice and a wodge of creme fraiche