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I could knock out a mean tune on the clarinet, but there's not much call for it round here !!

I'm out walking tomorrow with local walking group so hope it's not too wet.  I will wait till Sunday when hubbie is out then practise the violin.  Sleep tight everyone.

The potty gardener

Ohhh just typed loads- then it dissappeared

So I'll just say night

star gaze lily

Yes page keeps jumping about, tried typing stuff too then disappeared!  Give up so nite nite all x


Good morning all  X



Good morning all   OH is at work, I'm getting dressed and tidying the kitchen .... well, actually I'm drinking coffee, but that's the plan of action, and then I shall drive south to visit Aged Parents .....  


Hello all. Thanks for the encouragement, going to need it today, it's wet & miserable again.

I posted on the Gallery yesterday about not viewing pics for a while as I'm saving them to look at during the W...., might have a peek though if I still feel miserable later today. Looking on the positive side I don't have racoons attacking my plants.

Dove soz to hear about even more poorly people, fingers crossed for test results. Not played the link yet as H is still asleep & computer in spare bedroom. In fact I'm typing very quietly.

Off to my Mum's today, flu jab booked for her & then get her remaining toms out & GH swept. Might be a couple of courgettes to be had before pulling them out.

How about a forker's band? I can play recorder, well I think I can still play Go & Tell Aunt Nancy  If I could play anything it would be the saxaphone, just love it.

Archie, it's curry & lager tonight for us, hope you enjoyed yours.

Nice use of smiley Verd.

BFN another brew is needed. Enjoy your day.


Morning KEF - another coffee needed here - see you later folks 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Off to geat-nieces' ( 2 that is ) b'day treat today...lots of jelly and cake


Morning all,

Bit damp and drizzzly here but still going on the walk as it will be exercise as I have finished my 'winter dig' on the allotment  It's about 8 miles along the river so will wear my gaiters so I don't get too wet. Speak to you all later.


Morning all,

Dry and watery sun at the moment.

Next door have Murder Mystery Party tonight,should be fun

Hello forkers

Wet amd warm here.  

My niece rang me in the early hours.  Caught someone trying to break in.  She recognised him as someone she knew at school couple of years back. She shouted  at him and he fell off the roof and hobbled off. .police were called.  Not arrived when I just checked. When have the police ever responded?   That's when a catapult is useful. 


star gaze lily

Morning all, dry at the mo, lets hope it stays that way for a while, need to get last few plants in now shed is in place. Would like new flower bed to one side of it so just need to place plants out how I like them and then OH can dig for me. He is off to the other GC (golf club) tomorrow so hopefully he'll do it today if the weather stays dry. 

Hope you all have a good day see you  later

star gaze lily

Sorry to hear about your niece Verdun,  hope she's ok. Bet he felt a right #**# falling off the roof!! Serves him right!


What about a pump-action waterpistol, one of those big ones, loaded with permanent dye - could be dual purpose, used for keeping cats off seedbeds and 'aiding the identification of burglars' ................... now the phrase 'cat burglar' comes to mind - too much lateral thinking 



Morning all. That must have been very scary for your niece, Verdun, shame on the police. Is she going to follow it up? It'll be a nuisance for her, but as she knows the chap it could be useful. He needs a scare before he tries to burgle someone else.


I'm afraid that if the burglar is no longer on the premises it is not counted as an emergency, particularly at night when there are other urgent calls on police time where people's safety is at risk..

 It wll be followed up I'm sure. 


It will be useful to ask the police for a Crime Number, as if the burglar did any damage to the roof or elsewhere, or if it turns out that anything has been taken, then they or the landlord will need it for their insurance claim.  They can get a Crime Number over the phone from the police, even before the police have visited. 

She has a short day at college next week and I will be going into the police station with her if no follow up.  I have had some experiences with the police......had a friend who was in the police and we used to meet up at the station. Also my  ex bro in law is a detective locally.  I've not been very impressed with either their industriousness or their desire to solve crime.  .....

As my niece said, she pays council tax and this is made up of a police precept too.  


Unfortunately funding follows targets  and they're more likely to follow up something they know they can solve and therefore add to their tally of targets met - I would think that once they know there's a positive ID they should be keen to add it to their list.  If not there's that Police Commissioner who likes to be contacted - it's what he gets paid for.