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star gaze lily

Hope it gets sorted verdun, hope she doesn't live alone. 

I really shouldn't have had that extra cuppa, its now pouring down. Looks like its here for awhile so inside jobs first and hopefully in the garden later


Sorry to hear about your niece, Verdun, but as it was an old school colleage, maybe he was trying to do a Romeo and Juliet!

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Sorry to hear about your friend,Dove. We were really worried about my son last year as he had terrible headaches and his eye drooped. The GP  said they were worrying signs but the scan didn't pick up any nasties in his brain but found a nodule on his thyroid which was not related to the headaches apparently.  He has since had half of the thyroid removed and is trying to cope with not taking thyroxine. So hopefully your friend's outcome might not as bad as she has been told.

My niece lives with her partner buf still scary for her. ,think he was bit drunk .

Dove, hope your friend's condition is better than suggested.  I guess taking things day by day is the many problems that people have .


Morning Forkers (just!) 

Sitting here wishing the weather matched the forecast at the top of the GW website. It's currently raining - that's supposed to be tomorrow!  Still, just watched two blue tits eating bugs off the quince in the front garden before being bullied away by the sparrows.

Verd, sad to hear about your neice's experience with the police. I thought I had a burglar (the alarm at my parents house went off) and I had two cars, and some very fit young men to check the house. They arrived within 15 minutes, I didn't have enough time to change out of my nightie  Luckily it was a false alarm - my alarm had malfunctioned. 


The potty gardener

Morning all. Hope your niece can get a satisfactory outcome- I'm sure if she doesn't then her uncle will step in

It is raining here today. Son has booked living room for footy watching so Iamcosy in my bedroom with TV on and laptop to hand. I will try to get school work done today so I can get outside tomorrow if it is dry.

I think yhe idea of looking back of picsof our gardens in the summer is a good one for today. I think it was KEF who said she would be doing that.

Have a good day all


Morning..oops sorry...afternoon now! Horrible day here so will have to find other things to do. Have to go out anyway for a while so perhaps it will clear up later.

Hope your niece gets sorted Verd. Horrible when you know the person.

Off ot have some lunch. Used the slow cooker for first time yesterday. Think I might make large quantities at a time and then freeze.

Have a good day all  


cut the back lawn . and cut some ferns back that had hidden the path . potted some cuttings . brunch now  ps dry but dull here  warm


Good day 

Warm here, went out without coat and have been trying to tie in a rose which has suddenly taken off before I am ready for it - climber and haven't the vine eyes and wire done to attach it to so now there is a strange arrangement of canes. 

Not bright sun though, quite cloudy.

Verdun I hope your niece will be ok. It is such a shock, I know. I am sure you will sort it out.

Son keeps using my lap top as his is beyond repair, this morning I had to hunt for it. OH says he will take him to a place thats sells refurbished computers during the week as this morning hunt the lap top was not amusing



Been mucking out the horses' summer shelter. It's up a hill and the top of the stony paddock and I'm ashamed to say I had been a bit lax. The farmer had delivered big bales of hay into it for them to help themselves but where he leaves them sitting in the field before gathering them in goes mouldy so all that bit has to be chucked out, and droppings. Took me nearly 2 hours.


Verdun, I think she(your niece) should tell his(the burglar) mum!

But she should probably take some backup.

All I got from the police SOCO, after the burglar had been identified, was a leaflet on crime prevention, and the comment---" its not his fault , he's a drug addict."

Whose fault is it then? Who decided to try the illegal drugs, and then stick them in a vein in the first place.? This excuse irritates me to death. My doors and windows were locked,and I had a burglar alarm on.What else could I do?  machine gun emplacements or wire the handles up to the mains?

star gaze lily

Hi fairy  think we got there   Hope your slow cooker was a sucess,. Tipping it down here, even lost the internet for awhile. Spell checks gone so hope this makes sense!! 

Just seen some deer inthe field behind us, they had some young with them, a lovely sight


Hello folks  Back from my travels down south.  Absolutely tpping it down in bucketsful on the Suffolk coast - got back to our little haven in Norfolk to find that the washing on the line is nearly dry and the sun is shining 

Hope it's like this tomorrow 


Finished planting out the daff bulbs along the side of the path even though it was raining  Just a whole heap more spring bulbs to put in  Hoping to employ a bit of Monty's technique of making a hole with a broom handle and dropping the bulb in. Fingers crossed this might be cleaner than digging holes  (it is muddy out there. . . is it wrong to want to stay clean? )


The potty gardener

I came on here to ask Brum for some pics of his acers. Ohh and pics of twisted stem fuchsia standard ( and any other standards) please


Hi all, just managed to finish planting 150 crocus, 25 hyacinth and half a dozen heuchera into my new beds before the rain started - it really came down hard in very visible sheets!  No need to water anything in now in though.

A good day, two trailer loads of free horse manure from the local stables.

plantes Cedrus diodora Kelly's Gold and an Aurora.


Started working behind the GH. a huge nettle clump, brambles, suckers from a shrub that has white berries, we no longer have the shrub just its offspring, assorted pieces of metal waiting for recycling. Was surprised at amount of space there is

It's where i am going to put my leaf mould bin, so will have to get a move ob.

we had the most huge torrential rain storm and then the sky turned blue and the sun came out. Fortunately OH had just put garden table and chairs into garage for winter so don't need to wait for them to dry out again

Hello forkers

Been sunny and dry...little windy but that's another story!  

Which varieties of heuchera Bob?  I think hyacinths are my favourite spring bulb because of their fragrance.  

Still planting up a new border.  New last winter but now with large conifer gone it has made for an exciting project.  Often I dig up clumps of hosta around now and plant large Pulmonaria or similar in their place.  The hostas  remain with good rootball wrapped in bin bag to replant next spring. It means I will have something to look at instead of a bare (hosta) space. For me, Pulmonarias are evergreen and flower very early.  The new bed has added heleniums, dicentras alba and king of Hearts, anemone wild swan, geum totally Tangerine, Heucheras Marmalade and others, and with two new hellebores planted earlier this year, grasses, some  large stocks and wallflowers already planted which will make way for my tender agastaches in spring.  Astrantias, astilbes, geraniums, etc plus a smattering of bulbs keeps me focused this winter.  

My niece has told me who the would be burglar is so I will pay him a visit. (I want to plant a new fruit bed so a 12 stone mixture of blood, bone and various minerals will be just the ticket)., not really folks.  Would  like to though but will call on the police