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Oh thank goodness Verdun - I had a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach then - thought we might have to whizz down south and rescue you 


They are Palace Purple, Verdun.  I think they may have been part of a perennial plug collection and have been grown on in a coldframe for most of the year as they were tiny when they arrived.  Like your Pulmonaria, it'll give me something to look at until I decide what else is going in there or the Spring bulbs appear.  Sorry to hear about your niece's experience - that sort of thing is always extremely upsetting.  By the way, can you or anyone else recommend a good supplier for Dierama?  I really fancy trying some but haven't had much luck in finding them.

The potty gardener

Evening. I managed to get out after 5, but only to take some pics.I'm really pleased with my fuchsias this year though now some are starting to loose their leaves. I'll be de leaving and hot dipping them next week in half term anyway.

Have sorted the seeds I still have- I get two magsweekly which give free seeds in the summer and with my tiny garden don't get to use them. The list will go on seed swap thread in a minute.

Strictly at the mo then X factor- I really know how to live it up


I'm right there with you Potty  Strictly, and then X Factor, which, having been recorded, means we can whip through it - zipping over the adverts!

Hiya Bob.

Woottens is a favourite of mine.  Always,supply high quality,plants.  They stock Guinevere.....I grow this one.  A lovely white flowered dierama.

Cotswold Garden Flowers is good too and they have quite a range of dieramas.  



Started watching Strictly but OH is bored - he's making me a G&T while I have my feet up, then we'll watch Porridge 


Cheers Verd - I'll check those two out.

No dove.  You DRINK g & t and EAT porridge.   Dear oh dear! 

The dark nights have arrived - how the heck  can I escape the nightmare of Strictly?



Porridge on Gold, then Little Brittain - that's the menu in this household - along with a G&T 


Never mind Verdun - you'll get the hang of it eventually 


hollie hock

Hello everyone, have had really good day, trip up to the local nursery to get some compost, came back with the compost and bags of free woodchipping.On the way back got some honesty seeds that were just in the hedge. Stopped off at a farm, got some gorgeous free range eggs which tasted lovely

All the bulbs have been planted, unless I get some more which it's highly likely. Transplanted a lot of my self seeded forget me nots and deadheaded all the cosmos which are still going strong.

Enjoyed the dancing, life is good


I love Strictly. Ben has made so much progress, reminds me of my rugby playing son. You'll just have to watch the Xfactor then Pentillie!

Never got to do gardening today, too busy mucking out and clearing up the hay store. Going to lunch with 2nd son tomorrow, they are expecting my 7th grandchild next Spring!

Evening all, my lovely other half loves Strickly and whilst i don't mind it now that i've found this fab forum i can tap away on the I-Pad whilst toasting my toes by the fire.

Waiting for the football, Lizzie!


GILLYG - hope your neighbours have solved the murder mystery by now and you can all sleep safe.  Sounds like great fun.


Hello forkers and will be off to bed soon tired now

Went on a trip to hilliers GC today got to go to a different one to usual place, got a trolley and filled it with wet - got rained on slippery to handle heavy bags of compost and lawn dressing both 3 for 2 heavy to push around and a few plants in another trolley

Managed to get my free bulbs from garden mag offer from other GC- cyclamen coum pink before offer ends

Later in garden planted out the red tulips and some cyclamen winter ones - plants red pink and white and the corms and lots of plugs of primrose sunshine and covered with more bark - left over half bag from a few years ago still nice and bright now terracotta colour


 And after


oh and forgot to say got a nice cake to take away as that hilliers has a cafe, yummy cake

here it is

Really wanted to buy for front garden forget me knots but the GC not got any last year they did at this time of year but not this year

night all me off to bed

star gaze lily


Who did it Gilly. Just watched strictly after taping it earlier.  Tired so off to be d nite nite everyone


Good morning all   It's been raining overnight - forecast is for warm with thundery showers - I want to get out there and cut down the runners and sow the Broad beans - do you think I'll get the chance or will it be soggy all day?


Hmmm, looks like it Brumbull.... might be tea and cake again at 3.30?


Morning all,

Lily............It was the doctor who did it,.

Dull and damp morning,am altering a pair of curtains today,so ideal weather for thta,I won,t feel I am missing out on thr Garden.Mum for lunch (sa as guest not to eat! )