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Sorry Clari  

Just took delivery of huge package for OH (still in my dressing gown) - now I have a new bike in the sitting room - he'll be spending the evening assembling it. 

Orchid Lady

Morning all  Thanks for the suggestions, I went to bed just after I ousted last night so didn't comment.

Happy Birthday KEF, who hasn't made an appearance yet so I suspect she made need coffee 

Well, I woke up to a bit of blue sky, now grey and windy, flaming weather!!!!

have a good day everyone.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

I must be Kef's twin, it's my birthday too, although I am now 28.

Happy joint birthday Kef.

Orchid Lady

Happy Birthday Pam, have a lovely day 


Happy Birthday Pottie Pam  Have fun.

Tracey I'm here, I was hiding on previous page



Happy Birthdays KEF and Pam xx

Good morning all. I didn't see any Spam, must have gone now. What you all need to do is come here later and take it in turns for one person to get up earlier and report it! But I suppose that's hard for those going to work.

Supermarket this morning.


Happy birthday, kef and Pam.

A bit of seed sowing today, I think.

Orchid Lady

Morning KEF  I must have missed you, sorry.  I hope you are enjoying a lazy morning on your special day 

Hurray, the rain clouds have blown away and the sky is blue again.......there's hope yet for a nice day 

Orchid Lady

I didn't see any spam either by the way, it's someone else bugging me!!!  May have to use the ignore button again soon 


Little irritations Tracey - I find calamine lotion helps   Best not to scratch it LOL


Bradley Wiggins look out

MrsGarden jollies?

I must go and shower & get dressed. Been eating (said quietly) opening cards & pressies, and have a bouquet of flowers to arrange  & the yellow thing has appeared.



Oooh Pottie Pam, Many Happies to you too - hope you're having a lovely day 


 How stylish is that?   and much better for back/neck etc than conventional bikes. 

star gaze lily

Happy birthday, Pottie, hope you enjoy your special day.

Tracey,don't let them upset you, not worth it. Have a lovely day take care.

Orchid Lady

That's lovely Dove, I got a new bike a couple of weeks ago too and love it, much better than my old mountain bike!! Let's hope it stays sunny so you can go out in it tomorrow 


Orchid Lady

Our posts crossed Lillie, I'm not upset don't worry, it takes more than that to upset me since I grew my thick skin!!  It is just irritating that's all and not what you want to get up to read in the morning. 


That bike's for OH, to replace his mountain bike type - I've got a lovely bike but it doesn't take me out often enough - shall have to have a word with it 


Happy birthday pottie Pam , not seen you about for a while so nice to see you again.

Yes KEF jollies on Saturday for a week, don't miss me too much!

Oh Lil just remembered you asked name of flower - it's alyogyne heugelii.

OH keeps moaning too wet to go out on his bike (precious thing), and when it is dry I've had 'jobs' for him! Still, he'll be happy on his skis soon.

Ashleigh 2

Happy Birthday KEF and Pam, hope you both have a lovely day, are you expecting any garden related treats?