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Happy birthday Kef 

Looks like you got a spam sandwich for your birthday  Have a great day with loads of being spoiled 

KEF, happy birthday.  Hope you have a good day 

No idea what weather will be today but it's nice n bright right now...looking good for dog walk

Hope everybody has good day 

Ashleigh, most Heucheras are evergreen but some better than others. I remove all leaves late autumn anyway.  They are better for that treatment.  


star gaze lily

Happy birthday Kef, hope you have a lovely day.



(I have a birthday this year too. )


Good Morning, damp and blustery here.

Thank you for birthday wishes  

Chicky's breakfast idea sounds good, don't want SPAM Panda

Scrambled egg & salmon when I've woken up.

Hope all have a good day, only one more and it's the weekend


star gaze lily


Morning all had a bit of a liein today, no work for me today, YAY!

Raining here and sky very black

Missed the spammers, thread now dissappeard,so cant play ping pong.

Housework for me today. Hope you all have a good day.

Have a great day Kef

See you later peeps


Happy birthday KEF, 27 a lovely age, I think.

Verdun, I have 2 birthdays, just like the Queen!

Morning all.
Have a lovely birthday KEF.
Busy day getting ready for ski hol

There's some Danish pastries left ................. anyone?  Fresh ground coffee too ...


Oh Dove how could you! I've the joys of water, a chunk of cheese, and a plum to sustain me until dinner late tonight!


Sorry Clari  

Just took delivery of huge package for OH (still in my dressing gown) - now I have a new bike in the sitting room - he'll be spending the evening assembling it. 

Orchid Lady

Morning all  Thanks for the suggestions, I went to bed just after I ousted last night so didn't comment.

Happy Birthday KEF, who hasn't made an appearance yet so I suspect she made need coffee 

Well, I woke up to a bit of blue sky, now grey and windy, flaming weather!!!!

have a good day everyone.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

I must be Kef's twin, it's my birthday too, although I am now 28.

Happy joint birthday Kef.

Orchid Lady

Happy Birthday Pam, have a lovely day 


Happy Birthday Pottie Pam  Have fun.

Tracey I'm here, I was hiding on previous page



Happy Birthdays KEF and Pam xx

Good morning all. I didn't see any Spam, must have gone now. What you all need to do is come here later and take it in turns for one person to get up earlier and report it! But I suppose that's hard for those going to work.

Supermarket this morning.


Happy birthday, kef and Pam.

A bit of seed sowing today, I think.

Orchid Lady

Morning KEF  I must have missed you, sorry.  I hope you are enjoying a lazy morning on your special day 

Hurray, the rain clouds have blown away and the sky is blue again.......there's hope yet for a nice day 

Orchid Lady

I didn't see any spam either by the way, it's someone else bugging me!!!  May have to use the ignore button again soon 


Little irritations Tracey - I find calamine lotion helps   Best not to scratch it LOL