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Dove - are these paintings he does himself to sell - crumbs I'm being really nosey now. 


OH is a painter   I am too really, we met at art school - however he got 'noticed' quite early and only needed a part time job to exist - I needed a full-time one, consequently no a lot of time to paint - then elderly parents' needs got in the way too. 

Success fluctuates however   Economic slumps are not good news for artists 


How lovely to do something you enjoy although it must be a bit nailbiting financially and lack of time with the Aged Parents too.  Sorry to be so nosey - it will get me into trouble one day.


I remember someone saying 'how lovely to paint - it must be so therapeutic' - I replied that if I wasn't a painter I wouldn't need the therapy!!! 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone, feet up after exhausting day bouncing great niece on my knee yesterday. Kef , last weeks slow roast leftovers will morph into sheherds pie today with leek mash. Double-bubble.



Sounds good to me Woody


Brumbull - love it - is that in your garden?


Hurrumph - there I was, enjoying the sunshine, tee shirt and shirt and jeans weather, dead-headed the pansies and violas, picking the raspberries, OH up a ladder emptying out the titboxes, when down comes a thunderstorm - OH has sent me inside as I'm wet - he's determined to finish what he's started so then he can get on in the studio with a clear conscience - I'd better put the kettle on, he'll be soaked when he comes in, and he's got waterproofs on!

hollie hock

Morning everyone, weather looks like it going to hold off so will be out sowing some seeds today. The temporary greenhouse is looking good and almost water tight now, lots more room and somewhere to go when it's raining

I've just started doing some art this year, not painting yet but doing some sketching etc. Great way to relax and get lost in something

Leek mash sounds very tasty

Have a good day everyone


OH has emptied out the titbox, cleaned it and put a little dry hay in the bottom in case anyone wants it as a winter roost - it was a fabulous little nest, made totally from moss and hairs from next door's longhaired tabby (the one that was poisoned but is better now thanks to expensive vets' bill).  Who said that cats are no good for birds?

OH is now standing on chairs carefully removing spiders from the sitting room ceiling and taking them outside   

I'm just about to drape washing around radiators then get into the kitchen and start on a Spicey Ginger Traybake - which means that the sun will come out and the skies will be blue, until I've finished clearing up when the next heavy shower will start.  Once I've given up all idea of gardening today, the weather will set in fine 

Hello everyone.  We have a sun and showers kind of day here in Suffolk.  I have a few bulbs to plant which means darting out between said showers; moss is accumulating nicely on the lawn (sorry, large patch of scrubby grass) and in the boders, which badly needs attention..... 

Ginger traybake sounds delicious, please send a virtual piece.

Vacuuming calls, how boring is that...


Sun's shining - shall I hang the washing outside or will that cause rain?

Hitch in cakebaking operations as OH said he was going to the shop so I've given him a little list, and ginger traybake is going to be glammed up with some chunks of real preserved ginger - and I'll use the syrup to make the icing with 


star gaze lily

Did you put bubble wrap on the list Dove?

Cake yummmmmmmm!


Good day all

Beware spiders!

Tidying up garden and emptying old flowerpots etc i found one of the False Widow Spiders there has been so much about in the press. It has very distinctive markings.

I know where it is so will now give it a wide berth as I am one of those people who react badly to bites. Thing is it means can't carry on clearing that area. Did chaeck on Google and definitely is it. 


Pottie Pam

Good afternoon everyone,

Oooh  Matty, must have been scarey, but I read they are not agressive only if we accidently touch them. Apparently they've been here for a hundred years or so.

I've just seen  a humming bird hawk moth on the single dahlias. Only the second one I've seen this year. I went to get the camera then we had a torrential downpour. the sun is out again and the bumble bees are back on the dahlias so hopefully the moth will come back.


It's been pouring with rain here in the Conwy valley too all day so far but very mild temperatures - strange weather for October.

I have a couple of canna indica tropicanna gold in pots. I've never grown them before so can anyone tell me how to look after them over winter? Do I treat them like dahlia's & lift them for  storage or leave them in their pots in a sheltered spot? They didnt flower at all either but I put this down to the long cold spring.

Hope the tray bake turns out as gorgeous as it sounds!


It's out of the oven and cooling - will make the icing when it's cool - should be ready for 3.30ish 

Think Verdun knows all about cannas - mind you, he probably leaves his outside all winter in his tropical paradise 

Hiya dolgarrog

I grow a few of these.  Bearing in mind they happily survive outside down here I suggest you do following:

Keep them in their pots and keep in GH.  Let them dry off and don't water over winter.  They need good feeding and watering and a good early start if they are to flower early and well.  I usually dig some up to pot on leaving big clumps in GH or under a cloche and wrapped in fleece.  

Think they are hardier than dahlias ...slightly.  The reason I dig them up occasionally is because they get so big and spread.  Right now I have them still flowering at more than 7', some more than that.  They prob started to flower in late August.


See, what did I say?  He leaves his out all winter - green with envy here