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I have Brumbull ignored. The name on my ignored list has changed to sotongeoff.It's the same person. I never ignored sotongeoff, I never ignored anyone until recently

star gaze lily

This is getting ridiculous,  its a camera thread where some people have shared some beautiful pictures, please don't spoil it Brumbull/sotongeoff.

Please stop using other peoples names on your avatar


I've reported this to the mods - in particular the comment made to Busy-Lizzie.  Hopefully they will look at this on Monday and take action. Verdun's right - this person has some serious issues and doesn't belong here on a gardening forum.

Like nut, I'm pressing ignore now too and suggest we all do the same. 



Time for bed sez zebedee


You might be right there David. The Last Leg on sky+ for me then bed   

Night fidge 



Night all, I ache, too much saw and loppers

Hello all

Here is some pics of little court garden - was a little windy and started spitting (raining) did enjoy walking around and viewing all the plants in flower

 The crocus looks amazing - what a sight


Hellebores look good

There was a nice tree house we went up much less windy up there and nice height we could stand up - not just for kids

Lots of snowflakes


Here I am enjoying the garden,

A bag my sister gave me for my Bday and put Gardengirl on (me)

This is my favourite hellebore the yellow one

 but like this one too

 this one is really dark

 Lots of aconites and nice places to sit - not like we did - no sitting for us


What is this silver plant?  really like this anyone know


I brought a few plants - Snowflakes as I call them, crocus tommasinianus , scilla and Ipheion jessie.   

An enjoyable garden to look around, big walled area for there kitchen garden and they had some chick

Simply block sotongeoff folks.  The weirdo is playing games.  If you fall out about him you will lose the forum

Busy, yes Brumbull is pretending to be sotongeoff.....ignore him

star gaze lily

Nite nite all, i'm so tired I thought I was on camera thread (was flicking from that to this one, must have got dizzy)  my comment earlier prob didn't make sense 

I reported it  too fairy, its just got out of hand now.

Hope the morning brings some sunshine.

Sleep well all 

Ashleigh 2

Gorgeous photos Garden Girl, that silver plant is intriguing, hopefully someone will know what it is, if it looks like that all year I have to have one!  Lovely bag too, well done your sister.

Orchid Lady

 Evening all those still here.  Not been on today for 2 reasons, firstly and mainly because I have been a garden centre would you believe but with no time to look at plants!!! Secondly, because some muppet was doing my go head in and I do not want to send my time getting wound up with pathetic individuals, who it seems can now morph into other individuals.  Verdun, I support you 100%, this guy is an idiot and should really stick to the likes of FB.....playing with the children!!  I didn't want to say anything yesterday with being fairly new and thought maybe I was just over seems not!!

Anyway, the reason I came on was to report my free strawberries and geraniums have arrived tidal and I bought 4 roses from Aldi, £1.89 each.  nit sure what they will be like but not much to lose if they are rubbish and thought I would try and gain some experience of roses before spending a fortune (although I think I am still going to get an Iceberg).

Gardengirl.......the new GW mag, is that March's?  Mine hasn't arrive yet and a, I actually famous or doesn't it say it's my question??  Would be well impressed if I hit quoted LOL!!

Anyway, that's all for now.  I await responses with ignore button at the ready if necessary!!!


Haven't quite gone to bed yet!

That plant is tanacetum Haradjanii or Silver Tansy. Mine looks as though it's died with all the rain we've had and they aren't that easy to find. I used to use the leaves in miniature flower arrangements in the village show when we lived in Kent.


star gaze lily

Gg didn't mean cos of your pics, which are really lovely.

Made a comment earlier gg, oh dear all this upset is making me paranoid about upsetting people, hope everything is ok by the morning!!

Nite nite all sweet dreams 

Tracey-Newbie it does say it is your question and it is the March issue on page 22

Thank you for the plant ID Busy-Lizzie must get one somewhere and somewhen really like it need more silver plants

Thats ok Star gaze lily - need sunshine tomorrow got to sort the pond area out in the garden

Night all

Excited, my hostas may arrive tomorrow.  Heleniums next prob in a month or so.  Where do I put everything?  It looks like all my overwintered plants and cuttings are thriving too.  I guess I will have to take up more grass.

Every year I plan to have a better garden than last year.....don't we all? effecting this year ?   Who am I kidding?