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star gaze lily

Ooooh my mag arrived today, haven't looked at it yet as working today. Will have a quick peruse 

Tracey, working in a gc, you'll be spending all your wages!! 

Orchid Lady

Lovely pics GG, I forgot to say on my last post. I really NEED some Hellebores....not just one as they get lonely on their own 

Wow....fame at last, I'm well impressed and without even trying 

I think I need some Hostas too, but don't slugs like them?

star gaze lily

Yes they love hostas Tracey, broken eggshells around the plant help. But last year I put mine in tubs with a copper strip round the pot. They didn't go near them. Love hostas 

Orchid Lady

I'm sooooooo looking forward to the GC trip tomorrow, going to bed in a minute then morning will come quicker! 

Has anyone ever bought plants from Aldi (ref my roses comment)? I was tempted to buy more but thought I would see how these go first.

See you all in the morning, I will be here.....not getting scared off again!!!!

star gaze lily

Your famous Tracey! 

Don't be put off by one person Tracey, he's picked on most of us one way or another. Was going to pm you the other day but the're not working on here at the mo (again lol) will have to get my old laptop out, they work on there .

Sorry haven't bought anything from Aldi. 


Orchid Lady

Thanks Lily.  I didn't have time to look round the GC as I was in the food hall all day, it is an expensive one anyway and to be honest I would rather support my little local one with my garden purchases 

I've looked up the roses I bought and all but one are available from DA roses (Pascali, Lover's meeting, Golden Jubilee and Blessings).

Right, off to bed.  Night all....sweet 'spring' dreams  


I've just come home from a night out and thought I must have had too much to drink, what the heck has happened ? See you all tomoz'.


i have a sort of hedge of roses from aldi and they have been fine


Bought from lidl couple of times.. Including a potentilla that is now a superb plant so worth it. 

Hellebores are coming into the garden centres now.....get in early for best ones.  Look out for the doubles too.  Many of them are beautiful plants.  Hostas aren't too easy to protect from slugs etc but I manage to gow them pretty well.  As already said copper tape and pipe is very effective plus an occasional night visit with a torch and bucket of salt water.  Hostas are worth a bit of effort

Well done Swiss sue.  Better late than never but you sound a nice lady who gave Brumbull the benefit of the doubt

Goodnight Sue 

Orchid Lady

Thanks Verdun, I think that's what put me off, I'm afraid I'm far too squeamish to,go out with a torch and bucket.....urghhhhhhhh 

Thanks Little Ann, may go and buy some more tomorrow 

KEF....some muppet who doesn't even know who he is, but we aren't worrying about him now, Verdun has his card marked and if he starts again I will just use the ignore button.  He obviously got fed up talking to himself on his little thread!!!

Am definitely off to bed now. Night x

Oh dear, off to airport. Stay IT safe everyone. Good luck. Hope all ok. Good on yet Verdun. X

Owing to my ignore button I have no idea what's been happening around here but its awful to see people so upset by a troll.

Stacey - re slugs - get some chop sticks! That way you don't have to touch them and works wonders for practicing some stick coordination


Have a nice day everyone! 


Good Morning, woken by a crow on the telephone wire making a right din.

Safe flight & happy hols MrsGarden.

I had a "quiet" night out  with former collegues to celebrate one lady's 70th birthday. As we did at Christmas we had our get together in their work centre. Lovely buffet and party games.   Surprising how many people cheat at musical chairs. My jaw is aching from all the laughing. 


Pottie Pam

Poor Brumbull.

What a sad lonely person he must be. I'm glad most people understand that, especially Verdun with his Samaritan training.

I might be coming in for some flak but when some people were upset by him and started another forum they should have been mature enough to rise above him.



Good morning Clari, it appears to be happening again

Our Verdun has 7565 posts, latest one has 2732 posts.


Gardengirl, lovely pictures, you must have had a very enjoyable outing

star gaze lily

Morning all that are up and also sleepy heads. OH woke me up trying to be quiet getting ready to hopefully play golf. 

Kef didn't think you you were 70 the other day  thought you were only 27 ...... sorry i'll get my coat. 

He he sorry Kef luv ya really 

Hope we all have a lovely day and things on here get back to its normal friendly ways.

Have a lovely time Mrsg take care 


star gaze lily

Oh dear its happening again already today.

Brumbull or whatever you want to call yourself, nothing would surprise me at all. Have never trusted you or believed anything you have ever said. So just grow up and go away.

Verdun wrote (see)

Well done Swiss sue.  Better late than never but you sound a nice lady who gave Brumbull the benefit of the doubt

Goodnight Sue 

Good morning everyone!

Have never, ever felt such a fool before! I knew he was a bit unusual, but never dreamt it would come to this! I sincerely hope he can be stopped before he does any more damage, my ignore button has been activated too.

I don't post much on here, but I enjoy reading about all your activities and all the tips and information on plants etc. and in particular all the lovely photos.

Have a sunny day everyone and keep up the good work.