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Either fairygirl has waved a wand, or the mods have woken up. Three cheers for Daniel.




Good morning all  Bright sunshine and blue skies  

Let's all remember that WUMs can only wind us up if we let them - they're pathetic individuals - and for anyone to think that everyone wants to 'live the 'Spanish Dream' is rather odd - it's definitely not for me, otherwise I'd be doing it.  OH and I are living our dream right now. 

Sue - once upon a time I gave him the benefit of the doubt too, until he turned on me and targetted me - the reason he's doing this now is because he's been found out - his pictures are fake and the 'advice' he gives is cut and pasted from other websites.  

A total charlatan. Ignore, then it doesn't matter what name he posts under - and if he pops up under another name, then we can ignore that one too. 

But now let's move on - Sue, please enjoy reading and joining in 

The sun is shining and we've got Spring to deal with .................................

More coffee anyone?



Morning all

Lovely here.

Too much wind for me yesterday, it blows my brains away and I can't concentrate

Glad to see we're mostly intact, we have to stick together folks.

star gaze lily

Well I did tell him to grow up and go away lol, perhaps he will.

Kef......morning........was only joking.

Hope this gets back to its normal friendly thread. It was making me quite upset.

Have a lovely day everyone. 



Sunny and dry here but a very cold wind. Good weather for drying the garden. My first purple crocus has appeared, and dwarf daffs won't be long. All good in KEF world.

Good sentiment Nut

Hi Sue



Morning all, glad that appears to be sorted - noticed a couple of 'latest posts' timed around 7.30 under the new nym but they didn't appear in the actual threads.

Will be planting my capsicum seeds in my home made heated propagator today (another thread the nym-shifter messed-up a bit ) and am going to assemble the frame for my new 4x2m polytunnel, so need to brush-up on my "chinglish" instruction sheet interpretation skills!  

Morning all, me up early today - dry out trying to get a head start in the garden


I shall have to go and visit Mr Sainsbury or we'll starve.

Hello FORKERS.....and friends 

Beautiful sunny morning.  Birds singing. Warm. Dry. Luverly 

No doubt will take advantage of the good weather but prob no gardening.

Cornwall saving the planet..........on the news it seems our indigenous black bee could help defeat the virus/ mite currently decimating the bee population.   We Cornish modestly do our best 

Have good day folks 


Morning all. Those instruction sheets are fun aren't they Bob! 

Well it looks like we're all storming on and not letting t***s spoil this forum. There's enough of those kinds of people in real life without having them here. I have to go and deal with one of those clowns soon - the bank....

I may have to buy some plants to keep me sane 

My dwarf Iris are looking nice - one pot is a little behind the other two as it was done a couple of weeks later. Must get a pic if the rain stays away long enough.


Morning guys, off to get some prices for some ballast to get the base for my greenhouse ready


David, think we are sorted. Mods been at work



Larger bodies and thicker body hair Dove? 

In that case - pass the cake and hold the razors - I'm in!  

Verdun - I can feel a joke coming on ....strap yourselves in! 


David - it's ok - really - put one of these on 


Thank you Daniel and friends - much appreciated support outside office hours

Lovely day here - have some planting to do and some seeds to sow.  Late last night, whilst returning from taxi duties, we saw a new, much smaller deer on the side of the road - not much bigger than a fox.  Which i think means that the muntjacs have moved in alongside our usual roe.  Hope they eat the same things, or some of my "safe" plants might be about to come a cropper