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Morning all. If there was any bother this morning I've missed it! I get up too late.

Going to lunch with my 2 son's in a restaurant today. One, who lives near Orleans, with his OH and my adorable granddaughter (2) is staying with the other, who lives about half an hour from me. Both OHs are expecting my grandchildren No. 7 & 8.

Pm from Daniel.   He has sorted the WUM.

Oooo, Fairygirl .   Another joke.  Yours are superb ....almost top drawer like mine.  Think we have the same sense of high quality humour 

star gaze lily

Yes a big thank you from me too Daniel and mods, Lets hope its stays the friendly helpful place we all love.


David - he's been 'removed' so now we can get on with enjoying  this forum with all our friends here - the way it should be enjoyed 

We just have to be vigilant for anyone suspicious as it's very easy to just turn up under another name.

Need some new fencing chick? 



Good morning Chicky  Apparently roses and tulips are particular favourites 


Certainly are, FG!  Just found the single A4 sheet and there are only 6 words in total: "Set up greenhouse as below illustration".  Hmm, there is nothing below the illustration..

Luckily, I've always been able to build "flat-pack" type things without needing instructions which is a good job as It's a matter of having to in in this case!



Morning folk, do you think this problem is all sorted? I like many others have been very upset by what has happened, even if some of you may think that it is my stupidity in continually rising to the bait and my rather arrogant view that I could make him look stupid with my supposedly clever put downs.

His recent references to mental illness have made me appreciate that cyber-bullying really can cause a problem and not only for children.

I am not sure what it is best for me to to do at the moment, I have been really pleased with the improvement in my mental health over the last few months and am now concerned that this issue has had more effect on me than I thought.

I really hope that this is all over, but I may keep a low profile until I am sure that it is true. Thanks for the support I have received on here from several of you. You know who you are, and your support has been a massive help to me.


Orchid Lady

Well what a lovely sunny morning to wake up to, everyone seems jolly and there is a jolly spring like atmosphere in the air, now that the rot has been removed 

KEF, I know what you mean about crows but I'm waiting for the seagulls to realise it's getting light earlier, they play chase on my roof and as my bedroom is in the ages, it isn't amusing at 6am!!!

Well, I am off into the garden now, I've had my shredded wheat and going to sort my compost bin as a starting point and then rake over the soil in my borders, all that before 11 when I am going for a bike tide with OH......happy Saturday everyone.

PS thank you Daniel and others who sorted the issue(s).

Pennine Petal

Just popped in to say hello, do look in every now and then but don't always post.

isn't it lovely seeing everything starting to spring up in the garden. Ground sopping wet here on the Pennines. Must be awful for those with floods. Am waiting for my sighting of lambs on my way to work.


Roses and tulips are all behind bars for that reason Dove.  But quite a lot survives outside the cage - including my growing collections of hellebores (i blame you lot for that) and snowdrops.  OH is busy making more fortress protection for our new veg/fruit patch as we speak 

 Such a clever OH

Orchid Lady

Hi Pennine Petal, I've seen lambs twice this week, I nearly crashed my car the first time as I was looking at the field and then realised there were little lambs hiding amongst the sheep and was so happy!!!!


Punkdoc, you stay 'fragile' for ages after  your mind has taken a bashing. Stay strong and don't get involved with the aggro again. Ignore from the start, there is no other way. 

We need you here so don't b...... off

Orchid Lady

Punk, please don't disappear on us.  I like your input to my threads.  The problem with 'him' was he obviously knew which buttons to press to wind individuals up.  I haven't PM'd you but you know you have the support of all of us on here, as does Verdun and others he upset.

Sorry I'm a bit rubbish at words but I hope you understand what I mean and it has come across ok.

Right......compost heap calling!!!


pd - I think the mods have done their job. I was on the point of leaving too - on more than one occasion - because every time I looked in, there he was with his horrible goading and direct abuse to individuals. It made me so angry and upset. I felt helpless but didn't want to be drawn into his 'game' even though I wanted to tell him exactly what I thought of him - and, trust me,  the air would have been more than blue if I'd got started. I just  reported him every time he personally attacked anyone - including last night after his comment to Busy Lizzie. I think that's the way to do it - report anyone who is abusive and then the mods have to take notice.

We all love you here. Don't let people like him win. They're cowards of the worst kind because they hide behind a keyboard. 



Pd, go out and soak up some sunshine  I'm going to do the same. Then let's see you back at teatime, all will be well.


Pd ((hugs)) 

KEF wrote (see)

Pd, go out and soak up some sunshine  I'm going to do the same. Then let's see you back at teatime, all will be well.

What she said 


Verd- your post wasn't there when I posted - that's great news. If we all stay on the ball and report this kind of stuff it will get dealt with. 

I don't want to see good people here get abused like that again.  

Tracey - a bike 'tide'? Are you flooded too...

There was a good joke Verd! Almost worthy of yourself