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Orchid Lady

Hi Pennine Petal, I've seen lambs twice this week, I nearly crashed my car the first time as I was looking at the field and then realised there were little lambs hiding amongst the sheep and was so happy!!!!


Punkdoc, you stay 'fragile' for ages after  your mind has taken a bashing. Stay strong and don't get involved with the aggro again. Ignore from the start, there is no other way. 

We need you here so don't b...... off

Orchid Lady

Punk, please don't disappear on us.  I like your input to my threads.  The problem with 'him' was he obviously knew which buttons to press to wind individuals up.  I haven't PM'd you but you know you have the support of all of us on here, as does Verdun and others he upset.

Sorry I'm a bit rubbish at words but I hope you understand what I mean and it has come across ok.

Right......compost heap calling!!!


pd - I think the mods have done their job. I was on the point of leaving too - on more than one occasion - because every time I looked in, there he was with his horrible goading and direct abuse to individuals. It made me so angry and upset. I felt helpless but didn't want to be drawn into his 'game' even though I wanted to tell him exactly what I thought of him - and, trust me,  the air would have been more than blue if I'd got started. I just  reported him every time he personally attacked anyone - including last night after his comment to Busy Lizzie. I think that's the way to do it - report anyone who is abusive and then the mods have to take notice.

We all love you here. Don't let people like him win. They're cowards of the worst kind because they hide behind a keyboard. 


Pd, go out and soak up some sunshine  I'm going to do the same. Then let's see you back at teatime, all will be well.



Pd ((hugs)) 

KEF wrote (see)

Pd, go out and soak up some sunshine  I'm going to do the same. Then let's see you back at teatime, all will be well.

What she said 


Verd- your post wasn't there when I posted - that's great news. If we all stay on the ball and report this kind of stuff it will get dealt with. 

I don't want to see good people here get abused like that again.  

Tracey - a bike 'tide'? Are you flooded too...

There was a good joke Verd! Almost worthy of yourself 

Orchid Lady

Fairy girl  Flaming auto correct!!!  Although we are going on the prom 

I've just quickly come in to report that I HAVE COMPOST.....yippeeeeeeeee I'm better than I thought 



Will chat to everyone later, jobs to do.

Punkdoc check your PM's.



Happy Thinking Day 4thpanda!! And everyone else of course! My favourite Thinking day was a few years ago when my sister and I spent the day having a huge bonfire/campfire on my allotment. Lovely 


Please don't go puncdoc, we need you here.

He was rude to me, I don't care. If someone I cared about was rude I would care. I'm not leaving (unless I get too busy with spring gardening, but not likely in the evening!), I like it here.


Now another problem to deal with   I was just going out into the garden when I heard the post drop on the doormat - now I have a surfeit of gardening riches - the RHS magazine and ....... Christopher Lloyd's The Well Chosen Garden (second hand I treated myself but didn't think it'd come until next week) ........ now what am I going to do first????????????

Another coffee anyone??? 


Well said BL. You're right - we should only care about being hurt by those we have respect for.

I'm off to the bank now. Hmmm ...don't think they know too much about respect either! 

Tracey- you're officially a 'gardener'.   You get excited by compost 


Happy Thinking Day Podd  For those not in the know, it is both Baden Powell's birthdays (Mr & Mrs) and we celebrate the day thinking about Guides and Scouts in other countries 

I am looking forward to getting outside today and seeing what is what. . . will my single leaf hellebore's flower come out yet? Where should I plant my primroses? Will my parcel from Dove arrive today? 

Have a great day all. Looks like the sun is shining down on us whether it is out or not  Thank you Daniel et al


Well have wandered in a couple of time recently and last night was ott.

I see it's now sorted, but like a lot of you makes me think twice about posting. I know I haven't been here much, you know why, and beginning to feel better.

Still lets hope it's over and done with


Sorry Hello all of you.

Have been AWOL but will be here a bit more frequently now.

Great Hedgehog thread



Welcome back Matty - all sorted now 

star gaze lily

Punkdoc, don't let a bully win. He's gone now and hopefully never to return. I didn't pm you either (can't on this daft tablet) but i'm here with support. I also sent Daniel a couple of messages when I thought he had overstepped the mark on more than one occasion., especially when he started swearing. He tried to upset me before xmas but he then went on his hols (?) so he stopped. There were times Punkdoc that I really wanted to retaliate,  but didn't cos I might have said too much. 

So lets all get back to our normal friendly place and forget him or he would have won.

Best wishes Punkdoc x


Afternoon  Have taken a wander into town to mend a broken claw and get some more bird food. Got a call from the APs, did I want to accompany the nieces and 'granny' to the cinema? So now I am off to the cinema for the afternoon  Fingers crossed for a nice day tomorrow . . . as I won't be doing my planting today!

Catch you all later x