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Your honesty, integrity, frankness and openess is hugely appealing and endearing on the forum.  Clearly everyone is fond of you even though few of is really know one another.

The guy causing the issues also caused the problems a couple of years back....he has  got under the skin of most of us.  He's history.

I enjoy the forum for the fun,escapism, gardening knowledge, friendship and comments.  there is a nice group here I are part of it Punkdoc

You openly talk of your depression....most of us can identify with that too....and to my mind it shows strength.



Verdun- he's a small man - if that. People like 'our doc' are giants by comparison. 

Went to the  nursery and couldn't see any native Prims 

Felt it would be rude to leave empty handed so a few things found their way into my little trolley......

Hellebore 'Blue Lady', a chrysographes Iris and a white bearded one called 'Immortality' and an early clematis - 'Constance' which is shocking pink. I have a nice little corner for it on the fence near the back gate. Asked the owner if she had any primulas and she said there might be a few left - they didn't have many this year. Five minutes later - I had five little pots of those too at a couple of quid each, so I'm a happy bunny!

Will put pix on the camera thread. 

Dove I got my plants I came in for lunch and my mum had took delivery of them they look great will pot them up until area around pond bit more ready

Been out sorting the raised bed for mum ready for the new inner raised bed and been cutting branches with my new Fiskars cutters from QVC they are brilliant so light weight and easy to use these ones

see you later may pop out side again


I'm sure it will happen again but we have the power to stop it. A WUM has no power except the power we give by retaliation and getting upset.

That's what they want. So don't give it.


Read that post as native Pimms LOL

Have seen a huge fat bee going in and out of crocus this morning - you know what it's like - rushed in for camera Only 3 frames left on card - took photos - bee so laden with pollen wasn't going very quickly and result- one yukky out of focus photo. Not posting that but did think you may like to see my hellebore bought last week (still  not planted - too wet)

 And yes, thanks all - things are more settled now 



David K wrote (see

I reckon some of us  could have BB sussed after his first sentence.



David - quite 

nutcutlet wrote (see)

I'm sure it will happen again but we have the power to stop it. A WUM has no power except the power we give by retaliation and getting upset.

That's what they want. So don't give it.

What Nut said!!! 



Matty - that looks absolutely gorgeous 


Matty - they didn't have Pimms - only coffee. Although with that cold wind down there they could probably have done with something a little stronger 

Glad you're doing fine. 

star gaze lily

Hello Matty, good to see you again, hope all is going ok, best wishes.

Lol, I thought you said Pimms too fairy, i'll have one too please I

Lovely and sunny here, but garden is far too wet to go for a wander out there. Hopefully with a bit more sun we can get out there soon. OH only got a few holes in at golf, far too wet under foot, he was surprised course was open.

Time for a cuppa, ...........too early for cake?


Never too early for cake lily 

Rain's back on here so I'll have a slice of this with my tea



and peace at last....

I'm back from work. I did the petrol fill up and  bought some beef fat to make bird cake with. 1 Kilo of beef fat £1.40. The checkout operator gave me a funny look. No, I'm not putting it in the chip pan.

OH is watching men squabbling in the mud with a funny shaped ball. Time for feet up and a nice coffee.


Have some cake fidge. 

Working on Saturdays - I remember that all too well 

I'm sure there's ironing or some sort of housew**k needs doing but....


wash your mouth out with Pimms,fairygirl. H**** work indeed.


Bathroom de-scaled - now I feel 

Cuppa anyone?


star gaze lily

Oooh thank you fairy, that looks yummy! 


Matty - that hellebore is so scrumptious I could eat it!

Had a great morning finishing cutting contoneaster hedge/bush.

The grass is growing and it will be hard to cut when it gets dryer/warmer.

No sign of any frog spawn yet.   Has anyone else seen any?


It's ok fidget - I talk a good game.  I fixed the loo, and after going to the bank and the nursery I did a washing, so I've done my bit for today...  

Another cuppa sounds good Dove 


I think I deserve a slice of cake too - is there any left?  We'll have to be quick 'cos Verdun, Punkdoc and Woody can usually smell cake ........