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Brumbull love the deterent.


Did anyone hear the last Gardeners Question Time on Radio 4 where Bunny Guiness mentioned a canna that is hardy enough to stay out all winter down to minus 5.  I didn't catch the name of the variety and as I don't have a GH would love to know which one it was.



Blow me down - just thought I would look in the Radio Times and discovered it is on now - switched the radio on and just missed the bit about cannas.

The potty gardener

Afternoon all.

It has been glorious here. I got out and planted up my bulbs all 200 of them. I have kept the tulips to plant in a few weeks.

I got the winter troughs that go on windowsills round the front. Have tidied them up and put hyacinth in as well as primroses this year. The gerbera are still flowering so they will remain in place for a while.

I'm not sure if I should have done it yet but I cut back the clematis so the winter jasmine has pride of place for the winter. I also cut the fuchsia back a bit so they don't get battered in the wind. I will give them another good prune next spring.

The sun has now gone in. I've got bits to do for tomorrow. All the talk of cake is making me hungry.



It's ok PG, I iced the cake and OH took a piece, so it's a free for all now - it's very crumbly so you'll need a fork - help yourself 

Here you go Forester2 me just listening to GQT

it is a canna iridiflora

Afternoon all was out in garden just came in for a break lunch and it suddenly sloshed it down with rain - made it in before that, did get rained on a bit but not that much

Its coming down in stair rods here! I have gqt downloaded on a podcast forester - will make a note of the canna name when i listen this evening (weekly ritual whilst folding up the weeks washing )
No need - gardengirl has beaten me to it

Thank you Garden Girl - what a helpful site this is and lots of friendly folks.

The potty gardener

All this talk of rain. I had to get the hose out and give the front a good soak- I expect it will now rain later- in fact the sky has suddenly become very grey.


Where on earth do you live Potty Gardener?  Australia?


It came over cloudy again so I've brought all the washing in - sun will now shine for the rest of the afternoon all over the UK 


but not for long Dove. I just looked at the radar images on the met office site



That canna was Canna be true Forester..    

You know me so well Dove.  

Well, wet morn amd lovely afternoon.  Finished my new border.....unless I tinker with it,which I tend to do; own worst enemy.  Wish I could leave well alone.......and it's mulched and ready for winter.  Leaves cut off completely along with flowers newly formed off my hellebores there and they have been mulched with dried manure.  I know some say leave some leaves buf I think this way ensures no or very little black spot problems.  One exception though is a new yellow hellebore bought as a 5  litre plant in the early spring......the flowers are delightful so will leave them.  Also cut the's so warm the grass has dried so quickly.



Verdun - thanks but I can't find a canna 'be true' on google.

Canna iridiflora looks spectacular but I think much too large for my small garden.


If we cut the lawns here today Verdun we'd be making silage 

We've given up on outdoor activity for the rest of the day - we're on the sofa with our feet up watching an old Dr Who with Tom Baker 

Anyone for Spicy Gingercake with crystallised ginger icing?


That would go nicely with my cup of coffee, but I've got more shredding to do before it rains again.

Forester .......sorreeeeeee 

There is a canna website with some smaller varieties.  If you start one or two in small pots in early spring and then regularly repot as they fill those pots you will be surprised how quickly they will grow.  Add some dried manure to the compost.....when they are growing well in mid Spring ......and some fertiliser and move them Imto the hottest part of your garden in large pots. There is nothing quite like cannas for exotic impact in late summer onwards