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Well that was so much easier to find out what's what

Oh Morning All

Cold here, even the GH is not opening today and now it's started to rain. have just been outside to tie in some rambling shoots though - never know if I do it right or not but tbey seem to flower.

Been swimming and they took my blood pressure - it is now what it was when I was in my 30's - and i'm only 27!!!

Feel very pleased with it though real result

Waitinf for a tulip/allium ordeer to come then that will be it for the year, unless something falls into my hands when I'm out and about



Holly, I used to love walking their dog on the marshes between Southwold and Eastern Bavents, watching out for the geese and wildfowl - in the winter a couple of times they  found migrating woodcock in their garden, having flown across the North Sea from Northern Europe - they were sometimes a bit disorientated so we'd put them in a box and take them to the marshes and put them safely in some thick reeds to recover and get their bearings. 

Turning into a lovely day here but still 3 hours till home time. First task is to measure up for a second greenhouse which I have just spotted on ebay, a 10 x 6 alluminium polycarb. This will give me plenty of extra space to keep things over winter and grow a few extra varieties in the new season. And most of the ground already laid in slabs at back of garage - just need to shortent he strawb patch by a foot or two, or should I knock out the dividing post with next door - the fence is well on the other side after all..............


What a lot of chat to catch up on! Nice though.

I do love your wit Dove.

Started on the bathroom and have removed all the stencilling I did on the airing cupboard several years ago. It was a case of 'don't stand still or Mum will stencil you'.  It was the only place I did it - fortunately.

Turned heating off as I was standing by a radiator, but it's going back in now.

Had a mini strop at work ' why isn't the heating on?). It is now.

Think I welcomed pennies onto morning thread by mistake, oops but it looks like she's made it now - hi pennies - despite my poor directions!



Fairy hope shoulder improves as day goes on.

Matty well done you, bet you are pleased that health efforts paid off.

Holly "spoken" to you on another thread and forgot to say hello & welcome.

AJK you can never have too many GH's, Hope you get it.

Tina, didn't picture you as a stenciller..were the stencils of plants?  I also love Dove's wit.

MrsG. Penniesfromheaven found us, but as they good deed goes unpunished. 

Right off to do a bit more.


Sorry that Pennies seems to have disappeared as quickly as she came - perhaps she'll pop back later.  

I had thought that I might know her, given that our names indicate that we originate from the same place 


Maybe our 'sense of humour' scared her off - come back Pennies!


Kef and Dove. Naughty girls.  Punishments are still in place you know. No rule changes just because we've changed threads.

Yes, they were Kef. Took me days to do it.  We all do silly things at times don't we.  Seem to remember it was the 'in' thing. 

Perhaps if I get the ladders and emulsion upstairs, making it look like I'm going to attempt to do ceiling, son will get stroppy and protective and insist on doing it.  But which decade?


Good luck with that proposal Tina! 

Am in bed again today, sweaty this morning and cough not great so back I went 

Weather is abysmal here - wet and cold. Still, it marks the changing of the seasons 

Good summary KEF, must admit busy today. ( both thread and myself) so have skimmed through and missed some points.

Dove and KEF 

It was the in thing Tina in the eighties  - ex partner had a lovely floral 'vine' round the bedroom which his ex wife had done.....had to show him the error of his ways in keeping it for 6 or 7 years after she'd gone!

Mind you, it wasn't as bad as having to look at  the nice family photo of them both on the bedroom wall...


That photo would have been the first thing to go FG! 


I know MsB!!! Don't worry - it went quite soon after I became the regular girlfriend 


Pennies sorry if i have offended you. I have a rather infantile sense of humour. Now to Cannas. My favourites are Durban [ dark and stripy sometimes sold as Phasion ] look wonderful with sun behind them. Also love Pretoria and General Eisenhour.

BL love your description of January. Red wine then whisky for me followed by day in bed.

I feel some seed ordering coming on.



Goodness me!!!! Was it as far back as that FG? Just put my thinking cap on and it had to be done late 1990's.  I'm always lagging behind.  I should add that the bathroom is decorated, well emulsioned/painted, regularly.  Just needs a little facelift - like me.

Will let you know if my ruse works Panda.


Don't think anything you said could have offended anyone Punkdoc  

Posts from Pennies were rather enigmatic - not sure what it was all about,  but given that it was only polite to respond to a newcomer I think we did well in the circumstances - it's hard to know what to reply to vaguely religious references 


Pennies is busy talking to her/himself on other thread.

Panda, so sorry. Forgot to wish you a speedy recovery.  It's all these viruses you know. 

Puncdoc, you certainly were offensive until you mentioned Cannas. Bought two earlier in the year and slowly they died.  Have one 'leaf' left.  Will stick to what I know next year.


Hooray - my bulb order has arrived - hopefully will be planting tomorrow  - alliums (white) various tulips, pots are waiting, and some large flower head daffs for the family border, Remembrance of my old dad.

Have just re-boiled a batch of pear and vanilla jam as it was more like a sauce - seems thicker now, if it doesn't set it'll be for icecream/yoghurt treats


Frustrating when you forget to say something and can't go back to first post

Panda hope you soon begin to feel better.